Immigration Documents, Sources (Canada)

(A.0) Parliament Report Index
(A) 2018 Report to CDN Parliament
(B.1) 2014-2018: Live Births in Canada (2014-18)
(B.2) 2014-2018: Deaths In Canada
(C.1) Gov’t Announces Amnesty For Illegals
(C.2) CDN Labour Congress, Amnesty
(D.1) Ghost Students Getting Backdoor Entry
(D.2) Stay In Canada After Graduation
(D.3) Post Graduate Work Program
(D.4) Help Your Spouse/CL Partner
(D.5) Working While Still In School
(D.6) Children Studying, No Visa Req’d
(E.1) CANZUK International, Main Page
(E.2) Possible Expansion Of CANZUK ZONE
(E.3) Starting Up A CANZUK Army?
(E.4) CPC Policy: CANZUK + TFW =>PR
(F.1) Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program
(F.2) Rural/Northern Immigration Pilot Program
(F.3) Agri-Food Immigration Pilot Program
(F.4) Temporary Foreign Worker Program
(F.5) International Mobility Program
(F.6.1) Domestic Violence ==> Temp Residence
(F.6.2) Domestic Violence ==> Perm Residence
(F.7) TD Canada Article On Mass Migration
(G.0) Dilip Ratha: Migration & Remittances
(G.1) World Bank Remittance Data: 2013
(G.2) World Bank Remittance Data: 2015
(G.3) World Bank Remittance Data: 2016
(G.4) World Bank Remittance Data: 2017
(G.5) World Bank Remittance Data: 2018
(G.6) Pew Research: US Sent $150B In 2017
(H) Visas For War Criminals????