Conservatives Pretend To Be Outraged Over Vaccine Mandates They In Fact Support

Conservative Member of Parliament Michael Cooper posted on Twitter quotes from the latest economic updates. He feigned outrage that the Trudeau Government is preparing to finance vaccine passports for the next 3 years (at least). He attaches portions of the document which lay out the truth of the upcoming policies.

On its own, this tweet would be pretty informative. However, Cooper disingenuously leaves out the fact that his party openly supports those same policies. The following is from September, when the election campaign was still going on.

Cooper speaks out both sides of his mouth: condemning a Liberal policy that the Conservatives would have introduced had they won the last election. Semantics aside, O’Toole would do exactly the same thing, and implement exactly the same policies. He’s being deceptive by implying otherwise.

Cooper may try to get around this by suggesting Conservatives only supported a very limited and temporary passport system. However, he’d have to be pretty dense to believe that was going to be the plan. There’s far too much money invested for this to be short term.

The clips in this came from 24:45 and 35:00 in the published video on CPAC. Erin O’Toole fully supports vaccine passports, and will work with the Provinces on it. He only complains that Trudeau is too divisive about it. This is from September 4, 2021.

O’Toole makes it clear he’s fine with the Provinces implementing their “movement licenses”. Not only does he not oppose it, he proposes to partner with them.

Later in the video, O’Toole doesn’t really seem put off at the idea that the unvaccinated should not be entitled to the same rights. He shrugs the question off as being divisive. However, he doesn’t offer any condemnation for the idea that people should have their rights restricted. Nor does he dismiss the nonsensical suggestion that vaccines don’t work unless everyone takes one. All in all, these comments reflect that the CPC has issues with the language used, but not the overall substance.

In watching the entire press conference, O’Toole takes the stance that it’s only a matter of convincing that stops the rest of Canadians from taking these shots. He suggests that Ottawa needs to do a better job of selling the products.

Why spend so much time attacking the right? It’s because plenty of people are duped into believing that they offer a meaningful difference to the totalitarian measures Trudeau and friends implement. In reality, they act to neutralize real alternatives.

The CPC is also just one political party that is being financed via the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy. In other words, they receive the same benefits that they criticize Trudeau for handing out the way he has. It should be clear by now that all of this is just a charade. There is no one in Ottawa fighting for Canadians.

It’s become a pattern for politicians (of all stripes) to pander on human rights abuses internationally, while supporting them locally. It’s amazing that this can be done with a straight face, but then again, these people are just actors.

While we’re on the subject of not having any meaningful political options, let’s take a look at some other “alternatives”: Maverick and PPC.

However, the Maverick Party will not be forced to become involved in the on-going emotional debate over restrictions imposed by the Premiers of different provinces versus infringement of citizens’ rights or freedoms.

Maverick is a federal party. Many Canadians in the various provinces across Canada have taken it upon themselves to speak out against the imposed restrictions (as is their freedom to do so). Canadians from coast to coast have the right to speak out, rally and protest if they so choose. However, governments also have the responsibility of protecting their citizens and must weigh that responsibility carefully.

The restrictions and/or lockdowns decreed and enforced are done provincially. Province-by-province. As previously stated, Maverick is a federal party.

It would be highly hypocritical for the Maverick Party to criticize the federal government for encroaching into provincial jurisdiction with their carbon tax (amongst many other issues) and then turnaround and impose ourselves in provincial jurisdiction over healthcare restrictions or the lockdowns

This was published by Maverick prior to the 2021 election. It seems their links have wonky URLs. In any event, they appear to take the position that Provinces imposing medical martial law is fine, and that it’s not the job of the Federal Government to intervene. In other words, it’s okay for Jason Kenney, Scott Moe, or Brian Pallister to oppress their people, but Trudeau and O’Toole better back off.

The Libertarian Party is beyond parody at this point. While claiming to support freedom, their solution to medical tyranny seems to be “let the free market decide”. You really have to believe that they’re trying to throw it on purpose.

This came from about the 30:00 minute mark and is quite telling. Pushing experimental injections on people is apparently okay, just as long as it’s done with consent. There’s also the unasked question about whether they would intervene in tyranny imposed at the Provincial level. Maverick says they won’t, and PPC doesn’t address it. Beyond that, do you want someone leading your movement who would vaxx their own father?

Even reading the PPC platform, they don’t really oppose the measures that the Provinces are implementing. There’s just some vague promise about helping with court challenges against it. They also ignore the fact that PHAC is part of the WHO, and that International Health Regulations are legally binding on Member States.

Notice that none of these “opposition” figures call out the deception, manipulation, and premeditated nature of this so-called crisis. They’ll never address the pharma influence, the corruption of the media, the co-opting of the legal profession, or the junk science justifying it.

To anyone who still thinks that there is a way to vote yourself out of this mess, give your head a shake.

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