CV #59(C): Politicians Push Vaccines Despite Overwhelming Recovery Rates

According to the BC Center for Disease Control (on July 23, 2020), a total of 2,898 out of 3,392 people have recovered from CV-19. This is a total of 85% recovery, according to their own data. 3 people are in intensive care, which is 0.1%.

1. Other Articles On CV “Planned-emic”

For other articles in the coronavirus series, check here. There is an awful lot that you are not being told my the mainstream media, including the lies, lobbying, money changing hands, and one world agenda. Nothing is what it appears to be.

2. Those Pushing Mandatory Vaccine Agenda

(Bill Gates predicts no more mass gathering until vaccine developed.

(See 1:30 mark in this, or original video). Trudeau claims that “normalcy will not return without a vaccine that is widely available, and that could be a very long way off”.

(From March 30, 2020 public announcement). The Government of Alberta is stating is may very well be a year to develop a vaccine.

(At 1:00 in this video, BC Provincial Health Officer Bonnie Henry admits there is no science behind limiting the group size in BC. In fact she often admits this.)

3. Alberta Reporting, July 23, 2020

Alberta uses modelling to anticipate the number of COVID-19 cases over the coming months. This helps us make decisions and prepare hospitals to care for critical and acute patients.
These decisions include the aggressive public health measures currently helping to limit the spread of the virus.
Modelling data is intended to demonstrate expected trends, and not intended to be a predictor of day-to-day increases in hospitalization rates.

4. Saskatchewan Reporting, July 23, 2020

5. Manitoba Reporting, July 23, 2020

6. Ontario Reporting, July 23, 2020

7. Quebec Reporting, July 23, 2020

Quebec apparently doesn’t list the number of resolved cases on its site.

8. New Brunswick Reporting, July 23, 2020

9. Nova Scotia Reporting, July 23, 2020

10. Newfoundland Reporting, July 23, 2020

11. PEI Reporting, July 23, 2020

12. Data Compiled By Province

BC 2,898 3,392 85% 190 3
AB 8,506 9,975 85% 176 21
SK 838 1,072 78% 16 13
MB 319 375 86% 7 1
ON 33,963 38,210 89% 2,755 35
QC ? 58,080 ? 5,662 14
NB 165 170 97% 2 0
NS 1,003 1,067 94% 63 0
NFLD 259 264 98% 3 0
PEI 34 36 94% 0 0

Remind me again why we closed the economy.

13. Case Inflation Needs Factored In

The above listings are the official listings in various provinces. It must be pointed that there is rampant lying and inflating of the death toll of this virus. People who die “with” this virus (but not necessarily as a result of it), as being counted the same as those who die “from” it.

But even with padding the numbers, people are recovering — without any vaccine — in very high numbers. Yet our rulers repeatedly state that there will be no return to normal without this. It doesn’t withstand any level of scrutiny.

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