Guest Post: Blaise Vanne On Marxist Sympathies Of Black Lives Matter

BLM founders Patrisse Cullors, Cullors, “ We are trained Marxists” see here in her own words; and Alicia Garza said at a public forum in 2015 Left Forum May 29 – 31, at John Jay College “It’s not possible for a world to emerge where black lives matter if it’s under capitalism. And “it’s not possible to abolish capitalism without a struggle against national oppression and gender oppression. (See the 26 min mark)

Opal Tometi tweeted in 2015, from Venezuela: “ Currently in Venezuela. Such a relief to be in a place where there is intelligent political discourse.” And a few months later wrote: In these last 17 years, we have witnessed the Bolivarian Revolution champion participatory democracy and construct a fair, transparent election system recognized as among the best in the world …We offer this expression of our unwavering solidarity with the progressive and revolutionary Venezuelan people as they reflect, regroup and rectify to defend the Bolivarian Revolution.

If you would like Venezuela here, yes, by all means support BLM, Antifa, and by extension Biden. If you like communism, which the Black Book of Communism, Coutois, et al, Harvard Univ. Press says murdered almost 100 million last century or see also the late Dr. RJ Rummel of Univ. of Hawaii – tough job, but someone has to do it! –who has has similar figures, by all means support them.

If you disagree, the time for action is now. As Churchill said, appeasement is just hoping the crocodile eats you last.

Extra credit: in typical Red October (Russia, 1917) fashion, the communists sow chaos, out of which they hope to take power. The preceding link gives you a primer. E.g. from the Hate has no home here” leftists: Secret Service Intercepts ‘Highly Toxic’ Poison Ricin Mailed To White House Violence ? Princeton Study Finds BLM (and Antifa) Responsible For 91% Of Riots Over Last 3 Months – A new study by Princeton University’s US Crisis Monitor shows that the U.S. experienced 637 riots between May 26 and Sept. 12, and 91% of those riots were linked to the Black Lives Matter movement.

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  1. She is a clueless fool She has no idea the way the world really works. People have never accepted this bankrupt and evil form of government. History shows this.

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