Legal Processes: Reviews

(1) SCC Enshrines Protections For Self-Reps
(2) Need Tort Reform? Free Speech Grifters
(3.1) Representing Yourself In Court
(3.2) Review: An advocacy Primer
(4) How To Do Investigative Research
(5) Legal Tests And Standards Applied In Court

(A.1) Pintea v. Johns, Self-Representation
(A.2) 2006 Statement of Principles: Self-Reps
(B.1) Housen v. Nikolaisen, 2002
(B.2) Hospira Corp v. Kennedy Institute, 2016
(B.3) Canada v. Aqua-Gem Investments, 1993
(B.4) Canada v. DT Eastside Sex Workers, 2012