Islam/Terrorism: Reviews

(1) Review of Cairo Declaration
(2) Review of Citizenship for Terrorists
(3.1) Review of Global Blasphmey Ban
(3.2) UN’s Quest To Stop Criticism Of Islam
(4) Review of Purging “Sunni” & “Shia” From Canadian Terrorism Reports
(5) Islam & Domestic Violence Rates
(6) ECHR Upholds Austrian Blasphemy Conviction
(7) Review of Bill C-75, Terrorism Offenses
(8) Review: CBC Promotes World Hijab Day
(9) Islam: Exploitation Of Women & Children
(10) Parallel: Mandatory Hijab & Face Mask
(11) Galati Puts Terrorist Rights Over Canadian Rights

(A) Cairo Declaration on “Human Rights”
(B) UN Terrorist Repatriation Initiatives
(C.1) Bill C-6 (citizenship for terrorists)
(C.2) Bill C-59, Terrorism, Young Offenders
(C.3) Bill C-75, Weakening Terrorism Penalties
(D) UN Blasphemy Vote (Criticism of Islam)
(E) M-103 (Iqra’s Blasphemy Motion)
(F) CBC Promoting Islam, Hijab Day