Questions For Maxime Bernier — PPC Founder

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(1) The Name Sounds Communist
Would you please change it? It’s hard to take seriously.

(2) PPC Purging/EDAs
What happened with EDAs (particularly in BC)? Why were members removed?

(3) Lack of Transparency
Who are the people running the party at the higher levels? And please, no generic answer of “the people”.

(4) PPC Won’t Leave the UN
You say repeatedly “the UN is a useless joke”, wasteful and corrupt. Do you support leaving the UN altogether? If not, why not?

(5) PPC Will “Only Review” Foreign Aid
If the UN is wasteful and corrupt, why do foreign aid at all? Why not give directly to worthwhile cases if needed?

(6) PPC Will “Only Review” Equalization Formula
You claim that equalization is inter-provincial welfare. Okay, then why only “review” it? Why not phase it out entirely? Is it a strategy for not alienating QC/Maritime voters?

(7) PPC Supports Mass Migration
You claim current immigration levels are 310,000 which you would reduce to 250,000 (a 20% cut). But why is it that TFW and student visas are not mentioned, given they are both paths to citizenship? Isn’t the actual number more than double 310K? Wouldn’t your “reduction” be much less than 20%? And why do you cut off people who disagree with your numbers?

(8) Import Labour While Canadians Unemployed
You claim to support economic immigration. But given the tough job market, especially for youth and new graduates, doesn’t this just handicap Canadians by raising supply and forcing down wages?

And doesn’t the TFWP force Canadian taxpayers to subsidize foreign replacements for their jobs? Isn’t that corporate welfare?

(9) Civic Nationalism is Glorified Multiculturalism
I’ve been told that the PPC is a “civic nationalist” organization. Is this true, and how is it different from multiculturalism?

And what is the difference between “multiculturalism” and “extreme multiculturalism”? Other than a rejection of Sharia?

(10) Quebec Hypocrisy in Protecting Identity
Quebec has laws to protect its language and culture. The rest of Canada doesn’t. Do you support this double standard?

(11) Bernier Compares Himself to Macron
You said in an interview that Emmanuel Macron built a party in a year and became President of France. Does it concern you Macron is a Rothschild’s banker, fake populist, and promotes EU control of Europe?

(12) PPC’s new hero: Jordan Peterson
Given Jordan Peterson’s participation in writing the UN Secretary General’s High Level Report For Global Sustainability, (a.k.a. Agenda 2030) why do you support having him in your party? Does his “selective” support of free speech concern you?

(13) Complete Dismissal of Social Conservatives
Why does PPC refuse to address social issues? Do they not interest you?

(14) Political Islam
Given Islam’s stated goal of taking over the world, do you view “POLITICAL ISLAM” as a threat to Canada and the rest of the world? Why or why not?

(15) Hypocrisy in “Call-Out Culture”
You criticize Andrew Scheer for not standing for anything. Yet on social issues you also refuse to take a position. Why the double standard?

(16) What makes PPC a “populist” party?
Totally up to you ….

(17) Your Boss
Do you consider Stephen Harper to be a populist? Why or why not?

Answers (if any), should be interesting.

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