Trafficking, Smuggling, Child Exploitation: Sources

(A.1) Paula Loves Children
(A.2) Titus Frost, 1984
(B.1) U.S. Flores Agreement
(B.2) UN Caravans Organized To Invade U.S.
(C.1) UN Review On Smuggling Migrants
(C.2) UN Convention On Transnational Crime
(C.3) UN Protocol Against Human Trafficking
(C.4) UN Opt. Protocol On Rights Of The Child
(C.5) UN Global Initiative To Fight Trafficking
(C.6) UN Protocol To Prevent/Punish Trafficking
(C.7) UN Rights Of The Child, Sale, Prostitution, Porn
(C.8) Eliminate Worst Forms Of Child Labour
(C.9) Rome Statute, Int’l Criminal Court
(C.10) Gov’t Of Canada On Trafficking
(C.11) Video: UN Talk On Child Trafficking
(C.12) UN: Most Human Trafficking Is Of Women/Girls
(D.1) Canada/U.S. S3CA Text
(D.2) UNHCR Helps Circumvent S3CA
(D.3) More S3CA Circumvention By UN
(E.1) NGO Branch Of UN
(E.2) Various NGO/UN Partnerships
(F) Interpol & People Smuggling
(G.1) Covenant Eyes E-Book Download
(G.2) US Health/Human Srv: Literature Review
(G.3) Kotrla: Child Sex Trafficking in U.S.
(G.4) UMich. Law Journal: Porn As Trafficking
(G.5) Video: Connection Between Porn/Trafficking
(G.6) Video: Sex Trafficking In Nebraska
(H) Lauren Southern, Borderless Clip

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