Drugs & Alcohol: Reviews

(1) S. Korea, Japan Ban Toking Overseas
(2.1) State Supplied Drugs For Addicts
(2.2) Providing Drugs To Prison Inmates
(2.3) RNAO Supports Lockdowns, Forced Vaccines, Masks, Drugs
(3.1) BC CDC Recommends Drug Use During “Pandemic”
(3.2) Drug Deaths Far Exceed Coronavirus Deaths
(4) Review of Bill C-46, Demanding A Breath Sample 2 Hours After The Fact

(5.1) Canada’s Parliament, Motion M-132, Pharma Lobbying
(5.2) Raj Saini And His Pharma Connections
(5.3) Pharma Lobbying ON, Bill 160 Stalled, Payout Declarations
(5.4) Pharma Lobbying ON, Bill 132, Annual Reports, Melissa Lantsman
(5.5) Melissa Lantsman’s Real Record As An Ontario Lobbyist
(5.6) Pharma Lobbying Of Alberta Government
(5.7) Quebec Lobbying, Bipartisan Hatred Of Freedom, Rights
(5.8) Federal Lobbying For Vaccines; Injury Program Coming?
(5.9) Nova Scotia Pharma Lobbying; Robert Strang Undemocratic Tyrant
(5.10) BC Lobbying; Bonnie’s Ex-Mouthpiece Now AZ Lobbyist
(5.11) Counsel Public Affairs; Provincial Lobby; Ford Communications Director
(5.12) Loyalist Public Affairs: Ford/O’Toole Handlers Now With Pfizer
(5.13) Rubicon Strategy; AstraZeneca; Kenney/Ford Puppets
(5.14) Ensight Canada; Shoppers Drug Mart; Bipartisan Support
(5.15) BC Pharmacy Lobbying Association; myDNA; Tieleman; Henry; Dix; Sterilization
(5.16) Ford; Kenney; Wellington Advocacy; Faulty Rapid Tests
(5.17) Amber Ruddy, On CPC National Council, A Pharma Lobbyist
(5.18) Amber Ruddy Lobbying For Big Pharma To Have Your Medical Data
(5.19) Robert Batherson, CPC President, Starts Own Lobbying Firm
(5.20) Canadian Pharmaceutical Sciences Foundation Funded By Big Pharma
(5.21) Canadian Pharmacists Association: Subsidies While They Lobby Against You
(5.22) U.S. Council On Patient Safety: Women’s Health
(5.23) Emergent BioSolutions Lobbying All Federal Parties
(5.24) British Fertility Society Funded By Pharmaceutical Companies
(5.25) CDN Immunization Research Network Funded By Pfizer, GSK, Sanofi
(5.26) Pharma & Other Commercial Interests Keeping Ontario Closed
(5.27) Summer 2021 Edition Of Ontario Pharma Lobbyists
(5.28) Kory Teneycke, Rubicon Strategy, Military/Defense Lobbying

(A) 1961 UN Single Convention, Narcotic Drugs
(B) 1969 UN Vienna Convention, Law Of Treaties
(C) 1971 UN Conv. On Psychotropic Substances
(D) 1988 UN Conv. On Illegal Trafficing Of Drugs