Compilation Video Of “Pandemic” Psychological Warfare Against Society (Extended Also Available)

A video of nearly 90 minutes has been put together for your viewing. Yes, it’s a bit glitchy in a few places, but this is the first attempt something this size. Nothing here should be all that surprising. A page will be going up soon with all of the supporting links for more information.

Given YouTube’s rather “questionable” (or non-existent) commitment to free speech, here it is posted on Odysee. Everyone who sees it is encouraged to save and/or mirror it. The censorship gods strike hard and fast.

The extended version is also posted, which contains material that was missing from the previous video. Here it is on Odysee.

Considering how easy most of this was to find, the only explanation for it not being reported in the mainstream press is that they have been bought off. This applies to “conservative” media and to the vast majority of self-described independents.

Thank you to a number of people who have helped out over the last year, and in particular, Fred and Andy. Christine and Shelly also deserve a shoutout for their work.

Happy New Year, everyone!

Take care of yourselves, and your families.


Conflicting Out? It’s Not Just CEWS That The Lawyers Are Receiving….

Apparently, Canada doesn’t have nearly enough lawyers, and their employment has to be subsidized via the CSJ Program. This stands for “Canada Summer Jobs“, and results in taxpayers covering part of the wages. While there are legitimate sectors where this could help, most would agree that law firms shouldn’t be getting handouts to prop up their summer hires. The grants made in April 2021 and Summer 2020 related to CSJ.

Through the application of national and local priorities, the CSJ program seeks to provide youth, particularly those who face barriers to employment with access to work opportunities. Funded employers must demonstrate that they are providing quality work experiences for youth that provide opportunities to develop and improve their skills.

Note: this is separate from CEWS, which hundreds of law firms are also getting.

Something that has come up many times is the question: “Where are the lawyers?” Given this fake pandemic has eroded basic liberties and resulted in martial law, that’s a fair question. Do none of them have any interest in looking out for their own interests, or those of their families?

Others have complained they can’t find a lawyer willing to take their case, such as for challenging vaccine passports in their employment. Again, this seems very odd.

A previous article outlined how hundreds of lawyers and their firms were receiving the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy, or CEWS. A reader commented that it’s quite possible that many firms were “conflicted out”, or retained in some fashion, something mused about here. This would prevent them from acting against their donors — the Federal Government — in other areas.

As it turns out, there may be something to the speculation that Ottawa has all the law firms on their payroll. At least, that’s how it looks.

If we search “law corporation”, or “law firm”, or “barrister”, or related headings, we can see that the Federal Government has been giving out small contributions as of late. In other words, these firms have an ongoing or at least recent business relationship with Ottawa, and likely wouldn’t be able to pursue cases against them. A serious question: would handing out grants in this manner be enough to establish a relationship, at least for this purpose?

Obviously, this is in reference to the medical martial law measures enacted upon the citizens over the last 2 years. Where are the lawyers? How strange that none of these honourable members have any interest in flexing their muscles. Take a look:

Abi Singam Law Professional Corporation Jun. 8, 2020 $23,520
Agozzino Law Professional Corporation Apr. 26, 2021 $2,138
Alison Lester, Barrister & Solicitor May 10, 2021 $2,994
Andrea Parliament Law Professional Corporation Jun. 22, 2020 $7,840
Axess Law Professional Corporation Jun. 1, 2020 $175,000
Ben-zvi Barrister & Solicitor P.C. Apr. 26, 2021 $2,994
Bradley Law Professional Corporation Apr. 26, 2021 $2,994
Brenda Leigh Bell Law Offices Professional Corporation Apr. 26, 2021 $5,987
Chris Carta Law Corporation Jul. 27, 2020 $57,000
Chugh Law Professional Corporation Jun. 22, 2020 $7,840
Chugh Law Professional Corporation Apr. 26, 2021 $7,483
Cobbett & Cotton Law Corporation Apr. 26, 2021 $3,192
Cody Reedman Law Corporation Jun. 11, 2020 $60,000
Conron Law Professional Corporation Apr. 26, 2021 $3,742
Corporation of the County of Middlesex Apr. 26, 2021 $2,994
Costa Law Firm Professional Corporation Apr. 26, 2021 $4,490
David Gorman,Barrister & Solicitor Apr. 26, 2021 $2,994
Denise Badley, Barrister & Solicitor Apr. 26, 2021 $6,842
Devadas Law Professional Corporation Jul. 13, 2020 $3,920
Devadas Law Professional Corporation Apr. 26, 2021 $3,742
DH Professional Corporation, Barristers & Solicitors May 19, 2020 $3,920
DH Professional Corporation, Barristers & Solicitors Apr. 26, 2021 $2,994
Elliott Law Professional Corporation Apr. 26, 2021 $2,887
Gobran Law Firm Professional Corporation Apr. 26, 2021 $8,980
Grinhaus law firm professional corporation Apr. 26, 2021 $2,994
Harmony Collaborative Law Corporation Nov. 18, 2020 $32,368
Henry Business Law Professional Corporation Apr. 26, 2021 $2,940
Holder Professional Law Corporation Dec. 2, 2020 $34,157
Hugh G Mclean Mclean & Associates Barrister Apr. 26, 2021 $2,994
John McLellan Jun. 22, 2020 $3,920
Keystone Law Group Law Corporation Jun. 12, 2020 $4,088
Keystone Law Group Law Corporation Apr. 26, 2021 $6,840
Keyvan Shojania Law Corporation Aug. 11, 2020 $60,000
KN Law Professional Corporation Apr. 26, 2021 $2,887
Lakin Afolabi Law Professional Corporation May 19, 2020 $3,920
Lavigueur Law Professional Corporation Apr. 26, 2021 $2,994
Law Office of Washim Ahmed, Barristers & Solicitors Apr. 26, 2021 $7,483
Lazin Professional Law Corporation Jun. 14, 2020 $60,000
LeBlond, Barrister & Solicitor Jun. 12, 2020 $4,088
McLean Law Professional Corporation Jul. 13, 2020 $3,920
Melanson Barrister & Solicitor Inc. Apr. 26, 2021 $2,719
Momentum Business Law Professional Corporation Jun. 22, 2020 $3,920
Momentum Business Law Professional Corporation Apr. 26, 2021 $11,973
Open Door (Granville) Law Corporation Jul. 3, 2020 $12,264
Pabani Law Corporation Jun. 10, 2020 $60,000
Pearson Law Professional Corporation Jun. 12, 2020 $3,170
Penner Law Corporation Apr. 26, 2021 $3,591
Primeau Law Professional Corporation May 25, 2020 $3,920
Primeau Law Professional Corporation Apr. 26, 2021 $2,994
Rabideau Law Professional Corporation May 19, 2020 $7,840
Rabideau Law Professional Corporation Apr. 26, 2021 $2,994
Racine Law Professional Corporation May 10, 2021 $2,994
Ramachandran Law Professional Corporation Apr. 26, 2021 $22,449
Ramsay Law Office Professional Corporation May 19, 2020 $3,920
Ramsay Law Office Professional Corporation Apr. 26, 2021 $2,807
Rupinder Garcha Barrister & Solicitor May 25, 2020 $3,920
Ryan Green Law Office Professional Corporation Apr. 26, 2021 $3,742
Sari Rose Law Professional Corporation Apr. 26, 2021 $5,987
Saroha Law Professional Corporation Apr. 26, 2021 $5,987
Shawan Das Law Corporation Jun. 21, 2021 $40,000
Simoes Law Corporation Apr. 26, 2021 $3,192
Sukh Law Professional Corporation Apr. 26, 2021 $7,483
Sullivan Law Professional Corporation May 19, 2020 $7,840
Sullivan Law Professional Corporation Apr. 26, 2021 $17,960
Tomi Olutunfese Law Office, Professional Corporation Apr. 26, 2021 $2,346
Walker Law Professional Corporation Jun. 6, 2021 $16,500
Winright Law Corporation Apr. 26, 2021 $9,576

A lot of these grants are for very small amounts, such as a few thousand dollars. Still, it appears that it would establish a connection and at least prevent these parties from moving against the Government. The above list is not exhaustive, and only covers some Federal grants. Any from the Provinces wouldn’t be included here.

Even if it doesn’t prohibit firms from taking such cases, how many lawyers are going to bite the hands that feed them?

The Summer Jobs Program is supposed to provide work for youth with barriers to employment. It seems bizarre that law firms would be accepting a pittance to help people out. Not that there’s anything wrong with helping people get work, but why them?

To add the disclaimer: yes, these grants could be completely legitimate. It could be that it changes nothing in the big picture. That being said, it seems absurd to hand out such small amounts to so many firms for a program that doesn’t seem to require them. Moving on….

There’s also a small section on “Lawyers Without Borders”. Looking a bit more deeply into that, we come to this information:

May 22, 2015 $4,572,363 ?
Oct. 27, 2015 $857,003 ?
Mar. 31, 2017 $4,640,253 Peace In Columbia
Aug. 30, 2019 $2,231,269 Stabilization In Mali
Feb. 23, 2021 $1,104,110 Victims’ Rights In Columbia
Mar. 16, 2021 $2,500,000 Human Rights In Guatemala
Jun. 1, 2021 $15,895,955 Peace/Justice In Mali

This is interesting as it creates the possibilities of many more lawyers being entangled in conflicts of interest. There’s also little to no accounting for where the money goes.

Lawyers Without Borders has also partnered with Doctors of the World, in order to bring sexual weirdness and abortion to the 3rd World. What a great use of your tax dollars.

Complicating things even more, Catherine McKenna started “Canadian Lawyers Abroad“, before getting into office. This is an NGO designed to get new graduates international experience. This could create many more conflicts, depending on where members end up working later on. She’s also apparently buddies with Justice Jasmine Akbarali, who’s ruled on several lockdown cases already.

Dominic LeBlanc’s choices of judicial appointments come across as nepotism, but hey, who needs independence anyway? His support for free speech doesn’t seem all that strong either.

This isn’t a complete list, but it’s clear there are a lot of firms that have some connections or interests that would prevent them from challenging these anti-freedom dictates. It’s more than just the emergency wage subsidies, although those factor in. And one has to wonder how much of this was planned in advance.

There are also legitimate concerns about how fair hearings are on this subject.

Finally, it’s worth a reminder that there’s no real opposition in Ottawa because Trudeau’s “opponents” are subsidized by him, and support vaccine passports. Before getting into politics, Erin O’Toole worked at Heenan Blaikie, the law firm where Chretien and Trudeau Sr. were partners. Democracy is also non-existent in B.C.

As for an independent media…. check the links below.


(L) Institute For Strategic Dialogue: Partners, Funding


Ontario Divisional Court Rules Requirement For Teachers To Be Proficient In Math Is Unconstitutional

There is a group that’s asking for handouts in order to water down the standards required to teach in Ontario. Unfortunately, it seems that they’ve had success.

The Ontario Teacher Candidates’ Council is an NGO that claims to advocate on behalf of (potential) teachers looking to get certified in Ontario. The group states that it was created largely in response to the new requirement that new teachers have a certain level of proficiency prior to getting to teach students. The online begging started quickly.

Is this really in the best interests of students? Is eliminating a pretty reasonable requirement in the name of “diversity and equity” the way to go about this? It’s pretty alarming that (apparently) large numbers of people can obtain and undergraduate degree, and a bachelor of education, and have a limited grasp of mathematics.

This also highlights a serious flaw with the legal system in Canada. NGOs can commence lawsuits claiming they have a “public interest standing”, and try to get the laws changed to suit their political ideologies. Providing the papers are worded properly, this is routinely down. Courts often grant such standing.

The Ontario Teacher Candidates’ Council was founded in early October [2019] largely in response to the Math Proficiency test which was made a mandatory requirement for the qualification of new teachers. According to the OCT, “On August 20, 2019 two regulations were filed: Regulation 271/19, Proficiency in Mathematics, under the Ontario College of Teachers Act, and Regulation 272/19, Objects of the Office under the Education Quality and Accountability Office Act, 1996. As a result certification requirements were updated to ensure that Ontario teachers are prepared for the modern demands of a changing society and increasingly dynamic learning environment.”

We believe that this test is not equitable, fair, justified or backed by data. The EQAO office has been rushed into creating a massive test in just months. In the past, EQAO has taken 3 years to roll out new tests. There is no definitive evidence which suggests that new teachers will become more effective math instructors as a result of this test, nor that students will perform better in math as a result of this. The last government-implemented test for teachers cost taxpayers $22 million and the results were mostly abandoned. This new legislation is costing tens-of-millions of dollars for a test which decides the futures of thousands of Ontarians. This new legislation comes to teacher candidates who have spent tens of thousands of dollars on their education and carefully planned the steps they would need to take to reach their goals. These thousands of jobs deeply affect the economy and future of our great province. Read our Email Templates on the Newsletter page to see our questions and arguments regarding this test. Help us, the people, even if our government will not.

It’s interesting that this group claims there’s no evidence that such requirements help. From the looks of their members, most probably couldn’t pass an introductory statistics course.

In February 2020, there was a podcast for “Education Is A Right“. Apparently, the right to a QUALITY education isn’t that important. If this really was about the students, there would be efforts to attract, retain, and upgrade the best teachers available. Instead, this group takes the opposite approach.

This isn’t something that anyone should be proud of. The Ontario Divisional Court essentially says that pandering to the anti-white diversity crowd is more important than providing quality education. Quite simply, whites passing at too high a rate implies systemic racism.

Parents would be up in arms if they were made aware of this. That said, it seems doubtful that there has been any publicity within those circles. At least the College of Teachers had enough sense to reject this idiocy.

One would think that this group would want to do what they can to ensure people of all groups are able to pass basic proficiency testing in math. However, that’s not the way they go. Turning to the ruling:

Significant Disparities in Success Rates
[32] The EQAO collected demographic information about Field Test takers through the voluntary demographic questionnaire which revealed significant disparities in success rates based on test-takers’ race, language and disabilities.

[33] In particular, the Field Test demographic data showed that non-White candidates writing in French were only successful 55 percent of the time, whereas White candidates writing in French were successful 84 percent of the time. Candidates who identified as belonging to non-White ethno-racial groups (such as African, Indigenous, Latino and Middle Eastern) failed at a significantly higher rate than White candidates. Candidates who indicated they had a cognitive disability failed the Field Test at over twice the rate of candidates without a disability.

Apparently there are differences in the average cognitive abilities between groups. The solution is obviously to reduce (or eliminate) standards, to ensure there is no difference.

Also, let’s not mince words. This isn’t just an effort to dumb down the teaching profession. This is an attempt to reduce the number of whites, and replace them with non-whites.

What Is the Appropriate Remedy?
[161] A declaration will issue that the Mathematics Proficiency Test and the legislative provisions that create it infringe s. 15 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the infringement cannot be justified under s. 1. Specifically, the Proficiency in Mathematics regulation (O. Reg 271/19), as amended, and s. 18(1)(c) of the Ontario College of Teachers Act, 1996, S.O. 1996, c.12 are of no force or effect.

[162] A declaration will issue that the Ontario College of Teachers shall grant certification to teacher candidates who have not passed the Mathematics Proficiency Test (or shall grant full certification in the case of teacher candidates whose certification is conditional on passing the Mathematics Proficiency Test) but have otherwise met all other certification requirements.

[167] The application for judicial review is granted. The following relief is ordered:
(a) The Mathematics Proficiency Test violates s. 15(1) of the Charter, is not justified under s. 1, and is unconstitutional;
(b) O. Reg. 271/19, Proficiency in Mathematics, as amended, under the Ontario College of Teachers Act, 1996, S.O. 1996, c.12 is unconstitutional and of no force and effect;
(c) Paragraph s. 18(1)(c) of the Ontario College of Teachers Act, 1996, S.O. 1996, c.12 is unconstitutional and of no force or effect;
(d) The Ontario College of Teachers shall grant certification to teacher candidates who have not passed the Mathematics Proficiency Test (or shall grant full certification in the case of teacher candidates whose certification is conditional on passing the Mathematics Proficiency Test) but who have otherwise met all other certification requirements; and
(e) The Respondent shall pay the Applicants $90,000 in costs of the application.

Basically, the Ontario Divisional Court ruled that it was discriminatory in order to force all teachers to have a certain mathematical background.

And on top of it, a $90,000 costs award was also handed down. Now, will the donors get a refund for their contributions, or will the group owners just pocket it?

Bella Lewkowicz is a French teacher with Ottawa-Carleton District School Board. The group itself boasts some pretty impressive educational credentials. It’s baffling then why they would work like this to dumb down the teaching profession. Is it guilt? Self-hatred? Or is this some more destructive impulse?

(3) Home _ Ontario Teacher Candidates’ Council
(9) Court Ruling Divisional Court 2021.12.16 OTCC v Ontario FINAL signed by all

Conservatives Pretend To Be Outraged Over Vaccine Mandates They In Fact Support

Conservative Member of Parliament Michael Cooper posted on Twitter quotes from the latest economic updates. He feigned outrage that the Trudeau Government is preparing to finance vaccine passports for the next 3 years (at least). He attaches portions of the document which lay out the truth of the upcoming policies.

On its own, this tweet would be pretty informative. However, Cooper disingenuously leaves out the fact that his party openly supports those same policies. The following is from September, when the election campaign was still going on.

Cooper speaks out both sides of his mouth: condemning a Liberal policy that the Conservatives would have introduced had they won the last election. Semantics aside, O’Toole would do exactly the same thing, and implement exactly the same policies. He’s being deceptive by implying otherwise.

Cooper may try to get around this by suggesting Conservatives only supported a very limited and temporary passport system. However, he’d have to be pretty dense to believe that was going to be the plan. There’s far too much money invested for this to be short term.

The clips in this came from 24:45 and 35:00 in the published video on CPAC. Erin O’Toole fully supports vaccine passports, and will work with the Provinces on it. He only complains that Trudeau is too divisive about it. This is from September 4, 2021.

O’Toole makes it clear he’s fine with the Provinces implementing their “movement licenses”. Not only does he not oppose it, he proposes to partner with them.

Later in the video, O’Toole doesn’t really seem put off at the idea that the unvaccinated should not be entitled to the same rights. He shrugs the question off as being divisive. However, he doesn’t offer any condemnation for the idea that people should have their rights restricted. Nor does he dismiss the nonsensical suggestion that vaccines don’t work unless everyone takes one. All in all, these comments reflect that the CPC has issues with the language used, but not the overall substance.

In watching the entire press conference, O’Toole takes the stance that it’s only a matter of convincing that stops the rest of Canadians from taking these shots. He suggests that Ottawa needs to do a better job of selling the products.

Why spend so much time attacking the right? It’s because plenty of people are duped into believing that they offer a meaningful difference to the totalitarian measures Trudeau and friends implement. In reality, they act to neutralize real alternatives.

The CPC is also just one political party that is being financed via the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy. In other words, they receive the same benefits that they criticize Trudeau for handing out the way he has. It should be clear by now that all of this is just a charade. There is no one in Ottawa fighting for Canadians.

It’s become a pattern for politicians (of all stripes) to pander on human rights abuses internationally, while supporting them locally. It’s amazing that this can be done with a straight face, but then again, these people are just actors.

While we’re on the subject of not having any meaningful political options, let’s take a look at some other “alternatives”: Maverick and PPC.

However, the Maverick Party will not be forced to become involved in the on-going emotional debate over restrictions imposed by the Premiers of different provinces versus infringement of citizens’ rights or freedoms.

Maverick is a federal party. Many Canadians in the various provinces across Canada have taken it upon themselves to speak out against the imposed restrictions (as is their freedom to do so). Canadians from coast to coast have the right to speak out, rally and protest if they so choose. However, governments also have the responsibility of protecting their citizens and must weigh that responsibility carefully.

The restrictions and/or lockdowns decreed and enforced are done provincially. Province-by-province. As previously stated, Maverick is a federal party.

It would be highly hypocritical for the Maverick Party to criticize the federal government for encroaching into provincial jurisdiction with their carbon tax (amongst many other issues) and then turnaround and impose ourselves in provincial jurisdiction over healthcare restrictions or the lockdowns

This was published by Maverick prior to the 2021 election. It seems their links have wonky URLs. In any event, they appear to take the position that Provinces imposing medical martial law is fine, and that it’s not the job of the Federal Government to intervene. In other words, it’s okay for Jason Kenney, Scott Moe, or Brian Pallister to oppress their people, but Trudeau and O’Toole better back off.

The Libertarian Party is beyond parody at this point. While claiming to support freedom, their solution to medical tyranny seems to be “let the free market decide”. You really have to believe that they’re trying to throw it on purpose.

This came from about the 30:00 minute mark and is quite telling. Pushing experimental injections on people is apparently okay, just as long as it’s done with consent. There’s also the unasked question about whether they would intervene in tyranny imposed at the Provincial level. Maverick says they won’t, and PPC doesn’t address it. Beyond that, do you want someone leading your movement who would vaxx their own father?

Even reading the PPC platform, they don’t really oppose the measures that the Provinces are implementing. There’s just some vague promise about helping with court challenges against it. They also ignore the fact that PHAC is part of the WHO, and that International Health Regulations are legally binding on Member States.

Notice that none of these “opposition” figures call out the deception, manipulation, and premeditated nature of this so-called crisis. They’ll never address the pharma influence, the corruption of the media, the co-opting of the legal profession, or the junk science justifying it.

To anyone who still thinks that there is a way to vote yourself out of this mess, give your head a shake.

(7) COVID Policy – People’s Party of Canada
(11) 2021 Platform – Libertarian Party of Canada

Trudeau Using Taxpayer Money To Subsidize “Opposition” Parties, Liberals Too

Ever wonder why Erin O’Toole, Michelle Rempel-Garner, and the other so-called “Conservatives” never really push back on Trudeau? Isn’t it strange that the “Official Opposition” does next to nothing in the way of being an opposition? There may be another reason for this. Specifically, it may be that the CPC has been a recipient of CEWS, the wage subsidy. The Conservative Fund is essentially the fundraising/financial arm of the Conservative Party of Canada.

This isn’t just on the right. The New Democratic Party (NDP) of Canada also gets the same financing from the Liberal Government it claims to hate.

And who exactly is the the Federal Liberal Agency of Canada? Well, if you go on the Liberal Party of Canada website, at the bottom they explain that they are the registered agent for the LPC. This is another registered corporation.

Copyright 2021 Liberal Party of Canada. All Rights Reserved. Authorized by the Federal Liberal Agency of Canada, registered agent for the Liberal Party of Canada

In other words, the group that runs the financial operations of the Liberal Party are financially benefitting from policies like the CEWS Program, which Trudeau enacted. Talk about a conflict of interest.

The United Conservative Association, as is obvious, is the group that runs the UCP in Alberta. This is headed by Jason Kenney, a globalist ex-Bilderberger, and current Premier of Alberta. Interestingly, the Alberta Liberals are also on the dole.

Out in B.C., the Green Party (which used to be in a coalition with John Horgan’s B.C. Liberals) has also been getting CEWS.

This is pretty screwy, isn’t it? As politicians are forcing people to shut down their businesses, they enact policies which profit their own parties. Of course, this is in addition to rules which allow donors to write off the bulk of their contributions with the Canada Revenue Agency.

Also worth a review is the previous article. It outlined how several Bar Associations, and hundreds of law firms in Canada were getting bailed out by Trudeau. Just a thought, but perhaps they don’t want this to end anytime soon.

Just to reiterate, the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy is just one program that these organizations would be eligible to collect from.

Where’s the independent media on this? Turn out many of them, such as True North, are getting the subsidies as well. So does the National Citizens Coalition, which employs Spencer Fernando. Naturally, mainstream outlets like Postmedia, Bell, Rogers, and Torstar are pocketing these funds, and others. Perhaps this is why no one will come clean with the public on how widespread it is.

Moral of the story: if you’re not following the money, you’re flying blind as to what’s really going on.


(L) Institute For Strategic Dialogue: Partners, Funding


CANImmunize: Working With Big Pharma On National Vaccination Certification, Medical Research

In Nova Scotia, as well as other areas, you can use CANImmunize to book your vaccine appointment. Do you think you need to? Well, perhaps reading through this information of their partners will be enlightening.

This company openly admits that your health data may be sold or used for research purposes. Now, identifying details will likely be removed, but it’s still pretty underhanded. Not only is it receiving Government (or taxpayer) funding, but your data is likely worth money. In other words, the public financing its own invasion of privacy. More on that later.

CANImmunize is also part of the Vaccine Safety Network, which was established by the World Health Organization. It’s a mixture of various Government agencies and pro-vaccine NGOs pushing the big pharma agenda. You will find an awful lot of overlapping names here.

CANImmunize describes itself as “Ottawa-based technology company specializing in immunization software. It developed the CANImmunize app, a pan-Canadian digital immunization tracking system that helps Canadians keep track of their vaccinations with a mobile app and web portal”. In short, it’s laying the ground work for a vaccine passport, despite how harmless this sounds. Interestingly, this was set up in 2012, long before this so-called “pandemic”.

Incidently, PHAC, the Public Health Agency of Canada, isn’t a Canadian entity. It was created by an Order In Council in 2004 to serve various World Health Organization functions.

For a walk down memory lane, the Vaccine Credential Initiative has been hard at work trying to get a global vaccine passport. The Government of Ontario is a partner organization. There’s reason to fear that this is going to be the new ID required to move around.

It’s also recognized by the European Centre for Prevention and Disease Control, their equivalent of the CDC. That’s just lovely. Now who else is responsible for advancing, funding, and promoting CANImmuize?

1. Pfizer A Major Sponsor/Endorser Of CANImmunize

Pfizer is a prominent sponsor and endorses of CANImmunize. This is a significant conflict of interest, considering that it’s likely the biggest financial benefactor of the mass vaccination agenda. That said, this is only the tip of the iceberg.

2. Sanofi Pasteur Also Interested In This Venture

It’s worth mentioning that Sanofi also provides indirect funding to CANImmunize, by financing and supporting their other partners. Perhaps this is a way to make it more difficult to see just how much money is coming in.

3. I-Boost-Immunity Endorser Of CANImmunize

IBoostImmunity has ties to UNICEF and the BC Public Health Association. It’s sponsored by: London Drugs, Sanofi Pasteur, and Merck. London Drugs is a large chain in the West, and has immunization clinics in virtually every location.

4. Kids Boost Immunity Funded By Big Pharma

Kids Boost Immunity is partnered with UNESCO and the U.N. It also is sponsored by companies by GlaxoSmithKline, Merck, Pfizer and Sanofi Pasteur. Are we seeing the common thread here?

5. Immunize Canada Funded By Pharmaceutical Companies

Immunize Canada is financed by the usual suspects. And taking a quick through its “member organization”, many of them also receive money from those same groups.

6. Vaccines411 Anonymous Referral Service For Vaccination

Who We Are is an online vaccination clinic locator which also includes reliable immunization resources for Canadians to easily find the vaccination resources they need. The website was officially launched in May 2011. This free online service was created in order to facilitate the process of vaccination for the many Canadians who do not know where to turn to for this kind of information.

Vaccines411® is managed by a dedicated team of professionals, which includes writers, researchers, translators, and developers. The content and resources provided on Vaccines411 is selected and reviewed by our team based on clarity, objectivity, and the credibility of its sources (i.e. government sourcing, medical reviews etc). However, please note that we are not healthcare professionals and that the information provided on is designed to complement, not replace, the relationship between a patient and his/her healthcare professionals.

This is supposed to an online referral service, for people looking to get their shots. Although the names seem to be kept hidden, it’s not difficult to imagine where the money comes from.

7. Society Of Obstetricians And Gynaecologists: Pregnant Women

This was covered in an earlier article. The Society Of Obstetricians And Gynaecologists is supposed to be concerned with promoting the health and well being of women and children. Instead, its Pfizer money has likely contributed to the absurd recommendations with pregnant women.

8. Canada Immunization Research Network

CIRN, the Canadian Immunization Research Network, is another group that has been previously covered on this site. Like the others, it supports CANImmunize too. This organization takes money from the public, and is supposed to be neutrally investigating and researching how safe and effective vaccines are. However, given the cash they also get from drug companies makes that suspicious.

9. Federation of Medical Women Of Canada, Funded By Pharma

The Federation of Medical Women of Canada (FMWC) is funded by by drug companies. That’s pretty twisted, considering that pushing harmful medications on women will lead to far fewer of them alive.

10. Meningitis Foundation Canada, Funded By Pfizer

Now, this group, Meningitis Foundation Canada, probably has many donors. However, Pfizer has presumably contributed enough that it merits displaying it prominently across that main page. But don’t worry, that won’t impact whether or not certain therapeutics are recommended, or how often.

Enough about the donors and sponsors. The available information about the technology itself and the company is pretty chilling.

Kumanan Wilson, the CANImmunize Chief Executive Officer, say in his biography:

An internal medicine physician, scientist and expert in digital health, Dr. Wilson is an internationally, widely published expert in public health and immunization and the founder of the CANImmunize project. Currently funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the World Health Organization Dr. Wilson’s vision is to use technology to solve public health problems

In other words, his project is at least partially funded by WHO and the Gates Foundation. It’s not like they have an agenda or anything.

If all of this isn’t creepy enough, CANImmunize provides plenty of promotional material promotion their App, and vaccines in general. Some of this seems clearly targeted to children.

As for its privacy policies:

CANImmunize will use your information to send you communications about vaccinations and other healthy behaviours, including information from integration partners such as local health authorities, updates about outbreaks near you if you choose to use location services, and periodic updates about CANImmunize Inc and its platforms. You will be offered the ability to opt out or unsubscribe from these communications. If you have consented to sharing your information with one or more integration partners, CANImmunize will share it with them.

CANImmunize may transfer your personal information, excluding health information (except in cases where you send us unsolicited health information – which we delete – outside of the platform such as through support channels), to domestic or international third parties including, for example, IT services, for processing that furthers the purposes for which you consented to provide the personal information. These transferees will be required to maintain privacy and data security standards similar to our own. This sort of transfer is considered a use not a disclosure under Federal privacy legislation. For more information, see here:

By creating an account and storing your immunization information in the app, you are also consenting to allow CANImmunize to use it in de-identified and/or aggregate form for research purposes in the health sector. De-identified information is information about you, but it has been stripped of identifiers such as your name or date of birth and cannot be associated with you as an identifiable individual. Aggregate information is data combined from several measurements; when data is aggregated, groups of observations are replaced with summary statistics such that the data cannot be linked back to an identifiable individual. This will happen only where the research has been approved by, and is protected by, the policies of a Research Ethics Board.

CANImmunize will also use aggregate information to inform its understanding of trends in vaccination, opportunities to improve immunization rates or to generate other insights and may share this aggregate information with third parties.

Before CANImmunize uses or discloses your personal information for any other purpose, we will always ask for your consent.

Whether you want it or not, your medical information is available to be sold to 3rd parties for the purposes of research. Sure, your name and contact details may be purged, but you are part of future data compilation. It seems that this may be one of the biggest data harvests in history in Canada.

Again, by taking part and using the app, you are presumed to have consented. Now, if this limited assurance isn’t enough for you, try out the terms of service:

Use of CANImmunize is governed by these Terms of Use. We may amend or modify these Terms of Use at any time, without notice. The current version of these Terms of Use will be available each time you access the website. By using CANImmunize, you agree to be bound by these Terms of Use and are responsible for reviewing these Terms of Use as well as the CANImmunize Privacy Policy. You also agree that you will comply with all applicable laws and regulations when using CANImmunize and are prohibited from attempting to violate the security of the website. You should not use CANImmunize if you do not agree to these Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy, understand what they mean, or do not consent for your data to be used.

In other words, CANImmunize can change their terms at any time, without notice. On the other hand, the people using this app are expected to read and understand what’s going on. Feels great, doesn’t it?

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