Repost: Asking 10 Tough Questions And Exposing Vaccine Genocide

This is a repost from Exposing Vaccine Genocide, by Dr. Leonard Horowitz. Here are 10 hard questions that need to be asked and answered, in order to get a more complete picture of what’s going on. Go check out the site itself.

(1) Why is vaccination risk data always neglected or concealed by officials?

(2) With no tracking (and no published long-term studies) of vaccination risks; including injuries, illnesses and deaths, how can we be sure vaccines are not killing and maiming more people than we may be helping or saving with “immunizations”?

(3) Why are exploding cancer rates never linked to the common vaccine contaminants such as the Epstein Barr Virus (“EBV”) known to prompt cancers?

(4) Why does Bill Gates lecture on vaccines reducing the world’s population by 15% if they are so “safe and effective” and are meant to “save lives”?

(5) With nearly 40 million people having died from HIV/AIDS since 1978, why haven’t officials refuted the many experts who evidence that AIDS sourced from hepatitis B vaccines containing SIVcpz (chimpanzee AIDS virus)?*

(6) Why, after the Merck Drug Co.’s all time leading vaccine developer, Dr. Maurice Hilleman, stated during an interview in 1982 on PBS that he unwittingly brought the AIDS virus into North America while unknowingly developing AIDS-laced vaccines for Merck, has science and the media neglected this frightening admission?

(7) How much money does the drug industry and “modern medicine” make from vaccine side effects?

(8) How much money in “perks” and “bribes,” in total, is paid to lawmakers and medical doctors by Big Pharma to promote vaccinations?

(9) Why, if scholars are required to reveal their conflicting financial interests before being permitted to publicly speak promoting their products at medical conferences or scientific symposiums is the mainstream media not required to similarly inform viewers and readers how much money they received from drug and vaccine advertisers?

(10) Why have federal prosecutors neglected unfair and deceptive trade practices in healthcare evidenced by the widespread monopolization of health science and medicine, including heavy suppression and disparagement of natural health products and providers, such as chiropractors, acupuncturists and homeopathic physicians?


  • Pursuant to exposing vaccine genocide, these hepatitis B vaccines were injected into gay men in NYC, Willowbrook State School mentally retarded children on Staten Island in New York, and Black sex workers in central Africa from 1972 thru 1974–that is, 2-4 years before the first AIDS cases were discovered in these precise places and exact groups.

Most sensible people would agree that these are important questions. So why aren’t they being openly addressed?

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