Media Games: Has Trudeau Been Swapped Out With Someone Else?

Is this the same man? Are they both Justin Trudeau?

The man on the right appears to have a bruise on the left cheek. The bridge of this nose is flatter, and the nostrils are more pronounced. The brow ridge also looks more defined.

1. Media Bias, Lies, Omissions And Corruption

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2. “Dave” Movie Released In 1993

Dave Kovic runs a temporary employment agency in Georgetown, Washington, D.C., and has a side job impersonating President Bill Mitchell. He is requested by Secret Service agent Duane Stevensen to make an appearance as the president at a hotel. Dave assumes it is a matter of security, but it is really to cover up Mitchell’s extramarital affair with a White House staffer.

Mitchell suffers a severe stroke during the rendezvous, leaving him in a coma. White House Chief of Staff Bob Alexander and Communications Director Alan Reed convince Dave to continue impersonating the president, telling him that Vice President Gary Nance is mentally unbalanced. Only Bob, Alan, the Secret Service, and the medical staff know of the switch. First Lady Ellen Mitchell leads a separate life, rarely seeing the president, in contrast to their public image of a closely knit couple.

The public is notified that Mitchell has had a “minor circulatory problem of the head”. With Dave established as president, Bob and Alan send Nance on a 12-nation goodwill tour of Africa and implicate him in savings and loan fraud. Once Nance is forced to resign, Bob plans for Dave to nominate him as vice president, whereupon Mitchell will have a more serious stroke and Bob will ascend to the Presidency.

After apologizing to Nance and the country, Dave fakes a stroke and makes a switch with the real Mitchell in an ambulance en route to the hospital. Nance becomes acting president under the terms of the 25th Amendment and is sworn in as president five months later when Mitchell dies. Bob and eight other members of the Mitchell administration are indicted two days after Dave’s jobs initiative passes.

The above is quotes of a plot synopsis that Wikipedia provides. In short, an imposter ascends to the Presidency, and the intent is to have someone take over.

Interestingly, in the movie, there are “conspiracy nuts” who try to raise attention that the President has been swapped out with someone else.

Why is this important? Because it could be an instance of predictive programming. There are rumours circulating that the man occupying 24 Sussex is not Justin Trudeau, but a double. There have also been claims that Chrystia Freeland (now Deputy Prime Minister), is being groomed to take over.

Absurd conspiracy theory? Or is there something more substantive behind it?

As an aside, Kevin Kline looks at lot like the new Melinda Gates, except with a haircut. This is not meant as an insult, but stating an observation. And Melinda doesn’t look anything what we were used to seeing.

3. Recent Changes In Justin Trudeau

The screenshot on the left was taken from the October 2019 election victory speech. The one on the right is from a March 2020 press conference. This Justin Trudeau has a gap between his front teeth, something that hadn’t been noticed before. One interesting trait is that the newer Justin rarely (if ever smiles), which may be a deliberate attempt to make the gap less obvious.

There are virtually no photos available of Trudeau smiling since he returned from his trip to Costa Rica. While he once would flash a smile at any time, the “new” Trudeau has become much more reserved.

The gray on the right was the choice of the publisher, so please ignore. Trudeau looks to have aged a decade between the pictures, but it was really 2 1/2 months. And most of that time, Trudeau was on vacation. The dates are: October 21, 2019, and January 6, 2020.

A lot of media hoopla came out when Trudeau finally returned to Canada, sporting his new beard. Thing is, is isn’t much of a beard, just thick stubble. In his early days in Parliament, Trudeau adopted the Captain Morgan look. Yet all of this is glossed over.

True, wearing the masks is part of the psy-op. That said, there is another benefit: it helps obscure differences in THIS Trudeau’s face. If this is a different person, then it’s wise to avoid drawing attention to it.

It could be argued that these physical differences are circumstantial. Fair enough, except Trudeau seems to have undergone a personality change as well. He is far more measured and controlled, and has lost a lot of his joking side. This may be seen as a sign of maturity, if he didn’t hide from the public 23 1/2 hours per day.

Same man, just aging very badly? Or is it a duplicate, who just wants us to “think” that it’s the real person, but just aging badly?

Look at the tip of his nose, real Justin has a bump, double doesn’t Eye brows and eyes not the same. Ear lobes are different. No teeth in this one, we already know they don’t match.

The double looks like his eye brows are waxed to get that shape.

Comment from YouTuber, Blue Apple

Does it look like the features match? Ears, nose, chin?

4. Staged Affection With Sophie

From the 2020 Canada Day announcement. Considering Justin’s well known boundary issues, this seems incredibly forced and staged. Almost like they weren’t a real couple. Also, are they in front of a green screen?

5. Did “Dave” Become A Reality?

Yes, this comes across as an absurd conspiracy theory. However, this doesn’t at all look like the same man who has been the Prime Minister for the last session.

At a quick glance, this man looks similar enough as to not generate much thought. However, when you look more closely, the differences start showing through.

While the physical differences may not seem like a cause for concern, it’s worth pointing out that Trudeau (at least this version of him), seems to have had his personality removed. His antics and snarkiness have all but vanished. If this isn’t a placeholder, then what is it?

And why hasn’t the media reported on it, or asked questions? It could be that since so many of them belong to the Trudeau Foundation, they have no interest in this issue.

8 Replies to “Media Games: Has Trudeau Been Swapped Out With Someone Else?”

  1. I’m not that much of a internet reader to be honest but your sites really nice, keep it up! I’ll go ahead and bookmark your site to come back later on. Many thanks|

  2. I’m not a Justin fan, and would never have voted for him in a million years. Nonetheless, I think Justin embodied some kind of dream for any number of people, which voted for him. I wonder how they feel about him now?

  3. Well Now, Always Remember, Superdavebeastula The Tall White Gothic Vampire, coming to you from Montreal, Quebec Canada. So. It would seem to me that what we are seeing coming out of Ottawa, is a person that is either a clone, body double or a doppelganger. It may also be CGI. In all case, the only thing to be said was that the actual Justin Trudeau was not even a real person either. He was a social justice warrior type with no personality or (pardon my expression) no balls to his personality. That is all that we can say about him. Hopefully he will be taken out of office. Thankyouvermuch.

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