Why This Website Was Created

Hello to everyone.

http://www.canucklaw.ca is a new site, still in its infancy.

Our world is messed up, and some deep digging is needed to find out why, who’s behind it, and what can be done about it. Admittedly, the purpose behind it is not nearly as clear as it is now: to understand and reveal what is going on in our world — from a nationalist perspective.

Whether it is:
-the true scale of immigration
-demographic replacement
-central banking; free trade
-free speech; Islam
-the people “pushing” Islam
-media bias and control
-human trafficking and smuggling

there are some serious questions that need asked and answered. Here, some of those answers will be found. It is proving to be a never ending rabbit hole.

The site is available to anyone who wishes. All that is asked is to approach it with an open mind.

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