Guest Post: Michael Comeau On Economic Nationalism
As-Garde Technology Continuum

Perspective – Heart & Soul of Economic Nationalism

This is written for contrast and perspective

The options are simple and direct…
You can be passive, lay down and die…
You can conform as a poor slave in debt with few or no opportunities,
you can even live at the whim of others, with a robot job…
and experience the great beat down, with industrial and economic genocide.

You can pretend nothing is wrong with the economy and industry,
You can try to ignore the reality of stuff and junk “Made somewhere else”, preferring
the overwhelming replacement of Made in Canada, that eliminates real freedom of choice,
You can believe that the government is for the middle class,
You may never read, “The War against the Family” or even believe it,
You can believe that there is no war against Canadian manufacturing,
or the nation state, or even thoughtful economic nationalism,
but you would be wrong, infinitely dead wrong.

You can pretend to be “politically correct” by not talking about what matters the most,
You can pretend to be tolerant, understanding, accepting – as others get the higher ground,
You can make concessions, be neutral, say nothing and experience the consequence,
as your conscience amplifies what you know in your heart and soul,
the status quo is totally unacceptable, yet you remain in a straight-jacket,
tied down with a ball and chain, taxed every way into oblivion and extinction,
afraid to talk, to stand up and be counted, afraid of criticism, do nothing, say nothing, be nothing,
but you are not afraid from the critic within, the great beat down,
the relentless one that annihilates your character and self-esteem, your sense of worth.

You can continue to believe that you are the sum of your mistakes,
or that your value is measured by the money you have or the things you own,
but you would be wrong, deceiving yourself or not knowing any better,
you can stumble in the dark, blind to reality, your true potential,
unaware of the war against your soul, your nation, your country, true values
your community, the industries and enterprise, the war against you – the individual.

You can continue on, in the routine of life, you resist change, passive to challenge,
hypnotized by the genocide death machine of television and microwave technology,
subliminal and in your face distraction, propaganda, misinformation and deception,
endless distractions from sports, movies, immoral and stupid TV, it may never register
you may never experience the greatest adventure of all time, or explore possibilities,
or that you can totally fail in your purpose, or in finding out something about you,
that could transform your consciousness, your reality and much more.

You could be so passive, that reaction, initiative, and pro-active excitement is rare.
While others secure more territory and defraud you of your heritage,
as your world, power base, opportunities and quality of life, are reduced to rubble,
as you stand next to a decimated industrial base and endangered community,
you have completely failed to realized the significance of the symbols,
in the quest of the Holy Grail, the wasteland, the broken sword,
or the characters who could have helped you, you never recognized,
everyday innocence, genius beyond measure, a word in season.

Contrast and points of view are essential, like rain in the desert.
You can guard your views about politics, religion and money,
afraid to offend anyone, but the facts, opinions and beliefs remain,
understand that it is possible to make friends and allies with common understanding,
the points of view, experiences, shared history and much more.
We can live by and promote true values, real family, nation building,
and be a part of the solutions that transform and revive everyday life.

Or how about the quality of life, health, opportunities with challenge and reward
You can stand powerless as industry and manufacturing is wiped out,
and your community and citizens suffer from lack of vision, imagination and co-operation,
or you can freely choose to be in the As-Garde Technology Continuum.

You can be pro-active, live with purpose, energy and enthusiasm,
a creative individual with imagination, opportunities and prosperity,
create an alternate reality, enjoy exciting, challenging and rewarding work and career options,
experience the pure exhilaration, revitalized industry, enterprise and life,
You can be aware of the awesome and exciting industrial renaissance.

You can be part of the Made in Canada and Product of Canada revolution,
in the “Made in Canada” and “Product of Canada” economic redevelopment.
the power to create wealth, high quality goods, exciting innovation and invention,
custom made products, advanced technology, awesome performance, made with pride,
good paying, solid quality, family rated jobs and careers, something much more interesting.

You can stand powerful, with solid and secure industry and manufacturing,
your community and citizens thrive and prosper from vision, imagination and co-operation,
people that dare to make a difference.

Stand on guard for Canada, with design engineering Made in Canada!
Live and Build with Heart and Soul Eh !

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    1. agorism? kids? Bogus, I do mind. what has that have to do with economic nationalism? don’t you have any civilized comments relating to one of the most important things in Canada? why don’t you add Made in Canada to your database?

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