B.C. Liberals Are Complicit In Propping Up Horgan/Henry Tyranny (Just The Audio)

This is a shorter piece that just focuses on the audio. Readers familiar with the “pandemic” subject will instantly know what is bein talked about. This is MLA Milobar. He doesn’t even pretend to oppose the tyranny imposed by John Horgan, Adrian Dix, Mike Farnworth, or Bonnie Henry.

The expanded version is here. So is earlier coverage of the October 2020 election, and trolling Sadie Hunter afterwards. Notice, no mention in the platform that they object to any of this. Does it look like people in this Province have any legitimate political options? Are there options anywhere?

In fairness, the B.C. Green Party doesn’t get a pass. They signed onto this with the previous NDP-Green Coalition Government.

A serious question to readers: has anyone else gotten this kind of spin, even of you live in another Province? If so, please share your story, and a tape (if you have one).

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  1. He sounds like he at least has a conscious… In his mind, he’s playing the “game”, although he has not figured out yet until it becomes official that the “game” is a one world government (officially) with neofeudalism replacing democracy and free markets. As the saying says, it is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends on his not understanding it… A clown and an apologist in a depopulation campaign, sad world we live in.

    That hunter women is brain dead and looks like a former drug addict. Exactly how the establishment likes them, stupid and weak! She’s so dumb, I do not think she even understands or will ever understand what is taking place, they are all just actors going along with the script. I realized politics is acting, another illusion created by the zionists to convince people they have a “choice”. The ones who can go along with the narrative and script the best, are the ones who get promoted and “elected” by the vote counting machines.

    In order to be a “politician” nowadays, you either have to be extremely stupid and have an EQ below 100, or have some form of empathy deficiency. I bet you all these sell outs tell themselves if they didn’t participate in it, someone else would, just to ease their conscious at night.

    Good reporting as always.

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