Media: CBC Propaganda Reviews

(1) Century Initiative, 100M people
(2) Europe Should Have Open Borders
(3) Islam Responsible for Islamic Violence
(4) Wage Gap Nonsense
(5) Borders Are Pointless, Futile
(6) State Supplied Drugs For Addicts
(7) UN: Welcome Back ISIS fighters
(8) Walls Are Useless. Don’t Bother
(9) Absurd Free Speech Conspiracy Theory
(10) Celebrating World Hijab Day
(11) Hit Piece Conflates Sarcasm/Sincerity
(12) Sgro Shrugs Off Ethics Concerns
(13) Charities & Political Spending
(14) Demographic Replacement A Good Thing
(15) Free Drugs For Prison Inmates
(16) $2B of CPP Spent in Mumbai, India
(17) Climate Eugenics, Population Control