1 Year Ago, Maria Van Kerkhove Of WHO Suggested 16% Of Global Population Already Infected

June 8, 2020, Maria Van Kerkhove, who claims to be a doctor and an expert, told the world “asymptomatic transmission” was extremely rare.

The day after, a very terrified looking Kerkhove backpedaled, claiming that “very rare” didn’t really mean very rare. She claimed that so-called modelling estimated that between 6% and 41% of the total population had already been infected. She stated that there was a point estimate (whatever that is), or around 16%.

Let’s crunch some numbers:
-The world population was around 7.8 billion people last year.
-6% of that would be 468 million people.
-16% of that would be 1.25 BILLION people.
-41% of that would be 3.2 BILLION people.

This time last year, assuming these models are even in the ballpark, 1 to 3 billion people had already been infected. About 500,000 people had died, notwithstanding how fraudulent the reporting system is.

In her still pinned tweet, Kerkhove tries to explain how scientific collaboration is done, and how different partners work together.

Kerkhove claimed in April 2020 that research papers are being sent to the WHO prior to publication. One has to wonder if the conclusions are “tweaked” in order to suit a particular narrative. She says that all evidence everywhere is looked at, which is reasonable take on its own.

Problem is that you have people like BC Provincial Health Officer, “Babbling Bonnie” Henry, who repeatedly admit that there is no real science behind the things that they do. Is this supposed to be a joke?

Neither Canadian public health officials nor bureaucrats at the WHO will address topics such as the heavy lobbying and financing from the pharmaceutical industry. They won’t delve into the new enterprises that stand to be lucrative from a prolonged pandemic. They go out of their way to avoid these subjects.

They also try to downplay how these gene therapy “vaccines” are not approved anywhere, but instead have some form of emergency use authorization. The manufacturers are indemnified from lawsuits, which removes the incentive to create safe products.

Things aren’t quite what they appear to be.

Any wonder why the idea of “airborne transmission” is now being pushed? They have to keep moving the goalposts in order to keep others from locking in on their lies. It’s also why they are now pushing the “variants” nonsense. Don’t be deceived.

How’s this for a conflict of interest? Kerkhove also works for Imperial College London, which featured Neil Ferguson (Professor Lockdown) and his doomsday modelling. ICL is heavily funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. She also got her PhD at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine. This also gets funding from Gates, and partners with the Vaccine Confidence Project — funded by drug companies.

Ever get the feeling that this woman isn’t been transparent?

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