“Tuition Payments” Are Really Just Charitable Contributions (Video Compilation)

Colleges and universities sell themselves as institutes of higher learning. In reality, they are corporations structured as charities. They are able to issue tax credits to donors and students.

Why do these schools push for masks and vaccine passports? Consider that the Gates Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation, and many drug companies donate as well. They give large amounts, and they do it regularly. Is it so difficult to believe that there might be some quid pro quo?

Schools are also instrumental in facilitating at least 1 stream of backdoor mass migration. This is done with the widespread issuance of student visas.

By the way, student loans are generally not dischargeable in bankruptcy. Guess not everyone can benefit from enriching the mind.

All of this would be common knowledge if the media wasn’t paid to deceive and mislead.

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(A.1) WHO International Health Regulations Legally Binding
(A.2) A Look At International Health Regulation Statements
(A.3) Quarantine Act Actually Written By WHO, IHR Changes
(A.3.2) Oversight For QA Proposals Removed, Slipped In Budget Bill
(A.4) Provincial Health Acts Domestic Implementation Of WHO-IHR, Part I
(A.5) Provincial Health Acts Domestic Implementation Of WHO-IHR, Part II
(A.6) World Health Treaty Proposed, Based On WHO-IHR

(B.1) Public Health Agency Of Canada Created As WHO-IHR Outpost
(B.2) Health Canada Initially Created For Population Control Measures
(B.3) Robert Steiner Claims To Be Major PHAC Advisor To Liberals
(B.4) BC Provincial Health Services Authority A Private Corporation, Charity
(B.5) BCCDC Foundation A Registered Charity; Funded By Big Pharma
(B.6) Alberta Health Services: Mostly Autonomous Corporation, Charity
(B.7) Ontario Public Health An Autonomous Corporation, OST Ties
(B.8) Executives Of “Charity” Public Health Orgs. Paid Very Well
(B.9) Canada Public Health Association A Charity, Funded By Big Pharma
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(B.11) McMaster University; Charity; Gates; Donations; Pandemic

(C.1) Hotel, Restaurant Groups Getting Wage/Rental Subsidies
(C.2) Liberals, Conservatives, NDP All Getting Bailout Money
(C.3) Lawyers, Bar Associations Receiving CEWS Money
(C.4) Conflicting Out? Lawyers Getting More Than Just CEWS
(C.5) Churches Are Charities, Getting CEWS, Subsidies & Promoting Vaccines
(C.6) Trucking Alliance Grants Raising many Eyebrows
(C.7) Chambers Of Commerce Subsidized By Canadians, Want Open Borders
(C.8) Banks, Credit Unions, Media Outlets All Getting CEWS
(C.9) Publishing Industry Subsidized By Taxpayer Money
(C.10) Gyms Getting Subsidized To Implement Masks, Vaxx Passes

(D.1) Unifor, Media, In Bed With Gov’t, $595M
(D.2) Government Subsidizes Media To Ensure Positive Coverage
(D.3) Postmedia Subsidies/Connections, Lack Of Real Journalism
(D.4) Latest “Pandemic Bucks” Grants In 2021, Lorrie Goldstein
(D.5) Nordstar; Torstar; Metroland Media; Subsidies & Monopoly
(D.6) Aberdeen Publishing Takes Handouts, Ignores Real Issues
(D.7) More Periodicals Taking Grants, Parroting Gov’t Narrative
(D.8) Tri-City News, LMP Pulls Bonnie Henry Article; Pandemic Bucks
(D.9) Black Press Group; Media Outlet Doxing Of Convoy Donors
(D.10) Subsidized Fact-Check Outlets Run By Political Operatives
(D.11) Digital Citizen Contribution Program: Funds To Combat “Misinformation”
(D.12) Counter Intelligence “Disinformation Prevention” Groups Are Charities
(D.13) CIVIX, More Grants To Combat “Disinformation” In 2021, Domestic, Foreign
(D.14) PHAC Supporting #ScienceUpFirst Counter Intel Effort
(D.15) Rockefeller Spends $13.5 To Combat Misinformation
(D.16) Media, Banks, CU, Getting CDA Emergency Wage Subsidies (CEWS)
(D.17) John Tory’s Sister Board Member At Bell; CEWS; Subsidies
(D.18) True North Not Honest About Bailouts/Subsidies It Receives

Canada Book Fund: Subsidizing The Publishing Industry

It’s not just the news media that owes its livelihood to taxpayer subsidies. The publishing industry also seems to be similarly dependent. Here are some of the recent grants it’s received.

Now, this isn’t to completely knock financing of the publishing industry. Literacy itself is something that’s very important to society. That being said, it’s fair to assume there won’t be any publications that go against government narratives. They know who butters their bread.

A.R.T. Bookworld Productions Inc. Sep. 1, 2021 $25,000.00
Association Des Distributeurs Exclusifs De Livres Francaise Sep. 1, 2021 $10,000.00
Association Des Libraires Du Quebec Sep. 1, 2021 $20,000.00
Association Des Libraires Du Quebec Nov. 1, 2021 $15,000.00
Association Of Manitoba Book Publishers Sep. 1, 2021 $150,000.00
Association Nationale Des Éditeurs De Livres Nov. 1, 2021 $38,475.00
Association Nationale Des Éditeurs De Livres Dec. 1, 2021 $40,794.00
Association of Book Publishers Of B.C. Dec. 1, 2021 $130,450.00
Atlantic Publishers Marketing Association Sep. 1, 2021 $40,000.00
B.C. Libraries Cooperative 2009 Sep. 1, 2021 $177,100.00
Blue Metropolis Foundation Sep. 1, 2021 $60,000.00
Canadian Children’s Book Centre Aug. 31, 2021 $244,030.00
Canadian National Institute For The Blind Sep. 1, 2021 $46,867.00
Ebound Canada Jun. 8, 2017 $552,000.00
Emond Montgomery Publications Limited Apr. 1, 2021 $579,950.00
Festival De La Bande Dessinee Francophone De Quebec Sep. 15, 2021 $12,000.00
Festival Litteraire International Northrop Sep. 1, 2021 $47,500.00
Fold Foundation Nov. 1, 2021 $30,000.00
Freedman & Associates Inc. Sep. 7, 2021 $15,000.00
Groupe Sogides Inc. Apr. 1, 2021 $575,566.00
Kids Can Press Ltd. Apr. 1, 2018 $576,640.00
Kids Can Press Ltd. Apr. 1, 2019 $569,484.00
Kids Can Press Ltd. Apr. 1, 2020 $569,484.00
Kingston Writersfest Jan. 1, 2022 $25,000.00
Literary Press Group Of Canada Sep. 1, 2021 $149,209.00
Livres Canada Books Apr. 1, 2022 $742,604.00
Pratico Edition Inc. Apr. 1, 2021 $554,271.00
Salon Du Livre De Bonaventure Sep. 1, 2021 $20,000.00
Salon Du Livre Du Saguenay-Lac-St.-Jean Nov. 1, 2021 $51,400.00
Salon Du Livre Du Sudbury Sep. 1, 2021 $24,000.00
TC Media Livres Inc. Sep. 27, 2016 $627,663.00
TC Media Livres Inc. Sep. 27, 2017 $627,663.00
TC Media Livres Inc. Apr. 1, 2018 $665,783.00
TC Media Livres Inc. Apr. 1, 2019 $659,026.00
TC Media Livres Inc. Apr. 1, 2020 $659,026.00
Writers’ Trust Of Canada Sep. 1, 2021 $32,225.00

Worth mentioning: this is just some of the grants. This list is hardly exhaustive, and shouldn’t be seen as such.

Sure, one could argue that this isn’t political at all. However, with regards to books, magazines, or other publications, how likely will they be to promote content which questions their donors? How many would take a long hard look at the powers that be?

Additionally, there are at least some that have obtained charity status. As such, they would be entitled to a more favourable tax rate, according to the Canada Revenue Agency.

This continues the list of institutions that are getting funded to shill the “pandemic” narrative. These include: restaurants and hotels, political parties, law firms, more law firms, churches, trucking associations, chambers of commerce, and financial institutions, to name a few.

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(A.1) Hotel, Restaurant Groups Getting Wage/Rental Subsidies
(A.2) Liberals, Conservatives, NDP All Getting Bailout Money
(A.3) Lawyers, Bar Associations Receiving CEWS Money
(A.4) Conflicting Out? Lawyers Getting More Than Just CEWS
(A.5) Churches Are Charities, Getting CEWS, Subsidies & Promoting Vaccines
(A.6) Trucking Alliance Grants Raising many Eyebrows
(A.7) Chambers Of Commerce Subsidized By Canadians, Want Open Borders
(A.8) Banks, Credit Unions, Media Outlets All Getting CEWS

(B.1) Unifor, Media, In Bed With Gov’t, $595M
(B.2) Government Subsidizes Media To Ensure Positive Coverage
(B.3) Postmedia Subsidies/Connections, Lack Of Real Journalism
(B.4) Latest “Pandemic Bucks” Grants In 2021, Lorrie Goldstein
(B.5) Nordstar; Torstar; Metroland Media; Subsidies & Monopoly
(B.6) Aberdeen Publishing Takes Handouts, Ignores Real Issues
(B.7) More Periodicals Taking Grants, Parroting Gov’t Narrative
(B.8) Tri-City News, LMP Pulls Bonnie Henry Article; Pandemic Bucks
(B.9) Black Press Group; Media Outlet Doxing Of Convoy Donors
(B.10) Subsidized Fact-Check Outlets Run By Political Operatives
(B.11) Digital Citizen Contribution Program: Funds To Combat “Misinformation”
(B.12) Counter Intelligence “Disinformation Prevention” Groups Are Charities
(B.13) CIVIX, More Grants To Combat “Disinformation” In 2021, Domestic, Foreign
(B.14) PHAC Supporting #ScienceUpFirst Counter Intel Effort
(B.15) Rockefeller Spends $13.5 To Combat Misinformation
(B.16) Media, Banks, CU, Getting CDA Emergency Wage Subsidies (CEWS)
(B.17) John Tory’s Sister Board Member At Bell; CEWS; Subsidies
(D.18) True North Not Honest About Bailouts/Subsidies It Receives

(C.1) Media, Facebook, Google, Tech Collusion To Create “Trust” Networks
(C.2) CommonTrust, Commons Project, WEF, Rockefeller, Health Passes
(C.3) C2PA; Project Origin; Content Authenticity Initiative; CBC-BBC-Microsoft
(C.4) Public Media Alliance, Global Task Force, Brussels Declaration
(C.5) Institute For Strategic Dialogue: Govt/NGO Funded Counter-Intelligence
(C.6) Institute For Strategic Dialogue: Open Source Intelligence Gathering

Recent Gene Therapy Research Funded With Canadian Tax Dollars

Going back down the conspiracy rabbit hole, let’s take a look at the concept of “gene therapy”. Ottawa is quite open about the fact that this kind of research has been going on for years.

Gene therapy is using “genes as medicine”. It is an experimental approach to treating genetic disease where the faulty gene is fixed, replaced or supplemented with a healthy gene so that it can function normally. Most genetic diseases cannot be treated, but gene therapy research gives some hope to patients and their families as a possible cure. However, this technology does not come without risks and many clinical trials to evaluate its effectiveness need to be done before gene therapy can be put to regular medical use.

To get a new gene into a cell’s genome, it must be carried in a molecule called a vector. The most common vectors currently being used are viruses, which naturally invade cells and insert their genetic material into that cell’s genome. To use a virus as a vector, the virus’ own genes are removed and replaced with the new gene destined for the cell. When the virus attacks the cell, it will insert the genetic material it carries. A successful transfer will result in the target cell now carrying the new gene that will correct the problem caused by the faulty gene.

Viruses that can be used as vectors include retroviruses like HIV, adenoviruses (one of which causes the common cold), adeno-associated viruses and herpes simplex viruses. There are also many non-viral vectors being tested for gene therapy uses. These include artificial lipid spheres called liposomes, DNA attached to a molecule that will bind to a receptor on the target cell, artificial chromosomes and naked DNA that is not attached to another molecule at all and can be directly inserted into the cell.

The actual transfer of the new gene into the target cell can happen in two ways: ex vivo and in vivo. The ex vivo approach involves transferring the new gene into cells that have been removed from the patient and grown in the laboratory. Once the transfer is complete, the cells are returned to the patient, where they will continue to grow and produce the new gene product. The in vivo approach delivers the vector directly to the patient, where transfer of the new gene will occur in the target cells within the body.

Isn’t this lovely? According to the Canadian Government, “gene therapy” is a way of making genetic changes to a person’s code, in order to cure certain ailments. In essence, it’s modifying the person to make them healthier. Of course, this is how it’s supposed to work in theory.

There is the disclaimer that this is EXPERIMENTAL. In order to obtain informed consent, this must be made clear to all patients.

Gene therapy is now so widely accepted that there are harmonization standards being set up for labelling and distribution of these products.

According to the CIHR, mRNA technology has been used for many years. This really is a sort of gene therapy, but they claim that it wasn’t rushed in any way. Of course, they don’t mention the part of the manufacturers being indemnified against lawsuits from potential victims.

By the way, your tax dollars are being used to advance this industry.

With all the talk about these mRNA “vaccines” unleashed on the public, it’s important to note that gene therapy isn’t a brand new concept. In fact, the Canadian Government has been subsidizing such research for years. The bulk of these grants appear to have been issued by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), or the National Research Council (NRC).

Yes, there were a few duplications in that list, but even so, it’s shocking.

Agudelo, Daniel S May 1, 2017 $150,000.00
BC Cancer, Provincial Health Services Authority Jul. 13, 2020 $110,220.00
Carleton University (Academia) Mar. 16, 2020 $158,400.00
Caruso, Manuel P Apr. 1, 2014 $318,420.00
Centre for Commercialization of Cancer Immunotherapy Apr. 1, 2021 $1,000,000.00
Centre hospitalier universitaire Sainte-Justine Jul. 1, 2021 $544,500.00
Council of Canadian Academies Jan. 7, 2020 $1,147,956.00
Dellaire, Graham P Apr. 1, 2018 $1,063,350.00
Dos Santos, Claudia C Oct. 1, 2013 $739,239.00
Entos Pharmaceuticals Inc. (For-profit) Oct. 1, 2018 $128,600.00
Foldvari, Marianna Apr. 1, 2013 $509,660.00
Gatignol, Anne Apr. 1, 2014 $159,550.00
Gatignol, Anne Jul. 1, 2016 $955,625.00
Grol, Matthew Jul. 1, 2014 $150,000.00
Hampson, David R Jul. 1, 2016 $469,404.00
Incisive Genetics Inc. (For-profit) Jun. 1, 2020 $142,000.00
Incisive Genetics Inc. (For-profit) May 1, 2021 $252,000.00
Kyoto University Apr. 1, 2021 $750,000.00
Matsubara, Joanne A Apr. 1, 2017 $975,375.00
Nash, Leslie A May 1, 2016 $105,000.00
Meunier, Michel Apr. 1, 2018 $374,183.00
Ottawa Hospital Research Institute Mar. 29, 2021 $198,000.00
Pancella Inc. Jan. 1, 2020 $400,000.00
Ramzy, Adam Sep. 1, 2015 $150,000.00
Roberge, Michel Nov. 1, 2017 $305,439.00
Schemitsch, Emil H Oct. 1, 2011 $293,267.00
Simpson, Elizabeth M Oct. 1, 2018 $906,526.00
Singh, Sheila K Oct. 1, 2013 $554,057.00
Tandon, Anurag Jul. 1, 2016 $978,560.00
Thibault, Patricia A Sep. 1, 2016 $150,000.00
Turcotte, Sandra Jul. 1, 2012 $205,000.00
Turcotte, Sandra Oct. 1, 2014 $495,930.00
Uludag, Hasan Apr. 1, 2012 $513,029.00
United Kingsom Research and Innovation Jun. 18, 2021 $508,388.00
Université Laval (Academia) Mar. 20, 2020 $200,000.00
Université Laval (Academia) Dec. 22, 2020 $195,000.00
University of Alberta May 10, 2017 $250,000.00
University of British Columbia (Academia) May 10, 2017 $355,000.00
University of British Columbia (Academia) Jan. 13, 2020 $1,127,311.00
University of Calgary May 10, 2017 $170,000.00
University of Ottawa (Academia) Mar. 30, 2020 $299,880.00
University of Ottawa (Academia) Apr. 15, 2020 $269,170.00
University of Ottawa (Academia) Jan. 1, 2021 $221,364.00
University of Toronto (Academia) Jan. 1, 2019 $1,942,475.00
University of Waterloo (Academia) May 10, 2017 $150,000.00
Wang, Jian Oct. 1, 2014 $250,468.00

One worth noting went to the University of Ottawa in March 2020. This was listed as “Artificial intelligence protein design for drugs and gene therapies”. Of course, there’s not too much available here, but a bit disturbing to have this go on. How would it be tested exactly?

Another grant was aimed at gene therapy to accelerate the healing process for fractures in the body. Sounds like something one would see in a cartoon.

Yet another was listed as a grant for: “Kill-switch” enabled, immune-silent, non-cytopathic, and persistent paramyxovirus vector for respiratory gene therapy”.

While all of these sound harmless enough, messing around with genetics is serious business. The long term effects of this may not be known for several years.

Now, this may be cynical. However, Bill S-201, the Genetic Non-Discrimination Act, can now be looked at in an entirely new light. Perhaps the goal was never about protecting people in their normal state of being, but to protect the altered versions of themselves. Just as hormones and major surgeries are protected (for trannies), now genetic modification of people would be as well.

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Ontario Divisional Court Rules Requirement For Teachers To Be Proficient In Math Is Unconstitutional

There is a group that’s asking for handouts in order to water down the standards required to teach in Ontario. Unfortunately, it seems that they’ve had success.

The Ontario Teacher Candidates’ Council is an NGO that claims to advocate on behalf of (potential) teachers looking to get certified in Ontario. The group states that it was created largely in response to the new requirement that new teachers have a certain level of proficiency prior to getting to teach students. The online begging started quickly.

Is this really in the best interests of students? Is eliminating a pretty reasonable requirement in the name of “diversity and equity” the way to go about this? It’s pretty alarming that (apparently) large numbers of people can obtain and undergraduate degree, and a bachelor of education, and have a limited grasp of mathematics.

This also highlights a serious flaw with the legal system in Canada. NGOs can commence lawsuits claiming they have a “public interest standing”, and try to get the laws changed to suit their political ideologies. Providing the papers are worded properly, this is routinely down. Courts often grant such standing.

The Ontario Teacher Candidates’ Council was founded in early October [2019] largely in response to the Math Proficiency test which was made a mandatory requirement for the qualification of new teachers. According to the OCT, “On August 20, 2019 two regulations were filed: Regulation 271/19, Proficiency in Mathematics, under the Ontario College of Teachers Act, and Regulation 272/19, Objects of the Office under the Education Quality and Accountability Office Act, 1996. As a result certification requirements were updated to ensure that Ontario teachers are prepared for the modern demands of a changing society and increasingly dynamic learning environment.”

We believe that this test is not equitable, fair, justified or backed by data. The EQAO office has been rushed into creating a massive test in just months. In the past, EQAO has taken 3 years to roll out new tests. There is no definitive evidence which suggests that new teachers will become more effective math instructors as a result of this test, nor that students will perform better in math as a result of this. The last government-implemented test for teachers cost taxpayers $22 million and the results were mostly abandoned. This new legislation is costing tens-of-millions of dollars for a test which decides the futures of thousands of Ontarians. This new legislation comes to teacher candidates who have spent tens of thousands of dollars on their education and carefully planned the steps they would need to take to reach their goals. These thousands of jobs deeply affect the economy and future of our great province. Read our Email Templates on the Newsletter page to see our questions and arguments regarding this test. Help us, the people, even if our government will not.

It’s interesting that this group claims there’s no evidence that such requirements help. From the looks of their members, most probably couldn’t pass an introductory statistics course.

In February 2020, there was a podcast for “Education Is A Right“. Apparently, the right to a QUALITY education isn’t that important. If this really was about the students, there would be efforts to attract, retain, and upgrade the best teachers available. Instead, this group takes the opposite approach.

This isn’t something that anyone should be proud of. The Ontario Divisional Court essentially says that pandering to the anti-white diversity crowd is more important than providing quality education. Quite simply, whites passing at too high a rate implies systemic racism.

Parents would be up in arms if they were made aware of this. That said, it seems doubtful that there has been any publicity within those circles. At least the College of Teachers had enough sense to reject this idiocy.

One would think that this group would want to do what they can to ensure people of all groups are able to pass basic proficiency testing in math. However, that’s not the way they go. Turning to the ruling:

Significant Disparities in Success Rates
[32] The EQAO collected demographic information about Field Test takers through the voluntary demographic questionnaire which revealed significant disparities in success rates based on test-takers’ race, language and disabilities.

[33] In particular, the Field Test demographic data showed that non-White candidates writing in French were only successful 55 percent of the time, whereas White candidates writing in French were successful 84 percent of the time. Candidates who identified as belonging to non-White ethno-racial groups (such as African, Indigenous, Latino and Middle Eastern) failed at a significantly higher rate than White candidates. Candidates who indicated they had a cognitive disability failed the Field Test at over twice the rate of candidates without a disability.

Apparently there are differences in the average cognitive abilities between groups. The solution is obviously to reduce (or eliminate) standards, to ensure there is no difference.

Also, let’s not mince words. This isn’t just an effort to dumb down the teaching profession. This is an attempt to reduce the number of whites, and replace them with non-whites.

What Is the Appropriate Remedy?
[161] A declaration will issue that the Mathematics Proficiency Test and the legislative provisions that create it infringe s. 15 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the infringement cannot be justified under s. 1. Specifically, the Proficiency in Mathematics regulation (O. Reg 271/19), as amended, and s. 18(1)(c) of the Ontario College of Teachers Act, 1996, S.O. 1996, c.12 are of no force or effect.

[162] A declaration will issue that the Ontario College of Teachers shall grant certification to teacher candidates who have not passed the Mathematics Proficiency Test (or shall grant full certification in the case of teacher candidates whose certification is conditional on passing the Mathematics Proficiency Test) but have otherwise met all other certification requirements.

[167] The application for judicial review is granted. The following relief is ordered:
(a) The Mathematics Proficiency Test violates s. 15(1) of the Charter, is not justified under s. 1, and is unconstitutional;
(b) O. Reg. 271/19, Proficiency in Mathematics, as amended, under the Ontario College of Teachers Act, 1996, S.O. 1996, c.12 is unconstitutional and of no force and effect;
(c) Paragraph s. 18(1)(c) of the Ontario College of Teachers Act, 1996, S.O. 1996, c.12 is unconstitutional and of no force or effect;
(d) The Ontario College of Teachers shall grant certification to teacher candidates who have not passed the Mathematics Proficiency Test (or shall grant full certification in the case of teacher candidates whose certification is conditional on passing the Mathematics Proficiency Test) but who have otherwise met all other certification requirements; and
(e) The Respondent shall pay the Applicants $90,000 in costs of the application.

Basically, the Ontario Divisional Court ruled that it was discriminatory in order to force all teachers to have a certain mathematical background.

And on top of it, a $90,000 costs award was also handed down. Now, will the donors get a refund for their contributions, or will the group owners just pocket it?

Bella Lewkowicz is a French teacher with Ottawa-Carleton District School Board. The group itself boasts some pretty impressive educational credentials. It’s baffling then why they would work like this to dumb down the teaching profession. Is it guilt? Self-hatred? Or is this some more destructive impulse?

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Society Of Obstetricians And Gynaecologists Funded By Pfizer, Recommends Vaccines & Boosters

Many would think that the Society Of Obstetricians And Gynaecologists of Canada is an independent organization, and that it has the best interests of women and families at heart. That may not be the case, as shown by some of their recommendations.

It’s fitting that on their home page, they have a computer simulation of the coronavirus. Quite appropriate, since it’s never been isolated, or even shown to exist. Now, what does this group have to say about vaccinating pregnant women?

In Canada, NACI has preferentially advised that “a complete vaccine series with an mRNA COVID-19 vaccine should be offered to individuals in the authorized age group who are pregnant or breastfeeding. Informed consent should include discussion about emerging evidence on the safety of mRNA COVID-19 vaccines in these populations. (Strong NACI Recommendation). Contraindications to vaccination are few and a complete description is available within the National Advisory Committee on Immunization guidance document.

Given that pregnant women are at higher risk of severe COVID-related morbidity and mortality, they represent a population that should be prioritized for vaccination in situations where vaccine supply is limited. Specifically, the WHO has recommended that pregnant women be prioritized in stage II, representing a situation where the supply is only sufficient to immunize 11-20% of a population. Importantly, the WHO recommendation is upheld in all epidemiologic situations including community transmission, sporadic cases as well as no cases.

Individuals who are discovered to be pregnant during their vaccine series or shortly afterward should not be counselled to terminate pregnancy based on having received the vaccine. If conception is presumed to predate the first dose, it is recommended to follow the same procedures for active surveillance (as available) as would be activated if the pregnancy was known at the time of vaccination. A registry to track pregnancy outcomes for individuals receiving any vaccine doses during pregnancy is being planned for Canada. Pregnant individuals can get more information here: http://med-fom-ridprogram.sites.olt.ubc.ca/vaccine-surveillance/.

Pregnant women mount immune responses comparable to the non-pregnant population and vaccine efficacy of the COVID vaccines among cohorts of pregnant women are comparable to non-pregnant women. There is no data to suggest that pregnant women who meet criteria for a booster dose should be treated differently than the non-pregnant population. While timing and criteria for booster doses may vary by jurisdiction, pregnant women should receive a booster dose when recommended.

A registry to track the effects of vaccines on pregnant women is being planned? That’s certainly good to know. These recommendations to take experimental concoctions are pretty shocking, or at least they should be.

Now, why is this group so pro-vaccine, even when the long term effects are unknown? One strong possibility is that they are funded by Pfizer, Merck and Bayer. Shocker, that the major donors to this organization would profit considerably from more people getting the shot. It seems that SOGC is quite appreciative of their partners.

SOGC also provides a set of talking points for health care workers to give to uncertain patients. It’s no surprise that a group funded by drug companies recommends to these “professionals” that everything is safe and effective.

Back in April 2020, SOGC repeated from WHO that abortion is a human right, and that it must not be denied. Pretty screwy to be starting a global pandemic, and the first thought is to wipe out the next generation. The World Health Organization seems to have a sick fascination with what they consider to be human rights.

In principle, there is nothing wrong with continuing education, especially in professions like health care. After all, information does change. That being said, it’s disturbing when the CME — or continuing medical education — is funded by drug companies, at least in Ontario.

As Searchlight Pharma, which is a sponsor of the CME program, they are a company with holdings in many related products for women. Duchesnay also sells many of the same things. It’s fair to assume that this “continuing education” will be little more than a trade show, where doctors get told about what products to push.

As for MD Financial Management, that arose after the CMA’s — Canadian Medical Association’s — push to get doctors saving and investing. It’s no surprise that the pharma industry is a good one to invest in.

To anyone thinking that you are getting (at least somewhat) independent and impartial advice, keep this in mind. The pharmaceutical industry has vested interests in making sure you’re talking to experts with an agenda.

Finally, it’s worth a mention that this group is getting the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy, run by the Canada Revenue Agency. This means that taxpayers are forced to help subsidize a group that’s pushing vaccines on pregnant women. Of course, this is in addition to the funding it gets from drug companies.

Certainly makes one proud to pay taxes, knowing that these are the places that they end up going to. In essence, we are topping up a drug marketing company that wants to kill our children. Anyone who still has faith in politicians or government at this point is completely delusional.

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Anti-White “Weighted Voting” In Ontario Schools, OSSTF Supports Equity & Social Justice

Apparently equal treatment isn’t the way to go for the Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation. This break came from Jonathan Kay of the National Post. He caught what was going on in at least 1 district in Ontario schools. There’s even a video explaining why treating people differently is good for society at large. However, looking into it a bit, it seems the rot goes much deeper.

The response from District 20 of the OSSTF was to lock its Twitter account so that no one could see the tweets, unless it was approved to follow them. Guess the group really can’t face any public scrutiny over its racist policy. To be clear, when these groups talk about “uplifting marginalized voices”, they really means stripping away the rights of whites.

Under the pretense of “equity” and “lifting up marginalized voices”, segments with the teaching profession seem fine with giving whites a lesser vote when it comes to decision making.

OSSTF/FEESO is a democratic union that recognizes the importance of encouraging and supporting involvement by all members, while recognizing that some members have historically been marginalized. For the Federation to be at its best, all members must see themselves reflected in its goals, structures, and practices. OSSTF/FEESO will strive to identify and eliminate barriers to participation through programs, procedures, bylaws, and policies supported by specified resources and education.

Equal opportunity to participate in the Federation does not mean treating all members the same. Within a democratic framework, promoting the engagement of members of equity-seeking groups is a valid and necessary approach to reaching equal outcomes.

Federation programs and policies designed to eliminate barriers must not only do so, they must be widely seen to do so

The OSSTF Statement on Equity is a doozy. In just a single page, the group has shown that its goal is not education but to uproot society and cause division. The OSSTF doesn’t just want teachers to be teachers, but to be agents in their anti-white agenda.

The last sentence is also quite telling. Not only must our programs has these certain goals, but they must be “seen” as doing so. In other words, optics is very important.

The Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation (OSSTF/FEESO) is a strong, independent, socially active union that promotes and advances the cause of public education and the rights of students, educators and educational workers. While establishing working conditions for its members, OSSTF/FEESO also works to build strong public services, preserve academic freedom, prevent the privatization and commercialization of our educational institutions, ensure that students receive an education that is free of bias and discrimination and provide an equitable opportunity for all students to succeed in a strong, well-funded public education system.

As an organization that prides itself on being a defender of publicly-funded education, OSSTF/FEESO has worked to meet the challenges of addressing equity and social justice. Anti-oppression work is not easy. Like the society we live in, OSSTF/FEESO is not immune to having a troubled history when it comes to the marginalization of equity-seeking groups. We recognize that groups of members within OSSTF/FEESO are still experiencing structural and systemic discrimination such as anti-Indigenous racism, anti-Black racism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, and sexism in the present day.

The OSSTF also has an action plan on equity, and it’s mind numbing. That said, it’s also a glimpse into how schools in the West really operate. Instead of treating all students the same, and allowing the better students to rise, this works on the assumption that some fall behind only because of structural prejudices. As such, apparently it’s the role of schools to fix imaginary societal problems.

The OSSTF explicitly states that “social justice” is to be integrated into how it operates. In other words, political ideology will be woven into the education system.

More information is available on Kay’s thread. It’s disturbing to see that not only is this openly promoted, but it seems to be widely endorsed. Now, an example of how weighted voting might work is provided as well.

In the following case, 7 out of 20 people support a certain initiative. The exact one isn’t important. 7/20 comes out to 0.35 or 35%. Now, the races of some must be weighted differently so that they represent 50% of the vote. This kind of thing nullifies real democracy, and reduces policy votes to ethnic makeup.

Strangely, the same supporters of this would immediately denounce Jim Crow laws, which meant a black’s vote was worth only 3/5 of a white’s vote. In principle, this is exactly the same thing here, just with new groups at the head.

It’s clear that supporters of this have no concern whatsoever about the will of the majority. The 50% weighted vote will ensure non-whites have at least half the voting power, regardless of the actual makeup of the group. Notice that there’s no provision to protect whites who are minorities in certain communities.

If fairness isn’t always (or ever) equitable, then the statement can be reversed: equity isn’t always (or ever) fair. Moreover it stands on its head the kind of society lefties claim they want, as multiculturalism would be inherently flawed.

Parents are outraged by this, as they should be. The OSSTF is playing along with the narrative that everything is based on oppression, and society needs to be inverted. It’s pretty screwy to refer to women as a marginalized group, when they make up the vast majority of teachers in elementary schools, and a large minority (if not a majority) of high school teachers.

It shouldn’t be all that surprising that the feminist movement claims responsibility for a lot of the changes going back decades. Certain groups supported affirmative action 40 years ago, and still do today. Now, should people who think everything is oppression really be educating children?

Far from being limited to Ontario Teachers, the Provincial Government also has a fairly large section devoted to “antiracism” activities. The Anti-Racism Directorate was established in 2016, when Kathleen Wynne was Premier. Since taking power, Doug Ford has apparently seen fit to leave this intact. It gets even worse.

Anti-racism strategy
2 (1) The Government of Ontario shall maintain an anti-racism strategy that aims to eliminate systemic racism and advance racial equity.
Contents of strategy
(2) The strategy shall include the following:
1. Initiatives to eliminate systemic racism, including initiatives to identify and remove systemic barriers that contribute to inequitable racial outcomes.
2. Initiatives to advance racial equity.
3. Targets and indicators to measure the strategy’s effectiveness.
(3) The initiatives referred to in paragraph 1 of subsection (2) shall include initiatives to assist racialized groups that are most adversely impacted by systemic racism, including Indigenous and Black communities.
(4) The initiatives referred to in paragraph 2 of subsection (2) shall include initiatives to address the adverse impact of different forms of racism, including anti-Indigenous racism, anti-Black racism, antisemitism and Islamophobia.

In 2017, the Ontario Government brought in the Anti-Racism Act. Doug Ford left it intact. The Act goes on and on about equity, or equality of outcome. This is quite different from equality of opportunity.

Not only has Ford not scrapped any of this, but taxpayer money is getting handed out in the form of antiracism grants. Some $1.6 million has been set aside for this effort.

This builds on Section 15(2) of the Canadian Charter, which fully endorses racism and discrimination, as long as the people doing it claim to be acting on behalf of marginalized groups. Strangely, there is one group that is never oppressed, despite being harmed by all these equity initiatives.

As the white population continues to disappear in Ontario, and elsewhere in the West, expect this sort of thing to only get worse. It’s bad enough to be a despised majority in society. When one becomes a despised minority, that’s when things get ugly.

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