Strategic Cuckery: Why “Conservatives” Will Always Capitulate (My Take)

Note: this is going to be much more opinion based than what is normally presented. That being said, let’s dive into it.

Ever wonder why “conservative” politicians always cave in whenever things get difficult? Think it’s strange that they will never stand behind anything controversial?

Federally, Erin O’Toole comes across as a clown and an unserious person. His predecessor, Andrew Scheer, presents as spineless and standing for nothing. Before that, Stephen Harper had a professional presentation, but was a full blown liberal globalist. He was just better at concealing it. Now, what is the common thread?

The goal is not to stand up for important issues, but to “appear” to stand up for them. However, they will predictably back down at the slightest push back. True, conservatives will often say a lot of the right things in opposition. However, they will always have excuses to do nothing while in power. This includes:

  • People entering the country illegally en masse
  • Amnesty for illegals
  • Open borders immigration policies
  • Multiculturalism agenda replacing traditional societies
  • Allowing private interests to enslave Canada with debt
  • Endless treaties which erode sovereignty
  • Trade policies which outsource local industries
  • Playing along with the climate change scam
  • Weak defense of free speech rights
  • Weak defense of property rights
  • Actively promoting globohomo agenda
  • Celebrating infanticide as “empowerment”

Those are just a few of the issues in Canada that don’t receive anywhere near enough attention in the media. It’s funny though, that these are only problems when Liberals are in power.

And it’s not just Canadian “conservatives” who pull this stunt. It happens elsewhere as well.

How strange it is that Donald Trump, even when Republicans controlled both Houses of Congress, couldn’t get anything done. Odd that the Commander-in-Chief couldn’t send the military to protect the U.S. border. Perplexing that he never used his executive power (for example) to ban birthright tourism, or make e-verify the law nationwide.

This happens in the U.K. as well. Despite being in power for a decade, “Conservatives” can’t seem to fix the boatloads of illegals entering regularly from France. They are unable to deport them as well. Why can’t Home Secretary Priti Patel ever seem to get it done? And Brexit didn’t really need to take 4 years, unless attrition was the real goal.

There is, of course, a simple explanation for all of this: so-called conservatives across the West are simply putting on an act in order to placate the population. By pretending to fight for the interests for their constituents, it pacifies genuine resistance that would grow.

This is made worse by “conservative” media that does little more than prop of the left v.s. right narrative. Too many outlets are just extensions of political parties.

  • The Postmedia empire has many papers which mostly parrot back conservative talking points. This covers pretty much anything with “Sun” in the name.
  • Candice Malcolm (True North) worked as a staffer for Jason Kenney when he was a Cabinet Minister.
  • Jeff Ballingall (Post Millennial) worked on the campaigns of both Erin O’Toole and Doug Ford.
  • Spencer Fernando (National Citizens Coalition) works for Harper’s old organization.
  • Rebel Media — to their credit — does a lot of good reporting. However, their open political advocacy eliminates any claim to being neutral.

Even when there is criticism on the right, it tends to be fairly tepid. This is done to present to maintain the optics of monitoring all sides.

The proliferation of fake political parties doesn’t help the public. It does, however, channel money and energy into movements that are destined to go nowhere.

  • People’s Party of Canada (Bernier)
  • Republican Party of Canada (Carbone)
  • Maverick Party (Hill)
  • New Blue Ontario (Karahalios)

Why are these parties fake? Because it doesn’t look like there is any real effort being made to advance their stated goals. None of them have constitutions or other governing documents, so there is no structure. Nonetheless, all are willing to take your donations.

To summarize: mainstream conservatives do little more than present the illusion of fighting for their constituents. They are aided by friendly media who deflect real questions and criticism. And several “alternative” parties seem to be little more than money pits.

This is not genuine weakness, but strategic cucking.

Q-Anon, was designed to placate millions of decent Americans by convincing them that some secret group was fighting behind the scenes to remove the deep state. While some good research was done, Q-Anon was mainly a psy-op.

In the 1920s, there was “Operation Trust”. The goal of that was to prop up the Lenin Government by spreading rumours that a plot was already underway to remove him from power. Of course, this didn’t exist. But it was successful.

There are parallels with what’s happening now. Politicians and media working together to present the illusion of real opposition. Now, this could all be inane ramblings, or it could accurately describe the world we live in.

If this viewpoint offends people, oh well.

For an interesting critique, check out this video. All of this grandstanding is just putting on a show to distract the peons.

4 Replies to “Strategic Cuckery: Why “Conservatives” Will Always Capitulate (My Take)”

  1. Yes, it is evident political parties are obsolete in that they have been infiltrated and corrupted. Subversion is typical. Treason is the badge of honour. Psychologically speaking there must be a mental condition, but meanwhile we can call it treason. Of course these people qualify as “collaborateurs” “enemies foreign and domestic” “enemy combatants” “real national security threats” “acts of aggression” and “wars of aggression” as described at :

    Also, the 1982 Constitution is illegal, with the illegal transfer of powers. The Multiculturalism Act is also illegal. Most of these people in political parties, including those behind the scenes are unfit and totally disqualified to have anything to do with “democracy”. A coup d’état by a foreign government masquerading as a religion and or political party and super imposing those characteristics and agendas is unethical, and an act of war. People misrepresenting themselves is actually fraud, high jacking a party brand and misrepresentation is also fraud and treason and breach of trust.

    I don’t know what cuckery is, but I do recognize treason, genocide, war, crime and immorality, which is evident. Those people think treason is ok, they have been corrupted and deceived and have chosen willingly and purposefully to engage in acts of treason. The have zero conscience, they are incorrigible. They believe that since the “Treason Act” was eliminated, by who many believe that the super arch traitor PM PE Trudeau is, treason is OK.

    Those people are collaborateurs with known terrorists and terrorist organizations and involved in terrorist financing. What brain damage and total lack of basic character and intelligent patriotism.

    Oh yes, the war against the straight white nationalist and the war against the family and real democracy with the BNA Act of 1867. We are forced to deal with a counterfeit law, a counterfeit government, a counterfeit political party, total fraud. Now unlimited immigration and white replacement, by what, endless people with a sworn duty to kill us, total anti white everywhere, the mind virus race genocide and race traitors.

    The people that own, vote, control, edit and censor mass media and related supremacists are not our friends, (the same people who censor the truth about 5G, vaccines, covid and “conspiracy fact”) neither are the radical terrorist, or the anti nation state people and agendas, or all these collaborateurs in government and political parties. The only systemic racism going on is the one against white people, and more so against the straight white nationalist who is fully able to take care of business…

  2. National Citizens Alliance claims to be the party for uniting Canadians against the NWO … I’ve a few issues with Garvey as a leader but overall they do a good job in highlighting the real issues and the people who are selling out Canada. The only problem they all face: they have to swear an oath to that vile liz fake queen in the UK so the banksters basically control all politicians and obey the technocracy, or else… I believe they are threatened if they do not comply… so I promote because people still think this is a democracy. Its not.

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