Population Replacement Agenda

(1) CANZUK: Open Borders, Free Trade
(2.1) True Scope Of Mass Migration In Canada
(2.2) CDA Immigration Rate: 1M/year
(2.3) More Detail On Replacement Migration Programs
(2.4) Replacement Migration Since 2003/04
(2.5) Demographic Changes Cause Voting Changes
(3) The Case Against Economic Immigration
(4.1) Kalergi Plan & Barcelona Declaration
(4.2) True North Calls For Population Replacement
(5.1) Review of UN Convention on Genocide
(5.2) Review of Barcelona Decl & Kalergi Plan
(5.3) Review of Replacement Migration Push
(5.4) 70 Year Journey To Replace Host Populations Of 1st World Nations
(5.5) UN Kalergi Plan (Replacement Migration)