Nova Scotia FOIs: Miscellaneous Findings On Freedom Restrictions

A peruse through Nova Scotia’s FOI database reveals some interesting things.

Also, the database shows how many people have been viewing these results. Typically there are 50-100, which shows that at least some are concerned enough to look. The documents have been anonymized, so that names and addresses are removed.

As a starting point, it seems that the Nova Scotia Government did no research whatsoever to see what effects lockdown policies would have on suicides, depression, alcoholism, substance abuse or bankruptcies. In other words, they couldn’t be bothered to look into the harsher effects these martial law measures would have.

When asked to justify stay-at-home orders, travel restrictions, border closures, and other measures, the Nova Scotia Government refused to provide anything. They simply replied that they rely on the World Health Organization, and PHAC, the Public Health Agency of Canada.

The Province also admitted the 1,883 surgeries were cancelled between April and December 2020. However, most of the correspondence sought was redacted.

There’s no evidence to support the claim choir singing spreads Covid, at least according to records that are available. Therefore, closing or otherwise restricting religious services was done for ideological reasons, not health ones.

Even though the peons (or average people) had their movements restricted over the last few years, the Chief Medical Officer of Health granted countless exemptions when it was deemed necessary. So much for equality under the law.

Another request for evidence to justify restrictions was denied because: (a) it would reveal advice given or draft regulations; or (b) it was available via W.H.O. or PHAC.

Nova Scotia was asked about the actuarial (or statistical) data for invoking and extending the emergency orders over the last few years. No records are available, meaning that no such research had been conducted prior to, or afterwards.

A separate request for analysis of suicide rates, depression, bankruptcies, substance abuse, other health care, etc… was redacted to the point that it was pretty much useless.

Noticing a pattern here?

And if you haven’t seen Christine Massey’s work with Fluoride Free Peel, go do that. There are some 200 or so FOIs showing that no one, anywhere in the world, has ever isolated this “virus”. It’s never been proven to exist. There’s no point having a discussion on what treatments are beneficial, until the existence of this is demonstrated. Other interesting reads are apocalypticyoga, by Bill Huston, Stormhaven, by William Ray, and What’s Up Canada by Wayne Peters.

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