Why This Website Was Created

Hello to everyone.

http://www.canucklaw.ca is a new site, still in its infancy.

The purpose of this website is to create a larger discussion on laws and policies that go on throughout the world. While Canadian law is a personal interest, there is so much more to be looked at and contrasted.

**This site is different from most because comparing and contrasting laws and legal systems from different regions is the main point of it.**

Certainly, no one jurisdiction has the best answers to everything, but I believe there is something in virtually every one of them that is worth adopting, or at least worth discussing.

The site does not focus on any one area of the globe, nor any one area of law, such as (a) criminal; (b) civil; (c) family; (d) human rights; (e) international law; or (f) any others. It is meant to be very broad and to cover different areas. However, certain topics will undoubtedly grow and draw more interest than others.

While the exact nature and direction of the site is unclear, it is the hope that discussions here will influence larger discussions. With any luck, these discussions will ultimately play a role in advancing public/legal policy.

This is not to say that I want to have one set of rules or laws for everyone. I support nationalism, and reject globalism. Nations should set their own laws, and those laws should reflect the will of those people, not some world body. Still, the hope is that ideas shared will lead to broader discussion, and that people can benefit from these differences being discussed publicly.

Ideally, discussion and ideas from here will one day lead to bigger changes being implemented. Hopefully, there will be an intellectual difference made.

The site is available to anyone who wishes. All that is asked is to approach it with an open mind.

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