Twenty Twenty-One Is Now Available

Twenty Twenty-One is now posted on Amazon, as a Kindle product. It covers a lot of the backstory of the “pandemic” which isn’t being covered by any mainstream outlet. The option of paperback is being looked into.

Yes, it would be nice to give it away, however, research and reporting are very time consuming. Thank you to everyone who has helped support the site, and helped keep this going.

If you have friends or family who would be interested in this kind of information, please share it with them.

The content on Canuck Law is still available for all.

A shoutout to Fred, Andy, and the folks at Civilian Intelligence Network.

5 Replies to “Twenty Twenty-One Is Now Available”

    1. Yes it is.
      Until the feasibility of a print is looked at, this will do for now.

      Admittedly, a strange choice under the circumstances, but they have the reach.

    1. At the moment, no, but I will look into getting it there as well.

  1. Cool.. another book about the douchbags and their plans….. I’m still a fan of Amazon by the way… here’s something folks .. in October I order and received from their “Bolton Ontario Fulfilment Centre” a copy of “Hitler Was A British Agent” weighs a kilogram, over 500 pages, from the author Greg Hallett… which arrived fairly quickly after ordering but then more recently I saw a news item about the centre being ‘shut down’ due to covid… interesting to me… [ Maybe Bezos knows about King John III ]

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