CV #34: BC Encourages Degeneracy, Prostitution & Abortion During Pandemic (Infanticide #12)

Hard to believe, but this actually material that is on the site of the BC Center for Disease Control (BC CDC). How to “safely” behave in immoral ways, while being “safe” from covid-19.

1. Other Articles On CV “Planned-emic”

There is much more on the series available here. To understand what is really going on, look into the lobbying, conflicts of interest, corruption, and evidence of premeditation. Also, check out the page on abortion. Aborted babies are used as raw material for vaccine development. Nothing is what is appears to be. Also, check out this series for more information on the infanticide agenda.

2. BC CDC Promotes Use Of “Glory Holes”

Steps to protect yourself during sex
Here are some ways to lower the risk of being exposed to COVID-19 during sex with others:
Ask your partner(s) if they’re feeling unwell or have any symptoms of COVID-19.
Before and after sex:
-Wash your body with soap and water.
-Wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.
-Wash sex toys thoroughly with soap and water before and after use. Do not share them with multiple partners.
Wear a face covering or mask. Heavy breathing during sex can create more droplets that may transmit COVID-19.
-Avoid or limit kissing and saliva exchange.
-Choose sexual positions that limit face-to-face contact.
-Use barriers, like walls (e.g., glory holes), that allow for sexual contact but prevent close face-to-face contact.
Using condoms, lubricant, and dental dams may help to further reduce the risk by minimizing contact with saliva, semen and feces during sex.

One would think this is a parody, but it appears to be the actual BC CDC website. Recommending use of a “glory hole” or sex through a wall. Sounds gross and weird. (

Strangely, the BC CDC does recommend wearing a mask of face coverings in the meantime. Perhaps we need to draw the line somewhere. Or do they think couples will get turned on by it?

3. BC CDC Promotes Pornography As Alternative

If you’re feeling well and have no symptoms of COVID-19, you can have sex
You are your safest sex partner. Masturbating by yourself (solo sex) will not spread COVID-19. If you masturbate with a partner(s), physical distancing will lower your chance of getting COVID-19.
Virtual Sex:
Video dates, phone chats, sexting, online chat rooms and group cam rooms are ways to engage in sexual activity with no chance of spreading COVID-19. Be aware of the risks of sharing information or photos online, and web camming. Some people do not share personal information or show their face or other identifiable body parts, for more privacy.

Hard to tell if this is promoted as a safe alternative, or is just meant to break down what is considered normal behaviour.

4. BC CDC Gives Advice On “Safe” Hooking


We recognize that many sex workers continue to meet clients in-person and acknowledge the support
sex workers are providing each other during the COVID-19 pandemic
. The BC Centre for Disease Control
and the Ministry of Health have developed this guidance with a harm reduction lens to help reduce the
risks associated with in-person contact and to keep workers as well as clients safe from COVID-19 illness.

General Recommendations
● Wash hands regularly with plain soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds or use alcoholbased hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol content. Antibacterial soap is NOT required
● Cough into your elbow or cover your mouth and nose with a disposable tissue when you sneeze.
Immediately dispose of all used tissues in an appropriate waste bin and wash your hands right
● Do not touch your eyes, nose or mouth with unwashed hands
● Do not share food, drinks, unwashed utensils, cigarettes, vaping devices, joints, or bongs
● Do not work if you have flu-like symptoms, for example, cough, sneezing, fever, sore throat,
difficulty breathing

Interesting that in the recommendations, the BC CDC doesn’t suggest STOPPING prostitution as a way to protect people’s health.

5. BC CDC Guidelines On Mask Wearing

When to wear a mask
Wear a mask if you are sick
COVID-19 is spread through infected droplets from a sick person’s mouth or nose. Wearing a mask when you are sick, helps protect people around you from the droplets that carry the virus. However, wearing a mask while sick does not change the need to stay home. If you cannot physically distance yourself from others at home, a mask can help prevent the spread of germs within the household.
Learn more about the precautions you should take if you are sick.

Wear a mask if you are caring for someone with COVID-19
It is recommended to wear a medical/surgical mask if you are caring for a person with symptoms of COVID-19, especially if you will be in direct contact with a sick person’s droplets, saliva or body fluid.
If you do not have a medical/surgical mask, non-medical masks or facial coverings (e.g., homemade cloth masks, dust mask, bandanas) should be used by the person who is sick, as long as it does not make it more difficult to breathe, to reduce the spread of droplets containing the virus to others in the home. These non-medical masks may also be worn by any household member providing care to a person who is sick.
For more information see the guide for caregivers and household members of those with COVID.

Wearing a mask if you are healthy
If you are healthy, wearing a non-medical or cloth mask or face covering is a matter of personal choice and it might help to protect others. This is because some people can spread the virus when they have very mild symptoms or may not know that they are infected. In this case, wearing a mask can help protect others by containing your own droplets when talking, laughing, singing, coughing, or sneezing. Wearing a cloth mask might not protect you from COVID-19, but it is a good option in situations where you cannot keep a safe distance from others for an extended period of time, such as when you are on transit, getting a haircut or visiting someone indoors.

Apparently, the BC Center for Disease Control doesn’t think that healthy people should be wearing masks. Although they do seem to think it should be worn during sex. And the BC CDC does recommend “alternvative” positions to avoid face to face contact.

6. Abortions Ongoing During Pandemic

Don’t worry, being in the middle of a pandemic won’t eliminate your right to have an abortion. In fact, not only are abortions not stopping, they seem to be increasing. After all, if this isn’t the best time to preserve and cherish life, then what is?

Of course, it’s an open secret that aborted babies are used in the development of vaccines. Therefore, the people pushing the vaxx agenda would have a vested interest in seeing this increase.

7. BC CDC On Marriage Restrictions

At this time, all event organizers are ordered to limit all public gatherings larger than 50 people. This includes indoor and outdoor sporting events, conferences, meetings, concerts, theatres, religious gatherings or other similar events. A new order from May 22, 2020 replaces the March 16, 2020 order and includes an amendment of no more than 50 vehicles for outdoor drive-in events. See the latest Order of the Provincial Health Officer on Mass gatherings.

The timing for a safe restart for activities requiring large gatherings is still to be determined as part of Phase four of BC’s Restart Plan. Opening will be conditional on at least one of the following: wide vaccination, “community immunity” or broad successful treatments.

According to the BC CDC, large gatherings like weddings are off limits until there is wide spread vaccination. Just a suspicion though: this will only apply to straight couples. B.C. officials are very unlikely to refuse demands of accommodation by gays.

That’s right, your right to assemble in large groups has been capped at 50 people. And as BC Provincial Health Offier Bonnie Henry repeatedly says, there’s no science behind it (1:00 in video). One has to wonder if there will be any science behind the vaccines as well.

8. Control/Degeneracy Cloaked As Safety

For clarification, here is what is good:

  • Prostitution, if done safely
  • Pornography
  • Virtual Sex
  • Screwing through walls (glory holes)
  • Positions like anal
  • Abortion

Also, here is what is bad:

  • Marriages with very large families
  • Outings and family events
  • Religious gatherings of large people
  • Peaceful protests and assemblies

These are the public officials in charge of managing the Province, and they are some seriously screwed up priorities. This is not about public safety, and never has been. This is all about control.

CV #32: BC PHO Bonnie Henry Admits Contact Tracing, Not Science, Behind 50-Person Limit

Bonnie Henry states at 12:00 that gatherings of more than 50 people will “remain in place” until there is effective means to stop covid-19″. By effective means, that presumably refers to a vaccine, since that is what everyone else is pushing.

When the B.C. Government keeps talking about the “3 C”, they are repeating WHO talking points. Hardly a coincidence.

1. Other Articles On CV “Planned-emic”

For more on the coronavirus corruption, lobbying, influence peddling, globalism, and authoritarianism, check out the series main page. There is much more to this than what the media will share with you.

2. Henry Limits Gatherings Based On No Science

On March 12, Provincial Health Officer Bonnie Henry issued an order to cancel gatherings (at that time) if there would be more than 250 people. However, she admitted at 7:20 in the video that this is not scientific in any way, shape, or form.

3. BC Caps Gatherings At 50 People

At this time, all event organizers are ordered to limit all public gatherings larger than 50 people. This includes indoor and outdoor sporting events, conferences, meetings, concerts, theatres, religious gatherings or other similar events. A new order from May 22, 2020 replaces the March 16, 2020 order and includes an amendment of no more than 50 vehicles for outdoor drive-in events. See the latest Order of the Provincial Health Officer on Mass gatherings.

The timing for a safe restart for activities requiring large gatherings is still to be determined as part of Phase four of BC’s Restart Plan. Opening will be conditional on at least one of the following: wide vaccination, “community immunity” or broad successful treatments.

BC again reduced that mass gatherings down form 250 people to 50 people. Again, no science or rationale behind it, other than to exert control over people.

Also noteworthy is that there will be no return to normal without:

  • Vaccines
  • herd immunity
  • some medical treatment

Guess we know which one the pharmaceutical industry prefers.

4. Bonnie Henry Admits No Science In Policy

On May 25, 2020, BC Provincial Health Officer Bonnie Henry said that “50 cars” was included in the guidelines for limiting groups of people who can get together. At 1:05 she states that there is no real science behind these Provincial dictates.

TCN TV Network. This was January 25, 2021

5. Limits Don’t Apply To Grocery Stores

Many retail food and grocery stores owners have asked whether the Order prohibiting mass gatherings of 50 or more people applies to them. The mass gathering Order does not apply to grocery stores. It applies to one time or episodic events which could result in people gathering closely together. Nevertheless, the spirit of the order with respect to physical distancing should be followed. This means that, for example, in large grocery stores where it is feasible to have more than 50 people, while still following appropriate physical distancing, it is acceptable to have over 50 people present at one time. It is also important to ensure that physical distancing is maintained for customers who might be waiting in line (e.g., waiting to enter the store, to check out, or to pick up a product). See below for greater detail on calculating the number of people allowed in a

Apparently the 50 person limit does not apply to grocery stores. It seems that this virus is smart enough to know that it’s in a store, and the type of store it’s in.

6. Limits Don’t Apply In Childcare Settings

Mass Gatherings
The Provincial Health Officer’s Order for Mass Gatherings continues to prohibit gatherings and events of people in excess of 50 people, however this Order does not apply to child care settings. As such, there can be more than 50 children and staff at any given setting if they are not all in one area and if they are actively engaged in physical distancing to the greatest extent possible.

There is no evidence to support the use of medical grade, cloth, or homemade masks in child care setting at his time. Wearing one is a personal choice. It is important to treat people wearing masks with respect. More information about COVID-related mask use is available here.

It’s unclear what (if any) science if behind the daycare exemption. It is never specified. However, they say quite explicitly that masks are not effective.

7. It’s About Doing Contact Tracing

At 35:15, BC Provincial Health Officer Bonnie Henry admits that there is no real science behind only letting 50 people gather. She adds afterwards that a limit of 50 is what they think would make it easier to follow people and do contact tracing. So is ease of surveillance the real reason behind the 50 person cap?

At 47 minute mark Henry talks about people still coming on international flights. Instead of talking about shutting it all down, she focuses on more restrictions of rights here.

8. BC Doesn’t Know How Many Cases It Has

At 16:00 into the video, Bonnie Henry talks about the number of cases BC has. She admits she doesn’t know, and only has some vague idea. Apparently, the computer modelling will be telling the Province how many people actually have it.

Modelling? From Imperial College London? Or some other source? People who follow this site will know that modelling isn’t evidence of anything at all. Just as with the climate change models, outbreak models are simply guess made by feeding assumptions into a computer.

Yes, we shut down our society, and bankrupted the nation (as did others), because of predictions produced by biased and influenced “scientists”. Good job.

9. BC Considering Mandatory Masks

Henry said while the number of COVID-19 cases in B.C. doesn’t warrant a similar law, it may be needed in the future.
“We may, during the respiratory season, with a surge, we may require people to wear masks in some indoor situations,” said Henry. “If we start to see much more transmission in our communities.”
For now, she wants British Columbians to have a mask with them when they leave the house and expects to see people wearing them on transit, in small grocery stores and anywhere physical distancing is difficult or not possible.

Bonnie Henry is only saying she “expects” people in BC to be wearing masks, but isn’t mandating them yet. However, she makes it very clear that it could happen in the near future. Talk about gaslighting.

10. Bonnie Reiterates Need For Vaccines

Henry reiterates at 4:00 that there will be no return to normal until there is a vaccine or “effective treatment” whatever that means.

At 6:45, she drops another hint why the small group. It’s not about science, but about making contact tracing easier.

11. Who Else Wants Mandatory Vaccines?

(Bill Gates predicts no more mass gathering until vaccine developed.

(See 1:30 mark in this, or original video). Trudeau claims that “normalcy will not return without a vaccine that is widely available, and that could be a very long way off”.

(From March 30, 2020 public announcement). The Government of Alberta is stating is may very well be a year to develop a vaccine.

There shouldn’t be any doubt at this point that John Horgan, Adrian Dix, Bonnie Henry, and others in the B.C. Government are on board with the vaxx agenda. When they say “treatment”, what they really mean is a vaccine.

12. BC CDC Reports Vast Majority Recover

According to the BC Center for Disease Control (added July 23, 2020), some 2,898 out of 3,392 infected people (which is 85.4%) infected with CV have recovered. Only 3 are in intensive care.


It also has to be mentioned that governments around the world are heavily inflating their case count. So even their official numbers have to be taken with a grain of salt.

Also, governments frequently omit to mention that the overwhelming majority of these serious cases involve patients with many underlying health problems.

13. Only Option Is Fighting Back

The B.C. Government has made is clear that they have no intention of eliminating the “population control measures” that are keeping everyone in limbo until they are injected with who knows what.

This “pandemic” was never meant to be ended. The goalposts will always be shifted so that new measures can be introduced, and to make it harder to question previous agendas.

There is no reasoning with or negotiating with such a group, or any government at this point. They are all on board with the depopulation plan.

Heritage #3: Annexation Makes UNESCO Sites World’s 2nd Largest “Country”

1. Understanding Our History

CLICK HERE, for #1: UN Declaration on Rights of Indigenous Peoples.
CLICK HERE, for #2: Indian Act of Canada, wards of the Crown.

2. Important Links

CLICK HERE, for who actually owns UNESCO heritage sites.
CLICK HERE, for UNESCO site closures/openings.
CLICK HERE, for UNESCO UK information page.
CLICK HERE, for Wikipedia on national land areas.
CLICK HERE, for UNESCO site listings by country.
CLICK HERE, for the Paris Club website.
Debt for Nature Swaps _ UNDP (1)
CLICK HERE, for Argentina debt-for-nature swap.

CLICK HERE, for previous piece on UN New Development Financing.

3. Who Actually Owns UNESCO Sites?

Who owns a site once it’s inscribed on the World Heritage List?
The site is the property of the country on whose territory it is located, but it is considered in the interest of the international community to protect the site for future generations. Its protection and preservation becomes a concern of the international World Heritage community as a whole.

An interesting explanation. So the host nation owns it, but is not allowed to do anything with it unless approved by the international community. Perhaps it’s like renting an apartment: it’s your space, but the interest of the landlord.

4. How Many UNESCO Sites Are There?

This includes the closure of natural and cultural World Heritage sites in the 167 countries they are located in. Please consider the following when reviewing the map:
The World Heritage Convention has been ratified by 193 States Parties but only 167 countries have properties on UNESCO’s World Heritage List;
The List includes a total of 1,121 natural, cultural and mixed World Heritage sites;
In some countries with federal systems there may be a different approach for certain areas within the country;
For some types of sites such as city centres, urban ensembles or agricultural landscapes access may be still possible to certain public areas of the sites, while other parts of the site may be closed, including site museums, visitor centres, religious or emblematic buildings;
For some countries, sites are being re-opened, such as in China;
While sites are closed, monitoring activities by site management may continue, especially for natural sites, including by anti-poaching units, monitoring by satellite images or drones and emergency interventions, for example in case of fires.

According to UNESCO, there are 1,121 UNESCO sites across the world. Now, it must be asked how big they are collectively.

5. How Large Are UNESCO Sites In Total?

The research demonstrates that UNESCO designations deliver the UK’s commitment to creating a more sustainable, peaceful and equitable future at a local, national and international level. It provides governments, stakeholders, communities, designations and the public an opportunity to understand the contribution a global network covering 12% of the UK, or 10 million km2 globally (equivalent to the size of Canada) makes.

According to UNESCO UK, 12% of Britain is considered a UNESCO heritage site. In total, approximately the area of Canada is formed by these different sites.

Rank Country, Region Area (square km)
1 Russia 17,098,246
n/a Antarctica 14,000,000
2 Canada 9,984,670
3 China 9,596,961
4 United States 9,833,517
5 Brazil 8,515,767
6 Australia 7,692,024
7 India 3,287,263

According to Wikipedia, the national land areas are distributed as such. If UNESCO heritage sites were combined, those 10 million square kilometers would actually make it the second largest mass, after Russia. Keep in mind, that while the countries still “own” the heritage sites, they are considered to be the interest of the international community.

6. Canada’s Various UNESCO Heritage Sites

Year Site
1978 Nahanni National Park
1978 L’Anse aux Meadows National Historic Site
1979 Dinosaur Provincial Park
1979/92/94 Tatshenshini-Alsek
1981 SGang Gwaay
1981 Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump
1983 Wood Buffalo National Park
1984/1990 Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks
1985 Historic District of Old Québec
1987 Gros Morne National Park
1995 Old Town Lunenburg
1995 Waterton Glacier International Peace Park
1999 Miguasha National Park
2007 Rideau Canal
2008 Joggins Fossil Cliffs
2012 Landscape of Grand Pré
2013 Red Bay Basque Whaling Station
2016 Mistaken Point
2019 Writing-on-Stone / Áísínai’pi

Over the last 50 years Canada has piece-by-piece been giving away parts of itself to UNESCO as “heritage sites”. And again, while it’s stated that we still own the property, it’s considered to be in the interest of the so-called global community. In reality, we don’t have control over them.

7. UN Debt-Land Conversion Mechanism: Usury

(Page 88, 56 in document)
Debt-for-nature swaps Debt conversion first emerged, in the guise of debt-for-nature swaps, during the 1980s debt crisis, following an opinion article by Thomas Lovejoy, then Executive Vice-President of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), in the New York Times in 1984. Lovejoy argued that a developing country’s external debt could be reduced (also providing tax relief to participating creditor banks) in exchange for the country’s taking measures to address environmental challenges. Estimates based on Sheikh (2010) and Buckley, ed. (2011) suggest that between $1.1 billion and $1.5 billion of debt has been exchanged through debt-for-nature swaps since the mid–1980s, although it is not possible to assess how much of this constitutes IDF, for the reasons discussed in box III.1

There have been two basic forms of debt-for-nature exchanges (Buckley and Freeland, 2011). In the first, part of a country’s external debt is purchased by an environmental non-governmental organization and offered to the debtor for cancellation in exchange for a commitment to protect a particular area of land. Such transactions occurred mainly in the late 1980s and 1990s and were generally relatively small-scale. An early example was a 1987 deal under which Conservation International, a Washington, D.C.-based environmental non-governmental organization, bought $650,000 of the commercial bank debt of Bolivia (now Plurinational State of Bolivia) in the secondary market for $100,000, and exchanged this for shares in a company established to preserve 3.7 million acres of forest and grassland surrounding the Beni Biosphere Reserve in the north-east part of the country.

In the second form, debt is exchanged for local currency (often at a discount), which is then used by local conservation groups or government agencies to fund projects in the debtor country. Swaps of this kind are generally much larger, and have predominated since the 1990s. The largest such swap came in 1991, when a group of bilateral creditors agreed to channel principal and interest payments of $473 million (in local currency) into Poland’s Ecofund set up to finance projects designed to counter environmental deterioration. The EcoFund financed 1,500 programmes between 1992 and 2007, providing grants for conservation projects relating to cross-border air pollution, climate change, biological diversity and the clean-up of the Baltic Sea (Buckley and Freeland, 2011).

This is nothing short of predatory lending and usury. Lending out large sums of money (often debt financed by donor countries), to other countries who can’t pay it back. The debts can be forgiven in return for consideration, such as rendering sections of land unavailable for use.

In short, these lands are taken away in return for debt forgiveness.
See the more sinister variation at the end.

It should be pointed out that UNESCO is not the only organization that is involved in debt swaps. There are private groups that do it too.

8. The Paris Club – Debt Swapper

The Paris Club is just one group that is involved in the debt swaps when countries can’t afford to make payments on their debts. While presented as harmless, it takes away national sovereignty. Keep in mind, that the average citizen isn’t responsible for racking up this debt.

9. UN Development Program

Debt for Nature Swaps _ UNDP (1)

The UN Development Program also runs a version of the same scheme. Here is a short guide they provide on the details.

10. Argentina Debt-For-Nature Swap

WASHINGTON, D.C., August 19, 2004 – The United States Government and the Government of Panama signed a debt-for-nature swap agreement today that will reduce the sovereign debt of the Government of Panama and help conserve 579,000 hectares (over 2,200 square miles) of tropical rainforest, an area larger than the State of Delaware. The deal will fund conservation efforts in a portion of the Darién National Park, an area of dense rainforest, sandy beaches, freshwater marshes and rocky coasts that is environmentally, anthropologically and historically rich.

The park has been officially recognized by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization as a World Heritage site and as a Biosphere Reserve. It is located in an ecologically vital area that forms a land-bridge between the North and South American continents. The region is home three major indigenous groups, the Emberá, Waunaan and Kunas, who continue to live by traditional practices. The Darién coast was explored by Christopher Columbus in 1502 and visited by Spanish conquistadors. The Darién Gap region is inhabited by numerous rare animal species, including the jaguar, white-lipped peccary, giant anteater, bush dog, mantled howler monkey and harpy eagle (Panama’s national bird).

And with that, a piece of land larger than the State of Delaware has been signed over to UNESCO, in return for having some of its debt reduced. Remember, while the land officially stays in the hands of the country, it is now considered the interest of the global community.

In addition to the debt-for-nature swaps, there are also debt-for-health swaps. These can be even more nefarious.

11. UN Debt-Vaccine Conversion Mechanism

Look familiar? In Part 14 we mentioned IFFIm, the International Finance Facility for Immunization. How this works is that nations make legally binding pledges to IFFIm. IFFIm then takes those pledges and issues bonds to the World Bank, who sells them on the open market. Money then goes to World Bank, who gives it to IFFIm, who in turn provides it to GAVI. GAVI (also funded by Gates), uses it for vaccine research and development.

A reasonable person may ask why not give the money directly to GAVI. That’s because other people can’t line their pocket it that happened.

Funnelling money through “vaccine bonds” does nothing except allow others to skim from it. Now, what happens to the money that actually does arrive? It’s used in another predatory way.

(Page 89, 57 in document)
Debt2Health Since the development of debt swaps in the 1980s, there has been a diversification of their uses to encompass social projects, most recently in the area of health under the Debt2Health initiative, which was launched by the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria in 2007 to harness additional resources for its programmes. Under Debt2Health, a donor country agrees to reduce part of a loan ineligible for debt relief under global initiatives such as the HIPC and Multilateral Debt Reduction Initiatives, in exchange for a commitment by the debtor to invest (in local currency) half of the nominal value of the debt in programmes approved by the Global Fund. The Global Fund is committed to devoting all of the funds thus generated to financing programmes in the country rather than overhead costs (Buckley, 2011c)

This is an alternative to the debt-for-nature swap. Want your debt forgiven? Take your sterilizing and possibly paralysing vaccines.

12. Taking Advantage Of Desperate People

A lot of the loans and conditional foreign aid are not free. They come with strings attached.

Loans are handed out with terms that cannot possibly be met. What happens afterwards is an “arrangement” to cancel or reduce the debt. This can require ceding control over part of the land to outsiders, or having to play along with a certain agenda.

A variation of that is the debt-for-health swap, where debt is forgiven in return for adopting certain health measures. This includes vaccines, which can cripple or kill.

One has to wonder how UNESCO got its 1,121 heritage sites.

CV #30: Plant Based Vaccine Being Developed By GSK & Medicago, And More

1. Other Articles On CV “Planned-emic”

This series continues into the lies, distortions and manipulations of the coronavirus industry. In order to understand why it’s happening, it’s necessary to show the lobbying, influence peddling and money trail that is going on. This is a multi billion dollar industry, and a lot of people have a vested interest in prolonging it.

2. Important Links

CLICK HERE, for the Federal Lobbying Registry.

3. Piece On Big PMI Tobacco/Vaccine

An interesting article by Civilian Intelligence Network on big tobacco and its role in the development of a CV vaccine. Very detailed, go take a look. Philip Morris is involved in many surprising things.

4. Plant-Based Vaccine In The Works

(Reuters) – The world’s largest vaccine-maker GSK has put its vaccine booster technology to work in a potential new COVID-19 shot, to be developed with a Canadian biopharmaceutical company backed by tobacco company Philip Morris.

Rather than developing its own vaccine in the global race to combat the pandemic, GSK has instead focused on contributing its adjuvant technology to at least seven other global companies, including Sanofi and China’s Clover.

There are no approved vaccines for the respiratory illness caused by the new coronavirus, but 19 vaccines are being trialed in humans globally and some treatments, such as Gilead’s remdesivir, have been approved in certain regions.

GSK said on Tuesday the companies aimed to make their vaccine available in the first half of next year and produce about 100 million doses by the end of 2021. An early-stage human trial of three different dosage levels is expected to begin in mid-July.

Medicago, headquartered in Quebec City, Canada, is privately owned. PMI has a 33% stake, and Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma holds the remainder.

This seems to be for real, a plant-based vaccine to the alleged CV pandemic. However, there are a lot of things to consider, especially who is behind this vaccine. It’s also worth looking at the lobbying and influence peddling that goes on.

In its press release, GSK outlined the agreement and pointed out that Medicago is 2/3 owned by Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma (MTPC), and 1/3 by Philip Morris International (PMI). Apparently Philip Morris — yes the cigarette company — is reconsidering its ownership stake in Medicago.

So GlaxoSmithKline and Medicago are going to develop a plant-based vaccine. Let’s take a look into them.

5. Gates Foundation A Regular Donor To GSK

Year Amount Purpose
Nov 2011 $16,956,274 HIV research
Nov 2012 $2,098,761 HIV research
Nov 2013 $2,347,273 TB/Malaria
Oct 2014 $1,281,469 Ebola vaccine
Nov 2014 $6,000,000 Adjuvanted vaccines
Nov 2014 $14,060,000 RTS,S, Malaria
Nov 2014 $1,199,441 Malaria/TB/HIV
Jan 2015 $1,291,432 Malaria/TB
Dec 2015 $10,799,189 Shigella vaccine
Oct 2016 $1,511,994 Malaria testing
Apr 2017 $687,790 Pathogen research
Aug 2017 $1,801,900 TB drugs
Nov 2017 $320,265 Malaria control
Nov 2018 $4,992,331 Shigella serotypes

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has donated millions to GSK, (GlaxoSmithKline), in recent years. Gates seems to be 100% behind the vaxx agenda.

The Gates Foundation Trust, which is a separate entity from the Foundation, holds millions in stocks and bonds of various pharmaceutical companies. Part 21 of this series laid out some of the vast financial ties Bill Gates has to the pharmaceutical industry.

It should also be noted that the Gates Foundation has heavily financed Imperial College London, and Neil Ferguson’s bogus computer models. It also owns virus patents, and is heavily involved in ID2020.

6. Gates/GSK Partnered In AbCellera Grant

This a bit of a side track, but worth mentioning briefly. It was covered in Part 14 of the series that the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and GlaxoSmithKline, were 2 of the partners in the May 2020 grant of $175.6 from the Canadian taxpayers to the company AbCellera.

7. Crestview Lobbyists Hired By GSK

At one time GlaxoSmithKline has 2 registered lobbyists from Crestview Strategy: Chad Rogers and Kate Moseley-Williams. However, there are no filed communications reports. A bit strange to recruit but not use them. However, looking at the other GSK records, there are over 200 reports filed from other people going back to 1996.

Why care about Crestview Strategy? Because they are the same firm that GAVI (funded by Gates), was using to lobby the Trudeau Government over the last few years.

However, Kate Moseley-William did lobby the Ontario Government in 2019 on behalf of GSK. And bit of information: on June 29, 2020, 8 lobbyists from GSK met with ON officials.

8. GSK’s Heavy Lobbying In U.S.

According to Open Secrets, GlaxoSmithKline spends a few million every year lobbying in the U.S., and has anywhere from 10 to 60 lobbyists on the payroll. But that probably has no influence on its ability to get FDA approval on its products.

9. Medicago ON VLP/Plant Technology

In very broad strokes, Medicago would be using plants to generate VLP (virus-like particles) which replicate CV and can be given to people to develop immunity. Replicating a previous technique for CV is essentially the partnership that GSK and Medicago would be involved in.

10. Crestview’s Jason Clark Now With Medicago

An interesting fact: Crestview Strategy lobbyist Jason Clark, previously lobbied both the Prime Minister’s Office, and the Office of the Official Opposition. Addressed in Part 4, this was done on behalf of GAVI, whom he proudly represented. Now, Clark is registered as a lobbyist with Medicago.

11. Ex-Crestview Lobbyist Jennifer Babcock

Jennifer Babcock has been a registered lobbyist both for GAVI, and for Medicago. Incidently, she has also been a lobbyist for Merck, and for the Alliance for Safe Online Pharmacies.

In fact many lobbyists for the firm Crestview Strategy have had Medicago as a client. Another firm, Magnet Strategy Group, has also worked with Medicago. As the information should make clear, the goal of the lobbying is getting funding from the various Governments.

12. Medicago Co-Owner PMI, Heated Cigs

On Tuesday, the FDA authorized Philip Morris’s IQOS, an electrically heated tobacco unit, to be marketed as an MRTP (modified risk tobacco product). IQOS is the first and only electronic nicotine product to get authorization from the FDA to be marketed as an MRTP. The company claims that the product is fundamentally different from other tobacco products and also a better choice for smokers.

The FDA stated that IQOS heats tobacco and doesn’t burn it. The process significantly reduces the production of harmful chemicals. Smokers will be less exposed to harmful chemicals by switching completely to IQOS. The FDA concluded that IQOS could benefit tobacco users and non-tobacco smokers based on the current evidence.

Philip Morris International (which owns 1/3 of Medicago) just received FDA approval to sell electronically heated tobacco, which they market as a healthier choice for smokers. Rather than get people off cigarettes, a new model is pitched.

There seems to be some cognitive dissonance here. This group helping to develop a vaccine to save lives is also developing a new form of smoking to help kill people. But business is business I guess.

Interestingly, Philip Morris has suggested selling its 1/3 share of Medicago.

13. WHO Statement On Vaccine Collaboration

We are scientists, physicians, funders and manufacturers who have come together as part of an international collaboration, coordinated by the World Health Organization (WHO), to help speed the availability of a vaccine against COVID-19. While a vaccine for general use takes time to develop, a vaccine may ultimately be instrumental in controlling this worldwide pandemic. In the interim, we applaud the implementation of community intervention measures that reduce spread of the virus and protect people, including vulnerable populations, and pledge to use the time gained by the widespread adoption of such measures to develop a vaccine as rapidly as possible. We will continue efforts to strengthen the unprecedented worldwide collaboration, cooperation and sharing of data already underway. We believe these efforts will help reduce inefficiencies and duplication of effort, and we will work tenaciously to increase the likelihood that one or more safe and effective vaccines will soon be made available to all.

To anyone who thinks that this is only a passing phase, it’s not. There are many players who are vested in seeing some sort of vaccine(s) come out, regardless of whether it’s needed.

14. WHO Considering Many Vaccines


For some context, it must be noted that there are many companies working to develop a vaccine using different approaches. This was from the World Health Organization in April. There aren’t any plant based vaccines listed, but perhaps the revised list will change that.

Non-Replicating Viral Vector
Adenovirus Type 5 Vector
CanSino Biological Inc./Beijing Institute of Biotechnology

DNA DNA plasmid vaccine
Electroporation device
Inovio Pharmaceuticals

LNPencapsulated mRNA

DNA with electroporation
Karolinska Institute / Cobra Biologics (OPENCORONA Project)

DNA plasmid vaccine
Osaka University/ AnGes/ Takara Bio

Takis/Applied DNA Sciences/Evvivax

Plasmid DNA, Needle-Free Delivery
Immunomic Therapeutics, Inc./EpiVax, Inc./PharmaJet, Inc.

On second thought, considering what the World Health Organization is allowing to go forward, maybe a plant based virus isn’t as bad as some other options.

15. Saini’s M-132 Ensures Canada’s Participation

It was outlined in Part 7 and Part 9 of the series how Motion M-132 was introduced in the fall of 2017. Hearings were held with lobbyists in 2018, and the findings were formally adopted in March 2019. This motion ensures Canada will be continuously funding vaccine research for Canada and the world. What convenient timing to clear legislative hurdles.

Of course the murders of Barry and Honey Sherman in late 2017 were convenient as well. We wouldn’t want any possible virus cure being readily available. Where’s the profit in that?

16. Nothing Stops This (Vaccine) Train

It’s obvious that there are many, MANY players pushing the vaccine agenda. There’s surely billions of dollars at stake for whoever comes up with a vaccine first.

Sure, people like Bill Gates are eugenicists obsessed with world depopulation. Sure, WHO modelling, predictions, and case counts are repeatedly wrong. And sure, some Western politicians like their newfound sense of absolute power. But the business interests cannot be overlooked.

This plant-based vaccine is just the tip of the iceberg.

CV #26(C): Exposing The Lies Of The Inflated Death Tolls

The BBC reported that the World Health Organization had changed its position on face masks due to political pressure, not science.

1. Other Articles On CV “Planned-emic”

This series continues into the lies, distortions and manipulations of the coronavirus industry. In order to understand why it’s happening, it’s necessary to show the lobbying, influence peddling and money trail that is going on. This is a multi billion dollar industry, and a lot of people have a vested interest in prolonging it.

Part 1: Gates; Pirbright Institute; Virus Patents
Part 3: Gates, GAVI, ID2020, Agenda 2030, WHO, CDC
Part 4: Gates using proxies to lobby Trudeau
Part 9: M-132, pharma lobbying hearings in Canada
Part 11: Pharma lobbying in Ontario, Bill 160 stalled
Part 14: lobbying behind $176M grant to AbCellera
Part 18: Vaccine bonds industry rising up
Part 21: Pharma lobbying by Gates’ many allies
Part 24: Gates financing Imperial College London models

2. Tactic Of Inflating The Total Deaths

In most cases, if you want to convince people that a big lie is true, different tactics will be needed. For the coronavirus planned-emic, this is no different. Originally, people in the West were told this was no big deal. Then suddenly, the narrative shifted to one of an urgent pandemic.

However, the lies that governments and the media tell are being exposed. The hype, the overdramatization, and the falsified death tolls are coming out. That’s what the bulk of this article will focus on. And more and more people are seeing through this hoax.

What comes next? There has been a shift as of late to prepare “for the second wave”. Now public figures state that what we saw wasn’t too bad, and that there is still worse to come.

3. Reported Death Tolls Are Based On Lies

Despite the media’s complicity in perpetuating the coronavirus planned-emic, there are many instances of some very powerful people telling the truth. They are just getting lost in the mix, or they change their tune. Here are some of them.

Now let’s go through the evidence.

4. WHO Waffles, Asymptomatic Transmission

Both videos, here, and here, are of Maria Van Kerkhove, head of the World Health Organization’s emerging diseases and zoonosis unit. First, she claims that asymptomatic transfer of this virus is extremely rare. Obvious question, where are the numbers coming from if asymptomatic transfer is so rare? This statement would indicate that the lockdown and shutdown measures are unnecessary, and should be immediately ended. That is the logical conclusion. Then she claims that an estimated 6% to 41% of the global population may be infected but not have symptoms. Supposedly they think it’s around 16%, but refused to disclose how that estimate was arrived at. So nearly half the population could be infected already.

5. Center For Disease Control Guidelines


COVID-19 should be reported on the death certificate for all decedents where the disease caused or is assumed to have caused or contributed to death. Certifiers should include as much detail as possible based on their knowledge of the case, medical records, laboratory testing, etc. If the decedent had other chronic conditions such as COPD or asthma that may have also contributed, these conditions can be reported in Part II. (See attached Guidance for Certifying COVID-19 Deaths)

The CDC, the Center for Disease Control, has issues new guidelines which make it easy to declare deaths to be the result of coronavirus, based on “presumption”, not any actual knowledge. Seems easy to fudge the results, especially when there is a financial incentive for doing so.

6. CDC Admits 94% Deaths Weren’t CV Alone

Table 3 shows the types of health conditions and contributing causes mentioned in conjunction with deaths involving coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). For 6% of the deaths, COVID-19 was the only cause mentioned. For deaths with conditions or causes in addition to COVID-19, on average, there were 2.6 additional conditions or causes per death. The number of deaths with each condition or cause is shown for all deaths and by age groups.

The CDC Admits that 94% of deaths had at least one other major co-morbidity. The actual mortality rate of coronavirus is actually much lower.

7. Deborah Birx, White House

Perhaps Anthony Fauci thinks that Deborah Birx is lying when she stated that the virus death tolls are being inflated. Apparently, simply having the virus and dying with it can be conflated as dying from it. However, on a May 2 followup interview, Birx repeatedly dodged that same question about inflation of CV deaths.

8. Anthony Fauci Lies About Masks

Anthony Fauci later claimed he only recommended against masks in order to prevent a buying spree which would have left no masks available for health care workers. Motives aside, he blatantly lied to the public. In the third video, he appears to take the mask off as soon as the cameras are off. But remember, trust the experts and official sources. True, this does not “directly” have to do with inflated number of cases. However, if Fauci is willing to perpetuate this hoax, it’s fair to assume he would go along with inflating the number of CV deaths.

9. State Of Colorado Conflating Cases

The State of Colorado was recently exposed for inflating the death toll for how it calculates CV deaths. Check out their reporting and the inflation that has been exposed.

10. Minnesota Senator, Dr. Scott Jensen

Dr. Scott Jensen, also a Minnesota State Senator, shares what he received with regarding classifying deaths are CV deaths. Involves fudging the cause of death.

11. Mobile County, Alabama Health Dept.

In Mobile County, Alabama there was at least one case (that’s been admitted to) that a death unrelated to CV was written up as a CV death. The State Health Department claims it was just a “clerical error”, and that there was no ill intent.

12. Washington State Health Dept.


As of May 18, the Washington State Department of Health (DOH) has reported 18,433 cases of Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) and 1,001 deaths in Washington state due to the virus.

However, Freedom Foundation research indicates DOH’s reported COVID-19 death total is inflated by as much as 13 percent due to state’s practice of counting every person who tests positive for COVID-19 and subsequently dies, even if the death was not caused by COVID-19.

On Friday, the Colorado Department of Health and Environment revised that state’s total deaths “due to” COVID-19 downward from 1,150 to 878 after local news reported the state was inflating its fatality count in a similar fashion.

Freedom Foundation reported that Washington State has been inflating the death toll by including people who have died while having the disease, but not actually dying from it.

13. Montana Physician Dr. Annie Bukacek

There is a talk by Montana physician Dr. Annie Bukacek on how COVID 19 death certificates are being manipulated. Actual CV deaths and “presumptive” deaths are being conflated.

14. Pennsylvania Counting “Probable” Cases

The Government of Pennsylvania claims that it is a very small number (about 2%) of total deaths which are considered probable. One has to wonder how many autopsies were actually done.

15. New York State Counting “Probable” Cases

Still, quantifying fatalities and the mortality rate remains elusive. Case in point: New York City. As the New York Times reported yesterday, Gotham’s Health Department abruptly added 3,700 victims to the COVID-19 death toll even though these decedents were not tested.

Despite the lack of coronavirus diagnoses in these cases, the inference that it was a factor in death (or, as the city insists, the proximate cause) is not irrational. The Health Department says that 3,000 more people died in the last month than would ordinarily have been expected in the City this time of year. The City has been vexed by the sparse availability of testing. By counting only people who had tested positive, it was surely undercounting COVID-19 deaths to some degree.

One has to wonder how New York got to be the so-called epicenter of this outbreak. Was it just assuming that people who died has died of this virus, without doing any testing?

16. Motorcycle Crash In Florida, COD Is CV-19

A motorcycle crash in Florida which killed someone was written up as CV-19. There was some “justification” that well, CV-19 could have led to it. There are also very vague guidelines which allow fudging the numbers.

17. Illnois Counting “With” CV As “From” CV

Also in Illinois, simply dying while having this virus is enough to be “counted” as a covid death, even if it was something else entirely that did the person in.

18. White House Press Core Knows It’s A Hoax

Reporters at the White House press briefings where masks when the press conferences are going on. But they know that the masks (and the death tolls), are all just a show to keep the public in line.

19. Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister

Trudeau dodging questions about his hypocrisy in attending race-protests. Shutting down the country is necessary for public safety, but protesting woke causes doesn’t pose a serious risk. Okay, sure.

Now, it’s been addressed elsewhere that this is likely just his double, but that’s a story for another time.

20. Theresa Tam, CPHO Head, WHO Operative

Tam can’t even give a straight answer on whether the test results are accurate. Of course, it’s hard to take this “person” seriously when publicly saying that participating in race riots is not dangerous to public health. And let’s not forget about this 2010 film that Tam co-starred in.

Tam admits that the overwhelming majority of people have already recovered — without an vaccine — yet still pushes the agenda.

Also, protesting woke causes apparently doesn’t lead to more cases. Tam claimed the protests on “systemic racism” didn’t lead to more cases.

21. Quebec Gov’t Doesn’t Want Autopsies

The Government of Quebec decided that in cases where CV was suspected in a death, there was to be no autopsy. Instead, the cause of death was to be ruled as CV-19.

22. ON Admits 50% Are False Postives

People really think that testing is going to solve the entire problem, and it isn’t. It’s one component of a response. If you test someone today, you only know if they’re infected today. And in fact, of you’re testing in a population that doesn’t have very much covid, you’ll get false positives, almost half the time. That is, the person doesn’t actually have covid. They have something else. They may have nothing. So, it will just complicate the picture. On the other hand, if we have evidence of a case, even a suspect case in school, all the contacts, be it a child or a teacher, would be tested.

Associate Medical Health Officer of Ontario, Barbara Yaffe, admits that the CV tests are pretty useless, and can result in up to 50% false positives. It can be nothing, or it can be something else.

Of course, Doug Ford won’t give a straight answer when called out on it. He seems to try to make himself blameless by always deferring to someone else. Not that he’s the Premier or anything.

23. Ontario Government, Doug Ford

Ontario Premier Ford, and Health Minister Elliot admit there have been cases where CV was written up as the cause of death, even when that was not the case. No amount of sugar coating can hide it.

Ford admitted on Twitter on August 11, 2020, that there are duplicate cases being counted.

24. Admission From Toronto Public Health

Toronto Public Health has admitted to fabricating its death toll. If a person dies WITH coronavirus, it is reported that they died BECAUSE of coronavirus. These are two entirely different things.

25. Niagara Region

The Niagara Region case count.

26. Thunder Bay District Health Unit

Information from the Thunder Bay District Health Unit

Same problem in Hamilton.

27. The United Kingdom (Great Britain)

This seems to apply to all regions within the UK.

Total number of people who had a positive test result for COVID-19 and died within 28 days of the first positive test, reported on or up to the date of death or reporting date (depending on availability).

People who died more than 28 days after their first positive test are not included, whether or not COVID-19 was the cause of death. People who died within 28 days of a positive test are included: the actual cause of death may not be COVID-19 in all cases. People who died from COVID-19 but had not been tested or had not tested positive are not included.

Death data can be presented by when death occurred (date of death) or when the death was reported (date reported) and the availability of each of these time series varies by area:

28. Problem Is Being Artificially Inflated

So who is claiming that the death tolls are exaggerated, or outright made up? Here is the list again. Despite this, our freedoms are still being taken away. Take a good long look at it.

  1. The World Health Organization
  2. The White House, Deborah Birx
  3. The CDC, Center for Disease Control
  4. Anthony Fauci, NIAID Director
  5. The State of Colorado
  6. Dr. Scott Jenson, MN State Senator
  7. The Mobile County, Alabama Health Department
  8. The Washington State Department of Health
  9. Dr. Annie Bukacek, from Montana State
  10. Public Health of Pennsylvania State
  11. Health Department of New York State
  12. A motorcycle crash death in Florida was considered CV-19
  13. Illinois lists “dying with” covid as “dying of” covid
  14. White House Press Core
  15. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau
  16. Theresa Tam, CPHO Director
  17. The Province of Quebec on determining deaths
  18. The Ontario Government of Doug Ford
  19. Toronto Public Health, Mayor John Tory
  20. Niagara Region Health Department
  21. Thunder Bay District Health Unit
  22. Hamilton Health Unit
  23. The United Kingdom (Great Britain)

Here are concrete examples, (among others), that coronavirus death counts are being inflated. How is this so? Because if a person does WITH this virus, it is counted as being the CAUSE OF the deaths, even when the deaths had nothing to do with the virus. In short, various governments are blatantly lying to their people in order to justify draconian measures.

How much more evidence do you need?

29.Bonnie Henry Admits There Is No Science

Watch starting around the 35:15 mark. BC Provincial Health Officer Bonnie Henry admits that there was no science behind the decision to limit gatherings to 50 people.

30. UK Test Mixes CV And Flu

31. Diversion To Mass Asymptomatic Cases

On June 9, the World Health Organization responded to considerable confusion from an earlier statement that asymptomatic transmission was very rare. They now believe (or claim to believe) that the actual 6% and 41% of the general population is infected but not showing symptoms. That said, they estimate that it is close to 16%, or 1 in 6 people globally.

So if between 468 million and 3.2 billion people are already infected, but asymptomatic, what exactly are you planning to do?

Other variations of that are coming up, but the new narrative seems to be that infection rate is far, far beyond what was originally thought. Obvious question: if up to half the planet is infected, and there are no symptoms, what exactly is the health crisis?

The World Economic Forum is now promoting the same narrative, that there are many times more infected people than originally thought. They estimate (using Chinese data), that 80% of people infected have little to no symptoms.

Obvious question: if people are infected on such a level and not dying, how will the scam keep going? That takes us to the new narrative ==> prepare for the second wave.

32. Diversion To: 2nd Wave Is Coming

A quick search will reveal hundreds of articles and videos, telling people that the second wave is coming and that we need to prepare. Incidently, the renewed pressure to get everyone wearing masks is at least partly to keep a continuous reminder that there is a pandemic.

Since Western governments aren’t slaughtering millions of people (at least for now), it’s necessary to keep people constantly aware that there is a pandemic. They have to know that their lives are in constant danger.

What does Victorian Premier Dan Andrews have to say?
“changing behaviour”
“changing your routine”
“changing your habits”
“changing your routine”
“making it so you can’t leave home without one”

The lies about the death toll are being exposed. Therefore the powers that be need to shift the narrative to one where the worst is still to come.

The reality is that this quest for control is a long term plan. They have no intention of just giving up on it, regardless of what we expose.

CV #26(B): WHO Lies About Asymptomic Transmission To Perpetuate Hoax

1. Other Articles On CV “Planned-emic”

This has been a lengthy series on the lies, distortions and manipulations of the coronavirus industry. In order to understand why it’s happening, it’s necessary to show the lobbying, influence peddling and money trail that is going on. This is a multi billion dollar industry, and a lot of people have a vested interest in prolonging it.

2. WHO Claims Asymptomatic Transfer Rare

Maria Van Kerkhove, head of the World Health Organization’s emerging diseases and zoonosis unit, claims that asymptomatic transfer of this virus is extremely rare. This statement would indicate that the lockdown and shutdown measures are unnecessary, and should be immediately ended. That is the logical conclusion.

3. WHO Immediately Flip Flops On Position

Looking at this “revised” statement, Maria Van Kerkhove now claims that an estimated 6% to 41% of the global population may be infected but not have symptoms. Supposedly they think it’s around 16%, but refused to disclose how that estimate was arrived at. So nearly half the population could be infected already.

There’s also a Clinton-esque parsing of words. Apparently, “very rare” doesn’t actually mean “very rare.

Let’s do some quick math.
There are 7.8 billion people on the planet as of March 2020 (according to Wikipedia). Let’s take that at face value here.

At 6% infection, there would be 468 million infected people.
At 16% infection, there would be 1.248 billion infected people.
At 41% infection, there would be 3.198 billion infected people.

Also keep in mind those estimates are from nearly a month ago. It is surely higher now. It was reported on June 18 by Reuters, that CV deaths had exceeded 500,000. Okay, let’s use that.

If 6% is infected, then 500,000/468M = 0.107% mortality.
If 16% is infected, then 500,000/1.248B = 0.04% mortality.
If 41% is infected, then 500,000/3.198B = 0.016% mortality.

For some context, using WHO’s “estimates” of 6-41% of asymptomatic global infection (which is almost a month old), try this. If you had a town of 100,000 people, and 100% had the virus, between 16 and 107 of them would die from it.

Does this sound very deadly?

Of course, we should also point out that the overwhelming majority of people had underlying health problems, and that many jurisdictions are deliberately inflating their death tolls. There are skeptics (such as me), who wonder if this virus was a hoax to begin with.

4. WHO Additionally “Clarifies” Itself

Apparently, they have no idea how many people are infected but show no symptoms. WHO also doesn’t have a clue how many asymptomatic people can go on to infect others.

Also, singing and shouting seem to be a health hazard, since it will infect people a distance away, even though WHO doesn’t know how often this actually happens. Even giving WHO the benefit of the doubt every step of the way (and assuming there is no intentional deceit), it becomes clear they don’t have a clue what they’re doing.

5. WHO: Transmission Is An Evolving Science

Supposedly the WHO has said since early February that spreading by asymptomatic people is possible, but that they didn’t know the degree of which it happens. That’s not very encouraging. The position, in a nutshell: we don’t have a clue how this spreads or transmits, so let’s just shut down society and see what happens.

6. WHO: Woke Protests Don’t Spread CV

At 3:27 in the video, Trudeau talks about loosening the “population control measures”. Yes, he actually used that term. This was always about control, and never about public health.

Some will remember that Theresa Tam (who also works for the World Health Organization), said that protesting certain causes is okay and can be done safely. Just remember to wear a mask, and don’t shout. Very interesting. Walking the wrong way down a grocery aisle is a safety issue, but mass gatherings to protest “systematic racism” can be done without spiking the cases.

7. WHO: Confirmed Cases Just Tip Of Iceberg

According to Theresa Tam, who again, works for the World Health Organization, the number of laboratory confirmed cases is just the tip of the iceberg. This implies that it is many, MANY times higher than what it is thought to be. Isn’t is reasonable to infer that if such widespread infection has already happened, that this “virus” isn’t nearly as deadly as originally thought?

Oddly, in the video, Tam talks in circles to avoid answering the question as to whether the testing numbers are accurate.

So which is it?
Is this a virus that is spread extremely easily, that many millions of people are already infected, but that it’s not really that deadly a disease? Or is it a deadly virus that relatively few people have, and it’s not easily spreading? It can’t simultaneously be both cases.

8. Canada Planning For Second Wave

This could just be poor wording, but Ottawa is supposedly planning (did they mean “preparing”?), for a second wave of this virus.

These statements seem to be contradictory to what was said before. If the number of official cases was just the tip of the iceberg (and WHO estimates 6% to 41% are already infected, how exactly would a second wave happen? Society is already infected on a huge scale.

If this transmissibility rate is anywhere near accurate, then the population is already infected, rending this second wave a non-issue. This of course assumes that CV-19 is a real thing, and not a media concoction.

Remember, in it’s “clarified” statement, the World Health Organization said that it estimates that between 6% and 41% of the population is already infected, and figures that the real total is close to 16%.

9. Death Tolls All Based On Lies

Perhaps Anthony Fauci thinks that Deborah Birx is lying when she stated that the virus death tolls are being inflated. Apparently, simply having the virus and dying with it can be conflated as dying from it.

It’s been admitted by

(among others), that coronavirus death counts are being inflated. How is this so? Because if a person does WITH this virus, it is counted as being the CAUSE OF the deaths, even when the deaths had nothing to do with the virus. In short, various governments are blatantly lying to their people in order to justify draconian measures.

10. This Is All About Control

The measures we are seeing have nothing to do with promoting or protecting public health. They are not about making society a healthier place to be.

This is all about control. It’s about controlling your ability to earn a living, travel, go about your daily life, attend mass and other gatherings. This was never about helping the population. As Trudeau (or his double), put it, this is about “controlling” the population.

Just to repeat: the World Health Organization estimates that between 6% and 41% of the population is infected, and believes it is close to 16% (or about 1 in 6 total).

At 6% infection, there would be 468 million infected people.
At 16% infection, there would be 1.248 billion infected people.
At 41% infection, there would be 3.198 billion infected people.

If 6% is infected, then 500,000/468M = 0.107% mortality.
If 16% is infected, then 500,000/1.248B = 0.04% mortality.
If 41% is infected, then 500,000/3.198B = 0.016% mortality.

If people are willing to accept “this” as normal, then they will likely accept anything, such as vaccines and implanted ID. Of course, people need to think that this is a real pandemic. They need to believe that this is a deadly virus and easily transmissible.

Final thought: does this virus even really exist?