Fighting CV Planned-Emic In BC Supreme Court (CV #33)

The Statement of Claim is getting rewritten to fix some earlier errors. This isn’t being stopped, just delayed. More information to come out as it develops.

1. Statement Of Claim (Redacted)

For privacy reasons, and to prevent doxing and harassment, personal information has been removed from this version. However, it is going ahead in BC Supreme Court — the top trial court in BC. Regardless of other topics and research posted on this site, we should be able to agree that forced vaccines and masks are unhealthy for everyone. As should be obvious, a lot of the research from the site went into the claims

2. Research In Vaxx Agenda, “Planned-Emic”

For other articles on the CV scam, including extensive research into the underlying lobbying and corruption, check out the main page. It’s quite the rabbit hole to go down. All pieces are fully sourced and referenced.

3. Where Does This Go?

Hard to say, but this is definitely needed. From a more philosophical perspective, if having your rights stripped away under the guise of “safety” isn’t worth fighting against, then what is?

Specific people named:

  • Prime Minister Justine Trudeau (or his clone)
  • Health Minister Patty Hajdu
  • Public Health Officer of Canada Theresa Tam
  • BC Premier John Horgan
  • BC Health Minister Adrian Dix
  • BC Provincial Health Officer Bonnie Henry

3 Replies to “Fighting CV Planned-Emic In BC Supreme Court (CV #33)”

  1. It doesn’t take very much effort or research to see that NOVID 1984 is merely a vessel for a worldwide tyrannical agenda to systematically rob humanity of their God given rights and liberties under the false guise of ‘safety’.

    Many of the legislation was implemented long before the plandemic surfaced, spanning years and sometimes decades before the so-called outbreak. The predator class has openly talked about worldwide depopulation, on many occasions, and today we’re seeing the lengths that they will go to in order to make this a reality, all with our consent, by using fear, lies and “emergency measures acts” to ramrod this tyranny into reality.

    The testing is flawed, as they’ve yet to isolated the NOVID strain with the current test that was invented by Carrie Mullis who insisted that the test cannot be used to determine quantitative viral load, therefore all of the numbers are false and should not be accepted as fact.

    James Corbett of Corbett Report is a Canadian researcher that does excellent work on many topics about to geopolitical topics, and his work on the agenda regarding NOVID 19 should be viewed by all. Another person is Del Bigtree for The Highwire has covered the topic of vaccination and the effects thoroughly with real data.

    We are being herded and coralled by the treasonous traitors in our criminal government, and the global predator class, into a dystopian future nightmare that we will leave for our children if nothing is done to change the direction of this assault on our freedom. When all the governments of the world are working Lock-Step together, implementing the same exact agendas upon their citizens, it should clue everyone in to the nightmare scenario that they’ve been working on together.

    The time for action is now.

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