Race To The Botton: The Who’s Who Of Globalism Stream

1. About The Stream: RTTB

Race To The Bottom is a stream that Andy and Fred host, with guest appearances. (Disclaimer: I’ve been on). The general area of discussion are the globalist connections, with an obvious emphasis on Canada. Some of the best researched content out there.

Learn about who is connected to whom, who is related to whom, and what nefarious links are there. It’s the kind of information the mainstream media won’t share, nor will the alternative media. The spiderweb is a tangled mess.

The streams generally run about 2 to 3 hours at a time, and are on once or twice a week. Consider it a documentary, only better, since there are no “off-limits” topics of discussion.

2. Streams To Go Watch

(Guest appearance by Maiden Liberty)







Oh heck. Go watch them all.

3. Do Not Troll Fred On Twitter

Whatever you do, please don’t troll Fred on Twitter.
Please do not look up @menckinF
Please don’t go fill his timeline with snarky remarks
Please don’t start a 3 day Twitter war
Okay, never mind. Go nuts.

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