Elections Canada: Fundraising Isn’t Okay When EDAs Shut Down For No Financials

Recently, members of the PPC were spouting out the talking points that dozens of their EDAs (or electoral district association), were shut down to consolidate into fewer organizations. But that isn’t true. They were shut down for not filing financial disclosures, as required by Elections Canada.

1. Important Links

Canada Gazette, Volume 155, Number 13
Canada Elections Act: Sections 465, 466, 468(4)

2. Canada Gazette, Part I, Volume 155, Number 13

Deregistration of registered electoral district associations
In accordance with sections 465 and 466 and subsection 468(4) of the Canada Elections Act, the following associations are deregistered, effective on March 31, 2021:

  • Algoma – Manitoulin – Kapuskasing – PPC Association
  • Association de PPC de Argenteuil – La Petite-Nation
  • Association du PPC de Joliette
  • Association PPC d’Abitibi – Baie-James – Nunavik – Eeyou
  • Association PPC de Beauport – Limoilou
  • Association PPC de Brome-Missisquoi
  • Association PPC de Charlesbourg – Haute-Saint-Charles
  • Association PPC de Chicoutimi – Le Fjord
  • Association PPC de Jonquière
  • Association PPC de LaSalle –Émard – Verdun
  • Association PPC de Laval – Les Îles
  • Association PPC de Longueuil – Charles-LeMoyne
  • Association PPC de Manicouagan
  • Association PPC de Marc-Aurèle-Fortin
  • Association PPC de Montarville
  • Association PPC de Salaberry – Suroît
  • Association PPC de Sherbrooke
  • Battle River – Crowfoot – PPC Association
  • Bay of Quinte-PPC Association
  • Brampton East – PPC Association
  • Brampton South-PPC Association
  • Burlington – PPC Association
  • Calgary Centre – PPC Association
  • Calgary Nose Hill – PPC Association
  • Central Nova – PPC Association
  • Compton – Stanstead Green Party Association
  • Courtenay – Alberni – PPC Association
  • Fredericton – PPC Association
  • Hamilton Centre – PPC Association
  • Hamilton East – Stoney Creek – PPC Association
  • Humber River – Black Creek – PPC Association
  • Kingston and the Islands – PPC Association
  • Kitchener South – Hespeler – PPC Association
  • Malpeque – PPC Association
  • Mississauga East – Cooksville – PPC Association
  • Mississauga – Malton – PPC Association
  • Moncton – Riverview – Dieppe – Peoples Party of Canada
  • New Westminster – Burnaby – PPC Association
  • Northwest Territories – PPC Association
  • Pontiac PPC Association
  • Provencher – PPC Association
  • Scarborough – Guildwood – PPC Association
  • Thunder Bay – Superior North – PPC Association
  • York Centre – PPC Association

March 12, 2021

Anne Lawson
Deputy Chief Electoral Officer
Regulatory Affairs

Deregistration of registered electoral district associations
In accordance with section 465 and subsection 468(4) of the Canada Elections Act, the following associations are deregistered, effective March 31, 2021:

  • Association PPC de Châteauguay – Lacolle
  • Association PPC de Honoré-Mercier
  • Association PPC de La Prairie
  • Association PPC de Montmagny – L’Islet – Kamouraska – Rivière-du-Loup
  • Association PPC de Pierre-Boucher – Les Patriotes – Verchères
  • Egmont – PPC Association
  • Montmagny – L’Islet – Kamouraska – Rivière-du-Loup Electoral District Association for the Green Party
  • Souris – Moose Mountain – PPC Association
  • Steveston – Richmond East – PPC Association
  • Thunder Bay – Rainy River – PPC Association

March 12, 2021

Anne Lawson
Deputy Chief Electoral Officer
Regulatory Affairs

To a casual observer, it looks like these EDAs, (Electoral District Associations), were shut down forcibly. Information is freely available in the Canada Gazette. Now, let’s look at the Canada Elections Act to see what these sections mean.

3. From Canada Elections Act: 465, 466, 468(4)

Deregistration of Registered Associations
Marginal note: Deregistration — failure to provide documents
465 The Chief Electoral Officer may deregister a registered association if the association fails to provide
(a) any of the documents referred to in section 451;
(b) a report under subsection 456(2) concerning the appointment of an electoral district agent;
(c) any of the documents referred to in subsection 463(1) or (2) with respect to a replacement of its financial agent or auditor;
(d) a report under subsection 463(1) concerning a change in any other registered information;
(e) confirmation under section 464 of the validity of the registered information; or
(f) a report that is required to be filed under subsection 476.1(1) by the registered association.

Deregistration — failure to file return
466 The Chief Electoral Officer may deregister a registered association if its financial agent fails to provide him or her with a document for a fiscal period in accordance with subsection 475.4(1).

Procedure for non-voluntary deregistration
468 (1) If the Chief Electoral Officer believes on reasonable grounds that a registered association or its financial agent has omitted to perform any obligation referred to in section 465 or 466, the Chief Electoral Officer shall, in writing, notify the association’s chief executive officer and its financial agent that the association or financial agent must
(a) rectify the omission by the discharge of that obligation within 30 days after receipt of the notice; or
(b) satisfy the Chief Electoral Officer that the omission was not the result of negligence or a lack of good faith.
Marginal note: Extension or exemption
(2) If paragraph (1)(b) applies, the Chief Electoral Officer may amend the notice by
(a) exempting, in whole or in part, the recipients of the notice from complying with the obligations referred to in section 465 or 466; or
(b) specifying a period for compliance with the obligations referred to in paragraph (1)(a).
Marginal note: Copy of notice
(3) A copy of any notice or amendment under subsection (1) or (2) shall be sent to the leader and the chief agent of the registered party with which the registered association is affiliated.
Marginal note: Deregistration
(4) The Chief Electoral Officer may deregister a registered association if the association or its financial agent fails to comply with a notice referred to in subsection (1) or with a notice amended under subsection (2).

Looking at Sections 465, 466, and 468(4) of Canada Elections Act, it would appear that these dozens of EDAs were shut down by Elections Canada for not filing mandatory documents. Specifically, it looks like their financials weren’t filed.

Note: there is a provision for VOLUNTARY deregistration, under Section 467, but nowhere is it mentioned as a reason to close these EDAs.

Also, Section 451 of the Elections Act refers to the requirement that a statement of financial assets and liabilities be submitted within 6 months of the EDA being formed.

3. PPC Spinning These Forced Shutdowns?

The last image was from a Telegram posting from Shane Marshall of Elgin-Middlesex-London Regional PPC Association.

If the words of the party insiders are to be believed, shutting down these EDAs was part of some deliberate cost cutting measure done to save money. While that may sound reasonable on the surface, Elections Canada spells out exactly why they were closed. It was for not filing their mandatory documents. But a nice spin.

Also, the EDAs are run by volunteers, so how much money would be saved by getting rid of them?

Even if firing these volunteers saved money — such as filing fees — isn’t that pretty cold to toss aside people volunteering their labour to get the party going?

While it’s true that the same group of people can run multiple EDAs at one time, they still need to be there. The Canada Elections Act, starting at Section 447, goes into great detail about EDAs, but there is no mention of a regional EDA. Sure, there are regional directors of parties, but that is not the same thing.

A look on the PPC website shows that the EDA listings have been removed entirely, and only Provincial Coordinators are listed.

Furthermore, given that this is a MINORITY Parliament, an election could be called, or a non-confidence vote could happen at any time. This makes no sense. The EDAs would have to be reestablished within days in order to be functional again.

True, members of the public can donate directly to the headquarters in Gatineau, Quebec. However, there is no guarantee whatsoever that money would come back to the local candidate. Last election, it was known the candidates were left to fundraise on their own, with shoestring budgets.

A more plausible explanation is that the high level of turnover has made running many EDAs impossible. Without locals to do these jobs, nothing happens. When a party appoints its leader, doesn’t hold policy votes, and doesn’t have the protection of a constitution, it can be a turnoff. As such, Maxime Bernier would have had advance notice that dozens of EDAs were about to be closed down for not filing their financials. It is then twisted into a deliberate decision to save money.

Canadian Mama, Grizzly and Marshall go into spin mode to defend this as some bizarre economic measure.

Side note: interesting that they take potshots at Maverick (formerly WExit). Both are fake organizations that grift under the cover of being political entities. Neither “party” has a constitution, or other governing documents. Additionally, they act as honeypots to channel legitimate outrage into movements that are designed to go nowhere.

It’s also strange that none of the “conservative” media outlets call this out. True North, Post Millennial, Rebel & Postmedia all play along.

4. What Does Elections Canada Have To Say?

A phone call with Elections Canada revealed 3 pieces of information. First, EDAs that are deregistered CANNOT fundraise for a candidate in the riding. Second, that the employee had never heard of a “regional EDA”. He knew absolutely nothing about the idea. He knew of nowhere in the Elections Canada Act where that existed. Third, money can still be sent to the party headquarters, but cannot be done locally.

Final thought: The PPC is lying about why the EDAs were closed in the first place. As such, they are likely lying about these “regional EDAs” that are taking place. After all, it is a fake party.

2 Replies to “Elections Canada: Fundraising Isn’t Okay When EDAs Shut Down For No Financials”

  1. By this post, Canuck Law is showing its colours as a representative of the Conservative Party. I am the former President of the PPC EDA for the Nepean Riding in Ontario. I know for a fact that we filed all the financial reports required by Elections Canada. I also know that a new regional organization has been organized for the former Kanata, Nepean and Carleton PPC EDAs. Canuck Law is just taking cheap shots at a party that is truly conservative, not Liberal lite.

  2. Cheap shots eh? Hmmm, what do you call treason? A badge of honour? What part of Elections Canada don’t you understand? There are no regional EDA’s, never has been. Not to worry, the Canadian government does not even obey the illegal 1982 Constitution, except for enforces the illegal Multiculturalism Act, why get exciting about a political party with no constitution, they are one step ahead of the Canadian government, what progress eh, You never heard of the Magna Carta either, right?

    If you look at intel comparisons of political parties at National Citizens Alliance, you will find that reality of what they really stand for, of course if a lawyer says it, it is not a lie, right? Maybe an editorial opinion right. Maybe not controlled opposition, simply a way to focus energy and votes and make it go nowhere fast, kind of like Trump, with all that power, poof, too bad so sad. all those theories, wishful thinking and the illusionary Q disappearing act, wonderful, thanks for the let down…

    A representative of the Conservative party? are you a crackhead? Do you think someone investigating crime, treason, genocide, war, immorality and totally unethical actions knowing in great detail, individuals considered as national security risks, collaborateurs, and enemies of Canada, who actually investigates an reports on what is happening would represent the conservative inc. crowd?

    It is easy to make mistakes, but looking at the list, that is quite significant, someone could pay attention. Maybe they are just following the PM example of not declaring all that “foreign influence” aka lots of money, high treason, etc from terrorist organizations, and the enemy, is no big deal, right? Terminating the Director General of the RCMP is not a big deal either right, after all there is no such things as treason by the government, right, there are not any real national security risks and threats that need to be pointed out, notwithstanding all the “redacted” bullshit, right? Would you like to “redact Elections Canada” or CanuckLaw? or anyone else, like censor whitey, the truth teller eh? What a terrible thing to do, actually do your job, serve and protect, duty, valour and morale courage, pissed on by a bunch of traitors. Only anti vaxxers and straight white nationalists are problematic right? What does PPC, conservatives, or liberals or NDP or anyone think about that? Eh?

    Look at Derek Sloan, more than $1.3 million fund raiser for the leadership, and poof, kicked out of the Conservative party, since he is just too conservative, obviously having communists running the show, with a chines virus, a Chinese toxic mask, Chinese military vaccine bio-weapon, Chinese 5G bio-weapon, currency warfare, industrial warfare, demographic warfare, multi-cultural warfare, hmmm, what could go wrong? PPC is ok with all that, NCA is not, and probably only Derek Sloan is the only real conservative not ok with that, although he does not comment on most of that, and that would leave most people wondering, and may be the only one without a Muslim related to a known terrorist organization running the show. That is racist eh?

    Hmmm, what about 95% of stuff in stores Made in China, is that a little anti white, a little racist, a little bit of treason and racism by the government and corporate sponsored genocide and treason, is that a cheap shot? You like the PPC, since they never talk about “Made in Canada” look for it, where is it, anywhere, show us, in print, video files, what di they do with all those EDAs eh? Well? It would have been easy, but now, they are not that Canadian, right, Eh?

    How are the PPC different than anyone else? Show us the evidence, who talked about Made in Canada? could have filed, but did not, could have a written constitution, but did not, cold have talked about Made in Canada, but did not, certainly no problems with immigration and white replacement like everyone else, right? Cheap shot? I don’t think so, that illegal Multiculturalism Act costs us about $40 billion a year. The bogus Covid virus welfare bill with debt created treasury bond money to fuel a fake economy is about what, only $600 billion, no big deal, right, any comments?

    As for so called conservatives, we Can’t have anyone with morals, values, standards or God can we now? Was that a cheap shot? A traitor who knows nothing about national security, allegiance and collaborating with the enemy, hmmm, ya, what a leader, like that is the gold standard. Lets have more dominion voting machines again in Canada too, fake constitution, fake political parties, fake agenda, fake allegiance, fake representation, fake news, fake virus, fake vaccines, that are actually mRNA bio-weapons, fake EDA’s with now “best efforts” yes, we all know, “your not so perfect either” yes, blah blah blah Look at the Privy Council, more national security threats like no tomorrow, thanks. People totally unqualified with not the right kind of character, yes that will really take us far, with all the anti white crap, and more race traitors who do not represent us.

    Let us go to the room for improvement, the biggest room in the world…what can anyone do different? If all you had to do to purposefully sabotage the PPC, what would it be? No constitution, no filing? Poof, done, all gone, thanks for the election fraud, evidently you are ready for an fraudulent oath of allegiance to a foreign criminal agency, great…

    Have a nice day on the lake of fire, with people that have no limits to treason or stupidity, or genocide or crime, or immorality. Like many people, the PPC was the rising star. Character, integrity and loyalty is what we really need, flash without nation building character just does not cut it, and that applies to everyone.

    Oh Canada, We Stand on Guard for thee…

    How do you like the red pilling so far? Anything you want to “redact” “censor” or label as “racist” “white nationalist” or “conspiracy theory” or a “national security threat or risk” now that is a cheap shot, eh? Right? Let us look at the facts….

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