Nova Scotia FOI Shows Province Has No Evidence “Asymptomatic Spreading” Even Exists

Freedom of information requests (or access to information) can often unearth a treasure trove of data. Alternatively, it can force the body in question to admit that it doesn’t have records that are being sought. After 2 years of this “pandemic” nonsense, one would think that a huge body of evidence had piled up.

Our friend in Nova Scotia is back at it again, digging up dirt and information about the tyranny of Robert Strang. Here are some of the latest finds. Previously, there was the hospitalization scam debunked, the lack of data for masks in schools, the screwy definition of “cases”, and Nova Scotia reduced (yes, reduced) ICU capacity.

Now, let’s see what a doozy the latest round of FOIs bring:

On November 22, 2021 Nova Scotia Health (NSH) received your request under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIPOP Act).
We understand your application to be for a copy of the following:
Any record, proof, document, report that an asymptomatic positive COVID-19 case is contagious and spread to others in Nova Scotia.
We have conducted a thorough search of our records, but we were not able to find any records responsive to your request. We are now closing your file.
Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

So, Nova Scotia has had a mask mandate for well over a year, in order to stop healthy people from “spreading a virus”. However, the Government admits it has no evidence to support any of this.

For some wider context: despite all the fear-porn, there is no hospitalization wave in Nova Scotia. In fact, the Province has reduced ICU capacity in recent years. Although there’s no evidence this virus exists, let alone can spread in healthy people, they impose masks on children. And all of this came after forcing businesses to shut down (many for good), and all in some abstract sense of public health. Let’s not forget the attempts to ban public gatherings.

Pretty strange, after the tyrant Iain Rankin was voted out, Nova Scotians were expecting liberty. Instead, they got Tim Houston, who does pretty much the same thing. It’s almost as if they’re all in it together.

UPDATE TO ARTICLE: It appears that Nova Scotia doesn’t have its own records on this subject. It seems that it simply relies on PHAC (Public Health Agency of Canada) and WHO to tell it what to do. Interesting. For some background on PHAC’s real roots, check this out.

Also, if you haven’t looked at Fluoride Free Peel, Christine Massey and her group have done a stunning amount of work proving that this “virus” has never actually been isolated. What is shown on television is just a computer simulation of what people claim they believe it looks like.

It’s nice to see truthers hard at work, but we need more of them.

(1) 2021-185 No Responsive records, Asymptomatic Spreading

CANImmunize: Working With Big Pharma On National Vaccination Certification, Medical Research

In Nova Scotia, as well as other areas, you can use CANImmunize to book your vaccine appointment. Do you think you need to? Well, perhaps reading through this information of their partners will be enlightening.

This company openly admits that your health data may be sold or used for research purposes. Now, identifying details will likely be removed, but it’s still pretty underhanded. Not only is it receiving Government (or taxpayer) funding, but your data is likely worth money. In other words, the public financing its own invasion of privacy. More on that later.

CANImmunize is also part of the Vaccine Safety Network, which was established by the World Health Organization. It’s a mixture of various Government agencies and pro-vaccine NGOs pushing the big pharma agenda. You will find an awful lot of overlapping names here.

CANImmunize describes itself as “Ottawa-based technology company specializing in immunization software. It developed the CANImmunize app, a pan-Canadian digital immunization tracking system that helps Canadians keep track of their vaccinations with a mobile app and web portal”. In short, it’s laying the ground work for a vaccine passport, despite how harmless this sounds. Interestingly, this was set up in 2012, long before this so-called “pandemic”.

Incidently, PHAC, the Public Health Agency of Canada, isn’t a Canadian entity. It was created by an Order In Council in 2004 to serve various World Health Organization functions.

For a walk down memory lane, the Vaccine Credential Initiative has been hard at work trying to get a global vaccine passport. The Government of Ontario is a partner organization. There’s reason to fear that this is going to be the new ID required to move around.

It’s also recognized by the European Centre for Prevention and Disease Control, their equivalent of the CDC. That’s just lovely. Now who else is responsible for advancing, funding, and promoting CANImmuize?

1. Pfizer A Major Sponsor/Endorser Of CANImmunize

Pfizer is a prominent sponsor and endorses of CANImmunize. This is a significant conflict of interest, considering that it’s likely the biggest financial benefactor of the mass vaccination agenda. That said, this is only the tip of the iceberg.

2. Sanofi Pasteur Also Interested In This Venture

It’s worth mentioning that Sanofi also provides indirect funding to CANImmunize, by financing and supporting their other partners. Perhaps this is a way to make it more difficult to see just how much money is coming in.

3. I-Boost-Immunity Endorser Of CANImmunize

IBoostImmunity has ties to UNICEF and the BC Public Health Association. It’s sponsored by: London Drugs, Sanofi Pasteur, and Merck. London Drugs is a large chain in the West, and has immunization clinics in virtually every location.

4. Kids Boost Immunity Funded By Big Pharma

Kids Boost Immunity is partnered with UNESCO and the U.N. It also is sponsored by companies by GlaxoSmithKline, Merck, Pfizer and Sanofi Pasteur. Are we seeing the common thread here?

5. Immunize Canada Funded By Pharmaceutical Companies

Immunize Canada is financed by the usual suspects. And taking a quick through its “member organization”, many of them also receive money from those same groups.

6. Vaccines411 Anonymous Referral Service For Vaccination

Who We Are is an online vaccination clinic locator which also includes reliable immunization resources for Canadians to easily find the vaccination resources they need. The website was officially launched in May 2011. This free online service was created in order to facilitate the process of vaccination for the many Canadians who do not know where to turn to for this kind of information.

Vaccines411® is managed by a dedicated team of professionals, which includes writers, researchers, translators, and developers. The content and resources provided on Vaccines411 is selected and reviewed by our team based on clarity, objectivity, and the credibility of its sources (i.e. government sourcing, medical reviews etc). However, please note that we are not healthcare professionals and that the information provided on is designed to complement, not replace, the relationship between a patient and his/her healthcare professionals.

This is supposed to an online referral service, for people looking to get their shots. Although the names seem to be kept hidden, it’s not difficult to imagine where the money comes from.

7. Society Of Obstetricians And Gynaecologists: Pregnant Women

This was covered in an earlier article. The Society Of Obstetricians And Gynaecologists is supposed to be concerned with promoting the health and well being of women and children. Instead, its Pfizer money has likely contributed to the absurd recommendations with pregnant women.

8. Canada Immunization Research Network

CIRN, the Canadian Immunization Research Network, is another group that has been previously covered on this site. Like the others, it supports CANImmunize too. This organization takes money from the public, and is supposed to be neutrally investigating and researching how safe and effective vaccines are. However, given the cash they also get from drug companies makes that suspicious.

9. Federation of Medical Women Of Canada, Funded By Pharma

The Federation of Medical Women of Canada (FMWC) is funded by by drug companies. That’s pretty twisted, considering that pushing harmful medications on women will lead to far fewer of them alive.

10. Meningitis Foundation Canada, Funded By Pfizer

Now, this group, Meningitis Foundation Canada, probably has many donors. However, Pfizer has presumably contributed enough that it merits displaying it prominently across that main page. But don’t worry, that won’t impact whether or not certain therapeutics are recommended, or how often.

Enough about the donors and sponsors. The available information about the technology itself and the company is pretty chilling.

Kumanan Wilson, the CANImmunize Chief Executive Officer, say in his biography:

An internal medicine physician, scientist and expert in digital health, Dr. Wilson is an internationally, widely published expert in public health and immunization and the founder of the CANImmunize project. Currently funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the World Health Organization Dr. Wilson’s vision is to use technology to solve public health problems

In other words, his project is at least partially funded by WHO and the Gates Foundation. It’s not like they have an agenda or anything.

If all of this isn’t creepy enough, CANImmunize provides plenty of promotional material promotion their App, and vaccines in general. Some of this seems clearly targeted to children.

As for its privacy policies:

CANImmunize will use your information to send you communications about vaccinations and other healthy behaviours, including information from integration partners such as local health authorities, updates about outbreaks near you if you choose to use location services, and periodic updates about CANImmunize Inc and its platforms. You will be offered the ability to opt out or unsubscribe from these communications. If you have consented to sharing your information with one or more integration partners, CANImmunize will share it with them.

CANImmunize may transfer your personal information, excluding health information (except in cases where you send us unsolicited health information – which we delete – outside of the platform such as through support channels), to domestic or international third parties including, for example, IT services, for processing that furthers the purposes for which you consented to provide the personal information. These transferees will be required to maintain privacy and data security standards similar to our own. This sort of transfer is considered a use not a disclosure under Federal privacy legislation. For more information, see here:

By creating an account and storing your immunization information in the app, you are also consenting to allow CANImmunize to use it in de-identified and/or aggregate form for research purposes in the health sector. De-identified information is information about you, but it has been stripped of identifiers such as your name or date of birth and cannot be associated with you as an identifiable individual. Aggregate information is data combined from several measurements; when data is aggregated, groups of observations are replaced with summary statistics such that the data cannot be linked back to an identifiable individual. This will happen only where the research has been approved by, and is protected by, the policies of a Research Ethics Board.

CANImmunize will also use aggregate information to inform its understanding of trends in vaccination, opportunities to improve immunization rates or to generate other insights and may share this aggregate information with third parties.

Before CANImmunize uses or discloses your personal information for any other purpose, we will always ask for your consent.

Whether you want it or not, your medical information is available to be sold to 3rd parties for the purposes of research. Sure, your name and contact details may be purged, but you are part of future data compilation. It seems that this may be one of the biggest data harvests in history in Canada.

Again, by taking part and using the app, you are presumed to have consented. Now, if this limited assurance isn’t enough for you, try out the terms of service:

Use of CANImmunize is governed by these Terms of Use. We may amend or modify these Terms of Use at any time, without notice. The current version of these Terms of Use will be available each time you access the website. By using CANImmunize, you agree to be bound by these Terms of Use and are responsible for reviewing these Terms of Use as well as the CANImmunize Privacy Policy. You also agree that you will comply with all applicable laws and regulations when using CANImmunize and are prohibited from attempting to violate the security of the website. You should not use CANImmunize if you do not agree to these Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy, understand what they mean, or do not consent for your data to be used.

In other words, CANImmunize can change their terms at any time, without notice. On the other hand, the people using this app are expected to read and understand what’s going on. Feels great, doesn’t it?

(4) Vaccine Safety Net _ Vaccine Safety Net
(8) Partners _ CANImmunize
(10) Sponsors _ I Boost Immunity
(12) Our Partners _ Kids Boost Immunity
(14) Member Organizations _ immunizecanada
(18) Sponsors & Partners _
(20) Our Supporters
(22) Promotion _ CANImmunize
(25) Privacy Policy _ CANImmunize

IMM #5(D): Remittances – Where Is The Money Actually Going?

It’s one thing to talk about remittances being sent abroad, but where is it going? A quick look at the top recipients shows an unsurprising result. The largest amounts of money are sent to places which bring the most people to Canada annually. This has China, India and the Philippines at the top of the list.

The exact formula for these projections isn’t released, but it’s likely due to limited surveys, information from financial institutions and organizations, and some extrapolation. The numbers can’t be taken as exact, but just a rough idea of what’s going on. StatsCan also has its own estimates.

Pew Research On Remittances From Canada In 2017 (Top 60)

1 China $4,144,000,000 $4,144,000,000
2 India* $2,877,000,000 $7,021,000,000
3 Philippines $2,370,000,000 $9,391,000,000
4 France $1,297,000,000 $10,688,000,000
5 Italy $1,072,000,000 $11,760,000,000
6 Vietnam $953,000,000 $12,713,000,000
7 Lebanon* $853,000,000 $13,566,000,000
8 Germany $810,000,000 $14,376,000,000
9 United States $662,000,000 $15,038,000,000
10 United Kingdom $569,000,000 $15,607,000,000
11 Pakistan* $562,000,000 $16,169,000,000
12 Sri Lanka $488,000,000 $16,617,000,000
13 Belgium $459,000,000 $17,076,000,000
14 Hungary $436,000,000 $17,512,000,000
15 Nigeria $436,000,000 $17,948,000,000
16 Portugal $409,000,000 $18,357,000,000
17 Poland $341,000,000 $18,698,000,000
18 South Korea $327,000,000 $19,025,000,000
19 Jamaica $315,000,000 $19,340,000,000
20 Bermuda $285,000,000 $19,625,000,000
21 Egypt $269,000,000 $19,894,000,000
22 Netherlands $181,000,000 $20,075,000,000
23 Czech Republic $177,000,000 $20,252,000,000
24 El Salvador $157,000,000 $20,409,000,000
25 Mexico $156,000,000 $20,565,000,000
26 Japan $153,000,000 $20,718,000,000
27 Haiti $144,000,000 $20,862,000,000
28 Guatemala $142,000,000 $21,004,000,000
29 Romania $139,000,000 $21,143,000,000
30 Hong Kong $136,000,000 $21,279,000,000
31 Austria $133,000,000 $21,412,000,000
32 Kenya $123,000,000 $21,535,000,000
33 Croatia $119,000,000 $21,654,000,000
34 Morocco $114,000,000 $21,768,000,000
35 Colombia $113,000,000 $21,881,000,000
36 Ukraine $108,000,000 $21,989,000,000
37 Spain $107,000,000 $22,096,000,000
38 Denmark $101,000,000 $22,197,000,000
39 Australia $98,000,000 $22,295,000,000
40 Switzerland $91,000,000 $22,386,000,000
41 Iran $90,000,000 $22,476,000,000
42 Ghana $82,000,000 $22,558,000,000
43 Thailand $79,000,000 $22,637,000,000
44 Bangladesh $78,000,000 $22,715,000,000
45 Uganda $76,000,000 $22,791,000,000
46 Israel* $71,000,000 $22,862,000,000
47 Sweden $66,000,000 $22,928,000,000
48 Serbia $62,000,000 $22,990,000,000
49 Slovakia $62,000,000 $23,052,000,000
50 Guyana $59,000,000 $23,111,000,000
51 Russia $59,000,000 $23,179,000,000
52 Peru $57,000,000 $23,227,000,000
53 Tanzania $57,000,000 $23,284,000,000
54 Qatar $54,000,000 $23,338,000,000
55 South Africa $52,000,000 $23,390,000,000
56 Jordan $48,000,000 $23,438,000,000
57 Algeria $45,000,000 $23,483,000,000
58 Bosnia-Herzegovina $41,000,000 $23,524,000,000
59 Ecuador $39,000,000 $23,563,000,000
60 Finland $38,000,000 23,601,000,000
n/a All Others $958,000,000 $24,559,000,000

*Indicates not all transactions between certain countries can be estimated.

Pew Research is just one group that tracks and estimates remittances by country in a particular year. They put that figure for money leaving Canada in 2017 to be about $24.6 billion. To be fair, these are calculated to a large degree by computer modelling, so take it with a grain of salt. Still, it’s a starting place to look.

Pew and the World Bank openly admit that remittances are used by many countries to prop up their economies to a large degree.

Now, an argument “could” be made that these remittances have an overall benefit globally, and there’s the poverty reduction aspect. But in that case, public officials should just be honest about it, and not pretend that the aim is all to benefit the host country.

The United States is believed to be the largest source of remittances, with about $150 billion sent abroad annually.

The World Bank has written in opposition to the idea of taxing remittances. They openly admit that it would significantly cut into the amount of money the destination country receives.

There’s more to it than simply sending money abroad. Keep in mind, restaurants and hotels are among the largest users of programs like for Temporary Foreign Workers. For the last 2 years, they have been heavily subsidized by the taxpayers. Chains are included in this list as well.

As for agriculture workers, Ottawa has been using public money to subsidize the quarantine costs of people entering the country. Now, we’re not going to actually stop the entry of people coming in during a “deadly pandemic”, with high unemployment levels. The Government will just use tax dollars to offset a financial burden imposed on employers.

Why would businesses be supporting these programs for all these years? It’s economical to. Simply put, increasing the supply of labour drives down the relative value, or wages. Also, it’s much easier to support a family in a country with a lower cost of living, even with the remittance fees.

Anyhow, just something to think about when it’s reported that we need more and more people to come here. There are other factors at play.


What Senator Denise Batters Will Never Address…..

Senator Denise Batters of Saskatchewan is calling for a leadership review of Erin O’Toole. While this may seem fine on the surface, the details are troubling. It’s not so much what’s in the proposal, but rather, what’s omitted from it.

Batters gives a great performance in this short video. And performance is what it comes across as. She gives some decent points of why O’Toole should go, but never completely throws him under the bus. It seems pretty strange, unless all of this was being done just for show.

The Conservative Inc. media swallowed it completely.

Conservative activists and members across Canada are supporting this petition because Erin O’Toole has reversed his own positions from his leadership campaign, betrayed Conservative principles, lost seats in the election, and cannot win the next election.
O’Toole Betrayed Conservative Principles
O’Toole won the leadership race claiming to be a “true blue” Conservative, but ran an election campaign nearly indistinguishable from Trudeau’s Liberals. Conservatives and Canadians can’t afford more of the same.
Before and after the election, O’Toole repeatedly told Conservatives that they needed to have “the courage to change.” What he expects us to change into, he has yet to say.
As Leader, O’Toole has watered down and even entirely reversed policy positions without the input of party or caucus members. On the carbon tax, on firearms, on conscience rights – he has contradicted positions within the same week, the same day, and even within the same sentence!
The Election Was Lost
Winning without principles is pointless. O’Toole’s strategy and approach failed. Conservatives lost seats and votes.
Erin O’Toole lost this election by every measure. Our party lost half a million votes, won fewer seats, and received a lower popular vote than in 2019. We lost ethnically diverse MPs, female MPs, and MPs in the GTA, Alberta, and in Vancouver’s suburbs. In the GTA alone, O’Toole lost 80,000 votes compared to 2019. O’Toole’s inability to communicate or connect with female voters created an even wider gender gap.
O’Toole Can’t Win the Next Election
Since the election, O’Toole has not learned any lessons from this devastating loss. It’s business as usual. His strategy failed and he refuses to change it. He is surrounded by the same old team with the same old ideas. His polling numbers keep dropping. His flip-flops and weakness mean that he can never regain the trust from the Canadian people that he lost in the election. Because he refuses to learn from his mistakes, he can’t win.
Because Erin O’Toole turned his back on conservative principles, lost the election, and cannot win the next one, Conservatives must take action now!

All of this speech sounds lovely, but stop and think about it for a moment. What specifics does Batters actually complain about? She lists 3: (a) Carbon tax; (b) firearms; and (c) conscience rights. But are those really the most pressing issues facing the country?

And seriously? We’re going with the gender gap?

Canada has imposed medical martial law for the better part of 2 years, and Batters is completely silent on that. Moreover, the useful idiots in the comments are whining about relatively minor things instead of the collapse of freedom in this country. Some address the bigger picture, but most don’t.

Keep in mind, O’Toole ran as an anti-freedom candidate to take over the CPC. He doesn’t oppose anything Trudeau does, although he whines about the details of implementation. Whether he’s been bought, threatened, or is just a pandering twit, O’Toole is an enemy of every Canadian who values basic rights in this country.

What’s even more sickening is the double standard and hypocrisy. Canadian “Conservatives” like to virtue signal about how righteous they are in condemning human rights abuses ABROAD. That being said, they are silent on human rights abuses DOMESTICALLY. If Batters wanted a good excuse to get rid of O’Toole, this seems perfect. However, not a peep from her on that subject.

Conservatives claim to support freedom. In realty, they impose mandates for vaccine passports, masks, order businesses closed, and strip away religious liberties. This happens Federally too, although the bulk of the orders are Provincial. O’Toole, as CPC leader, had no issue with any of this. Batters appears uninterested in the fact that her party and leader have no issue with any of this.

Her Twitter account is filled with content on hockey and football, but nothing about the fake pandemic being used to erase the rights we take for granted.

Batters cites the Carbon taxes, but never states that the entire green industry is a giant wealth transfer scheme. The Paris Agreement lays that out in detail, especially in Article 9. She also mentions guns (presumably the May 2020 Order In Council), but never says the obvious: that a disarmed population is much easier to control, or eliminate.

There’s also radio silence on the FIPA with China, which involved selling Canadian sovereignty to a foreign power. Then again, the CPC still seems to support this treason.

She also never points out the elephant in the room: O’Toole worked at Heenan Blaikie right before getting into politics. This was the same law firm Trudeau Sr. and Chretien were partners at. Birds of a feather….

While at Heenan Blaikie, O’Toole also lobbied on behalf of Facebook. His support of free speech has always comes across as forced and insincere. Again, nothing from Batters.

If the CPC was actually concerned about winning elections, then perhaps Batters might want to address O’Toole’s open borders policies. Incidently, Harper and Mulroney supported the same thing. By flooding the country with left-leaning voters, it ensures that “Conservatives” will never be able to win more and more ridings. In the West, Canadians routinely vote for cons (literally) who enact policies to dilute their voting power.

Batters ignores — and it seems intentional — the real reason O’Toole lost: it’s because he supports the same tyranny and creeping Communism that the Liberals and NDP do. He doesn’t offer any real opposition to the most pressing issues facing Canadians.

Additionally, Batters won’t discuss the obvious suspicion that O’Toole threw the race on purpose. There is no way someone could be that bad, unless it was deliberate.

What do we get here? More drama from actors playing a part. Batters’ job seems to be to pretend that there is a segment of her party that wants real change — all while avoiding more urgent topics. The role of this party is to gatekeep, and prevent real alternatives from gaining ground.

To all the people cheering about this petition, give your heads a shake. This is an act, and you’re buying it, hook, line and sinker.


Ottawa Doling Out Grants For Development Of Artificial Intelligence, Job Market To Be Crushed

An issue that isn’t covered often enough is the role of automation and artificial intelligence on the labour market. While employment rates rise and fall, the prevalence of these new technologies is certain to have devastating effects on the amount of jobs available.

What happens when large numbers of people find that their fields no longer exist? What happens when professionals who have spent decades learning a trade or skill see it evaporate almost overnight? The long and short term effects of this are something essential to cover.

It should be noted that many who champion this next industrial revolution are also advocates of open borders and mass economic immigration. They also support so-called free trade, or globalization, which sees companies outsourced simply to reduce production costs. What happens when these are combined? In terms of supply and demand, this isn’t difficult to figure out.

[1] Continue high levels of immigration
[2] Outsource work to 3rd world to reduce costs (where possible)
[3] Slash available jobs and industries to work in locally

It gets even worse. Not only is this happening in Canada, but large amounts of taxpayer money are used to accelerate the collapse of the job market. The examples below are just a portion of what is being handed out under the title of “artificial intelligence”.

AbCellera Biologics Inc. Apr. 14, 2020 $175,631,000
AIMS Global Secretariat Aug. 26, 2020 $2,500,000
Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute Jul. 12, 2019 $2,750,000
Algolux Inc. Mar. 1, 2021 $667,000
AltaML Inc. Nov. 23, 2020 $1,000,000
Apollo Machine & Welding Ltd. Apr. 1, 2021 $581,500
Association des médecins vétérinaires practiciens Apr. 9, 2021 $998,456
Ayogo Health Inc. Oct. 2, 2018 $1,730,740
BoG of NorQuest Col & Concordia Uni Dec. 30, 2019 $1,150,000
CAE Inc. Jul. 16, 2018 $150,000,000
CAE Inc. Jan. 28, 2021 $190,000,000
Canadensys Aerospace Corporation Oct. 8, 2020 $2,498,664
Canadian Agri-Food Automation and Intelligence Network Inc. Jul. 6, 2020 $49,500,000
Canadian Agri-Food Automation and Intelligence Network Inc. Jul. 7, 2020 $30,000,000
Canadian Forage and Grassland Association Jul. 3, 2020 $996,032
Carleton University Aug. 15, 2019 $1,500,000
Circle Cardiovascular Imaging Inc. Nov. 19, 2020 $2,647,000
COENCORP Consultant Corporation May 1, 2021 $600,000
Cognitive Systems Corp. Aug. 22, 2018 $7,268,261
COREM Aug. 8, 2019 $860,000
Council of Canadian Academies Jan. 7, 2020 $1,147,956
Eddyfi NDT inc. Nov. 9, 2018 $1,550,675
Ecoation Innovative Solutions Inc. Aug. 24, 2020 $3,875,000
Element AI Inc. Jun. 10, 2020 $20,000,000
Enns Brothers Ltd. Jul. 1, 2020 $660,000
Fluidigm Canada Inc. Jun. 1, 2018 $650,000
Giatec Scientific Inc. Oct. 1, 2018 $800,000
Genov, Roman Apr. 1, 2017 $1,136,025
Governors of the University of Alberta Oct. 29, 2018 $2,500,000
Governing Council of the University of Toronto Aug. 3, 2018 $25,000,000
Governing Council of the University of Toronto Mar. 30, 2019 $17,000,000
Governing Council of the University of Toronto Dec. 1, 2020 $1,254,375
Imagia Cybernétique Inc. Aug. 31, 2018 $1,000,000
Information Technology Association of Canada Nov. 1, 2018 $1,980,358
Linamar Corporation Jul. 6, 2018 $49,000,000
Lytica Inc Nov. 6, 2019 $1,080,000
Mckee Demczyk, Debbie Mar. 7, 2018 $2,000,000
McMaster University Oct. 18, 2019 $1,479,441
MindBridge Analytics Inc. May 1, 2019 $14,500,000
Miru Smart Technologies Corp. Apr. 1, 2021 $600,000
Mission Control Space Services Inc. Feb. 3, 2021 $3,042,959
Montréal International Jul. 9, 2020 $9,480,000
North Inc. Nov. 8, 2018 $24,000,000
North Inc. Oct 31, 2018 $24,000,000
Octopusapp Inc. Sep. 1, 2020 $3,000,000
OCED Aug. 27, 2020 $982,000
Purdie, Thomas G Apr. 1, 2013 $651,061
Savormetrics Inc. Nov. 30, 2018 $867,000
Scale.AI Mar. 15, 2018 $229,765,127
Sheikhzadeh, Mehdi Mar. 7, 2018 $2,000,000
SSIMWAVE Apr. 1, 2019 $4,232,550
Sunnybrook Research Institute May 21, 2019 $49,000,000
Tangent Design Engineering Ltd. Feb. 1, 2017 $600,000
Tangent Design Engineering Ltd. Aug. 1, 2021 $700,000
Technologies Numetrix inc. Jun. 8, 2021 $608,288
Teledyne Digital Imaging Inc. Jul. 15, 2020 $1,000,000
Terry Fox Research Institute & Imagia Cybernetics Inc. Aug. 28, 2020 $49,000,000
Tessonics Inc. Apr. 1, 2021 $600,000
University of British Columbia Jan. 1, 2020 $1,203,433
University of Manitoba Mar. 5, 2021 $1,603,078
Valacta Limited Partnership Dec. 2, 2019 $566,617
Vineland Research and Innovation Centre Apr. 1, 2018 $4,138,197

This is by no means all of the grants, just the larger ones listed.

Keep in mind, while Canada continues to bring record numbers of people into the country, we are automating entire industries. This will lead to massive losses of employment for those already here. The result is far more people, competing for far fewer positions. This sort of thing typically leads to much lower wages and benefits.

Getting artificial intelligence into aerospace and highly technical fields seems harmless enough, but it’s not going to stop there. Proponents of the AI trend never seem to realize that their jobs can also be automated out of existence as well.

This AI push will also impact the low skill market as well, and nothing is off the table. One such grant involves spending over $4 million to implement AI into the agricultural industry, and to automate a lot of the more “low skill” work. Another grant was for $30,000,000. Depending on the locations, this could mean the lack of any other options for many.

Far from being hyperbolic, automation replacing jobs has happened for decades, and will continue to do so. The service industry seems to be next on the list. Does anyone seriously think that workers will be hired back once replaced by robots? What happens to the people who can’t find work as a result of this?

Without an alternative in place for the people impacted by these drastic changes, expect chaos and instability to result from this initiative.

An interesting side note: the “political left” typically opposes free trade and globalization for the reason that it undercuts wages, and sees jobs shipped overseas. In short, decent work disappears. Mass automation will have much the same effect, and yet, silence from those same activists. How strange.

As for the “political right”: how exactly does gutting entire industries help secure an economic recovery? This trend is surely going to get worse.

Seriously, who thought this was a good idea for society?


True North Needs To Update Its Disclaimer About Being Independent….

The following is attached to the bottom of every article. There’s nothing inherently wrong with asking readers, clients, customers, etc…. for money for providing a product or service. After all, bills do need to be paid, and it’s reasonable for people to be compensated for their time. This isn’t an argument against this practice.

All of that being said, if your organization is funded by the Government, be honest about it. Don’t lie, especially when it’s so easy to check out.

We’re asking readers, like you, to make a contribution in support of True North’s fact-based, independent journalism.
Unlike the mainstream media, True North isn’t getting a government bailout. Instead, we depend on the generosity of Canadians like you.
How can a media outlet be trusted to remain neutral and fair if they’re beneficiaries of a government handout? We don’t think they can.
This is why independent media in Canada is more important than ever. If you’re able, please make a tax-deductible donation to True North today. Thank you so much.

CEWS, the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy Program, has been around since the Spring of 2020. As the name implies, it pays a large part of a company’s wages. This is typically the biggest expense businesses have. This would be especially true for an online media company.

This may be a reference to the infamous $600 million media bailout Trudeau announced back in 2018. However, that was just one of many schemes going back decades to subsidize and prop up Canadian media. There are plenty of these handouts, documented extensively on this site.

It’s worth pointing out that many True North contributors also either work for or have worked for the Postmedia empire. This conglomerate has subsidized long before CEWS came along. And about those “tax deductible donations” they are asking for…

In 1994, a charity called the Independent Immigration Aid Association was formed. It was a resettlement program for people wishing to get to British Columbia. In 2017, this was repurposed as a media outlet called True North Centre for Public Policy. Press Progress covered it in detail. The most likely reason for doing this — and not starting a charity from scratch — was that it would involve less work, costs, and scrutiny from Revenue Canada.

While claiming not to get Government bailouts or handouts, True North has been subjected to a much more favourable tax scheme with its charity setup. One might view that as milking the taxpayer.

It seems the mainstream and alternative medias are just 2 sides of the same Trudeau-funded coin.