Media: Who Controls It In Canada

(A.1) Post Media’s website main page
(A.2) Major Brands Of Post Media
(A.3) Post Media “Communities”
(A.4) Post Media “Specialties”
(A.5) Post Media’s Board of Directors (current) (3 years ago)
(A.6) Post Media’s Senior Management

(B.1) Atlas Networks’s Canadian partners
(B.2) Atlas Network’s American Partners
(B.3) Altlas Network’s Euro/Central Asian
(B.4) Atlas Network’s E. Asian/Pacific Partners (current) (1 year ago)
(B.5) Atlas Network’s South American Partners
(B.6) Atlas Network’s Middle East/NA Partners
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Koch/Globalist Connected Media Personalities
(C.1) Matthew Azrieli, David Azrieli’s Grandson
(C.2) Jeff Ballingall – Ontario Proud
(C.3) Spencer Fernando – Nat’l Citizens Coalition
(C.4) Derek Fildebrandt – CDN Taxpayer Fed, Koch
(C.5) Tom Flanagan – Fraser Institute, Koch
(C.6) Chantel Hebert – Trudeau Foundation
(C.7) Ezra Levant – Fraser Inst, Koch Foundation
(C.8) Candice Malcolm – Koch, Fraser Institute
Malcolm’s LinkedIn Profile
Secure Free Society
(C.9) Preston Manning – Fraser, Manning Inst, Koch
2014 Atlas Get-Together
(C.10) Peter McCaffrey – Alberta Institute, Koch
(C.11) Manny Montenegrino – Think Sharp
(C.12) Kasra Najatian (Levinson) – CCF, Koch
(C.13) Joe Oliver – Manning Institute, Koch
(C.14) Yaakov Pollak – Elect Conservatives
(C.15) Dave Rubin – Learn Liberty, IHS, Koch
(C.16) Danielle Smith – Fraser Institute
(C.17) Chuck Strahl, Manning Institute, Koch
(C.18) Alexandre Trudeau – Trudeau Foundation

(D.1) Canada’s “Local Journalism” Initiative
(D.2) Various Programs To Subside CDN Media
(D.3) Fall 2018 Economic Update
(D.4) CDN Journalism Labour Tax Credit
(D.4) Digital News Subscription Tax Credit
(D.5) Canadian Registered Journalist Organizations