Picking Up On Predictive Programming In The Media

1. Previous Solutions Offered

A response that frequently comes up is for people to ask what to do about it. Instead of just constantly pointing out what is wrong, some constructive suggestions should be offered. This section contains a list of proposals that, if implemented, would benefit society. While the details may be difficult to implement, at least they are a starting point.

2. Media Bias, Lies, Omissions And Corruption

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3. Why This Is Important

Recognizing the agenda behind a piece of media is essential to understanding why it was created in the first place. Was it written as a thriller? An action piece? As comedy? For educational purposes? Or was it created in order to push a certain way of thinking, all while cloaked as entertainment?

This question applies to print media, as well as podcasts, movies, and TV series. Everything is drafted with a purpose, but figuring out what it is may be tricky.

The section on MEDIA so far has focused on the corrupt and thoroughly biased media. However, it should be noted that movies and shows have agendas — even those sold as simple pleasure.

Getting red pilled involves recognizing the goals of globalism: world domination, population control, electronic monitoring, creating a dependent class, loss of identity, loss of faith, corruption of morals, etc…. Then go back and take a look at some of the movies and shows you enjoyed previously. In many cases, it is completely obvious.

Certainly the argument can be made that movies are just supposed to be an escape from the everyday world. While there is truth to that, one has to wonder sometimes where the ideas come from.

4. Example: CW’s “The 100” Show

Note: this was a show that I binged watched in early 2017. It was based (very loosely) on the books by Kass Morgan, and takes place in a post apocalyptic wasteland, and a spaceship with a depleting oxygen reserve. It came across like an interesting, although strange show at the time, but nothing else seemed amiss. However, after going down enough rabbit holes, it is impossible to look at it the same way again. This review focuses only on the show. Spoilers abundant from Seasons 1-4.

This happens first in Season 1, where the spaceship has a design flaw. There isn’t enough air to sustain everyone on the ship, so a huge part of the conflict is how to conduct the “culling”. It also happens in Season 4. When the next wave of radiation is about it, there aren’t enough spaces in the newly discovered bunker to take in everyone, so decisions have to be made about who lives and who dies. Yes, over and over, the show has series discussions about how many people to let die.

The main “villain” in Season 2 is the people in Mount Weather. They haven’t developed immunity to the naturally high levels of radiation on the Earth, since they are in an underground bunker. Since the Mountain isn’t completely sealed, bits of radiation get in anyway. The soldiers of the Mountain resort to going out (in hazmat suits) to kidnap people. Those are brought them back to the harvest chamber, locked them cages, and eventually drained for blood. As even that is not a permanent solution, the Mountain Men eventually start using bone marrow instead. They still kill their prisoners, even though it is not necessary. In Season 4, the main characters become what they despise when doing the same thing to a genetically enhanced nightblood named Luna.

“Blood Must Have Blood”
Vengeance is normal in many cultures, especially ones constantly at war. That being said, the 100 seems to go overboard in its blood references.

Constant Holocaust Reminders
Since the Mountain Men, can’t breathe the outside air, it is their major weakness when battling with the outsiders. There is only so much you can do in a hazmat suit with an ait tank. in fact, there are many attempts to flood the mountain with outside air and kill them. Gassing the Mountain Men is repeatedly referred to afterwards as genocide.

***Incidently, being locked away in the bunker all their lives has led to the Mountain Men having compromised immune systems. If they had only been outside to begin with, they would have been okay. Coronavirus parallels?

Drug Dependency
While the Mountain Main do bring back many prisoners as a source of fresh blood (harvest), they also have a program (Cerberus), to turn others into “Reapers”. These prisoners are given injections of a drug concoction which makes them subservient and dependent. These drug addicted Reapers work as slaves both inside the mountain and out, and even help collect new victims for the harvest chamber.

Controlled By Sound Waves
Small aside to the last section. The Mountain Men have developed portable devices that can cause excruciating pain (and submission) of the Reapers if used at the right frequency. 5G anyone?

Tribes Rules By Overlord
In the show, there are 12 warring clans (the people from the sky become the 13th clan). These groups have been at each other’s throats for generations, but are held in check by a Commander who rules over all of them. This seems to smack of a globalist arrangement. In Seasons 2, 3, 4, 5, there is always a struggle with the Commander trying to hold all of the clans in check.

Genocide V.S. Enslavement
This them occurs throughout the shows. Main characters weighing the odds of whether or not to wipe out other clans, or to live with them, but under some higher rule.

Grounders’ Leader Is Chipped
This chip is called “the Flame” and is supposed to contain the spirits of all the previous Commanders. He or she gets the chip inserted when ascending to the head of the 12 clans. It turns out that the Flame is just an AI, and that there is nothing magical about it. And it is different form the chips in the next section.

Mind Control Chips
“ALIE”, which is artificial intelligence, turns out to be the main villain of Season 3, although it isn’t clear for a long time. The program commands its subjects to expand the number of people, by getting them to swallow specialized chips. The rationale is that if everyone was chipped, and focused on the same task, they could ride out the upcoming radiation wave safely — or at least their consciousness can. Although the AI is not programmed to force people to take the chip, it employs a number of techniques to get around that rule, including coercion, and threatening to kill loved ones. Survivors trying to free others (fry their chips) could be seen as trying to deprogram their friends and family.

Pushing Globohomo Agenda
Although pretty tame by the standards of other recent shows, the 100 does have several prominent characters acting as gay couples.

5. Look Past The Story Being Told

Question everything. Whether it is in the news that is being presented, or the entertainment on the screen, question it. Ask why is this story being told, and what is behind it.

Is this really just a music video, or is it filled with references to Satan and the Illuminati? Is this just a Sitcom, or are they trying to push the gay agenda on the public? Is this super hero vulnerable to certain frequencies as a weakness, or are the writers pushing noise as a form of crowd control?

At this point, the 100 is a fairly well known TV series, so it serves as a good example. While interesting (for a normie) to watch, there is a lot of messaging behind it. Curiously, the series departed very quickly from the books by Kass Morgan, meaning it was the TV creators who put this together. But in fairness, the plot of the books is pretty morbid too.

The same applies to so called journalists. Ask what narrative they are pushing, and who really funds their work. Find out if there are interests not being disclosed.

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