Guest Post: Blaise Vanne Compilation On Masks, Vaccines

Not sure who created this meme, but it’s an accurate reflection about how many people feel about mask-holes these days. However, masks and these “vaccines” are more complicated than they seem at first.

Part 1: Who WAS that Masked Man

Part 2: Masks Mania And Madness

Part 3: The Mask of Zorro. Or Ts That Zero

Part 4: Vaccines, Vaccines Everywhere But Nary A Drop Of Truth

Part 5: Guinea Pigs Of The World UNITE

Part 6: The Gulag Vaxipeligo

Part 7: A License to Kill – NOT Just for James Bond anymore

Part 8: What Lies Beneath

Part 9: Life Unworthy Of Life

Part 10: But… What Could Possibly Go Wrong

Part 11: Gotterdamerung… Of The Deep State Pandemic Gods

There are other contributors who are worth checking out. Here is some work from a few of them.

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