Bill C-10 And “Conservative” Hypocrisy On Free Speech And Human Rights

So-called “conservatives” in Canada claim that they oppose Bill C-10, which has the potential to seriously erode free speech protections. While this is certainly true, the grandstanding comes across as hollow. This is because of their repeated refusal to protect the rights of Canadians.

Never forget that this party tried (only a decade ago) to make warrantless seizure of internet information legal with Bill C-30. Now, one might argue that they still support free speech, even if not privacy rights. Nope, it gets worse from here.

The top image is Liberal Dominic LeBlanc openly musing about passing laws to combat “misinformation”, which is anything the Government objects to. The bottom is “Conservative” Erin O’Toole demanding emergency measures to limit the freedoms of Canadians locally.

Opposing Bill C-10 under the current circumstances comes across as crass political opportunism. The “right wing” in Canada seems content to let freedom die, so what’s the point here? Perhaps a few more examples for clarity:

The Conservative Party of Canada, and Provincial counterparts, remain silent on basic rights being stripped away. However, O’Toole takes the time to pander over atrocities committed 80 years ago — across the globe. There’s no way to be this tone deaf.

Conservatives are openly condemning China for human rights violations which include forced sterilizations. However, they support pressuring mass vaccination on the Canadian public, even though high levels of sterilization is quite possible.

Jason Kenney panders by celebrating the 1945 victory over Germany in World War 2. However, he’s silent on the increasing human rights abuses at home, like freedom of religion and assembly.

Condemning Tamil genocide comes across as hollow here. After all, Ford is willing to let seniors be trapped in homes, shut down people’s livelihoods, impose stay-at-home orders, deny preventative care, and let the Province collapse.

Lets stop pretending that any of them care about free speech or human rights. Anyone willing to play along with this martial law program is an enemy of the Canadian public.

Lest anyone think that this is a partisan issue, the enemies of free speech must be called out, wherever they are. In Nova Scotia, Iain Rankin the Premier, just banned public gatherings altogether. That’s one way to shut down dissenting views.

While not directly related to free speech, BCPHO Bonnie Henry deserves a dishonourable mention. She allowed indoor wine tasting to continue. Seems like an odd exemption, until you realize she co-owns a winery in Keremeos. This isn’t about public safety, but about protecting her business interests.

It’s also worth pointing out that at these daily “press conferences”, the callers and questions are screened ahead of time. This ensures that no one will be rocking the boat.

Freedom to assemble, gather and protest is being erased, mostly by “Conservative” Premiers. Now, the Trudeau Liberals are about to censor the internet. Does it seem like these people actually oppose each other?

These people all need to go.
None of them are on our side.


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  1. We are already in a crisis of “representative democracy”. Such a society runs on assuring its citizens that they have a voice in the organization of the society. Thus the citizens must feel they are being represented in the political and media system. Occasionally, they may feel they are being overlooked but it may not matter if the issue is one that doesn’t concern them too much, e.g. rules relating to specialized groups where, to be sure, the general population may not be bothered anyway. But the covid hoax has had a very marked, if not severe, impact on everyone, and yet only one dogmatic view of covid is permitted and voiced across the political spectrum and the “media”. This is the view that the virus is deadly and so absolutely demands vaccines, when in fact, it’s never been isolated and “viruses” don’t exist.

    No skepticism is voiced within the political and media spectrum. Yet such skepticism is inevitable and unavoidable in a population who not only have had their lives severely impacted by all the alleged safety measures, but who are now urged with maximum emphasis to submit to a criminally untested vaccine of a novel type. A depopulation agenda is taking place, and none of these “representatives” seem to care.

    Thus we have arrived at a crisis of democratic presentation. The skeptical ones, which is the majority now, have no representative voice at all, anywhere. Even the supposedly “dissident” reaches of the political theater do not accommodate them. In fact, the alleged “opposition” have proven to be the most vehemently coercive in the depopulation push. It is now clear for most Canadians that the entire political/propaganda media class no longer stands for them, and is actually opposed to their well being, even existence itself. The eugenics see humanity as a pollutant.

    The average human is usually non-confrontational, but they no longer have the luxury of abstaining since they are being coerced into submitting to the most evil scheme ever perpetuated on earth… This is not a tax issue, or a individual/collective issue, this is now a life or death issue.

    The establishment has delivered humanity an ultimatum, and they can only have their way by abandoning all pretence of democratic freedom. They can only win by losing.

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