Border Security: Miscellaneous Reviews

(1.1) Review of Abuse in S3CA
(1.2) S3CA Requires Consultation Of UNHCR/NGOs
(1.3) UN: “Irregular Migrants” v.s. Smuggled In
(1.4) UN Research On Smuggling (Cont’d)
(1.5) Work Permits For Fake Refugees
(1.6) Politicians Deliberately Keep Border Open
(1.7) College Finances Illegal Alien Students
(2.1) Ottawa Mass Migration Conference, May 2019
(2.2) Review of World Border Congress
(3.1) Suing For Right To Illegally Enter US
(3.2) Who’s Using Courts To Open Canada’s Borders
(3.3) Amnesty International’s Zionist Roots
(3.4) CDN Council For Refugees’ Lobbying Efforts
(4.1) CBC Promotes Open Borders In Europe
(4.2) CBC Criticises Border Walls
(5.1) 22M+ Illegal Aliens in US, Amnesties
(5.2) Amnesty For Illegals: New Program
(6.1) Illegal Immigration Often Smuggling/Trafficking
(6.2) DNA Testing To Spot Fake Families
(6.3) Sanctuary Cities Erase Borders
(6.4) Sanctuary Cities (Toronto) Help Conceal Smuggling/Trafficking
(6.5) Open Borders Facilitate Trafficking & Smuggling
(6.6) Hague Convention On Abducted Children Undermined Locally
(7.1) CANZUK Erases Borders & Sovereignty
(7.2) CANZUK, Other Recent Trade Deals
(7.3) Many Desire To Expand CANZUK Zone
(8) Canada Needs a Real Entry/Exit Tracking System
(9) May: IISD; Sierra Club, Trudeau Foundation
(10) Catherine McKenna: Canadian Lawyers Abroad
(11.1) Trudeau Foundation, Media Covering
(11.2) Trudeau Foundation: Mockingbird Media Of Canada
(12) Borders Kept Open During Pandemic, Foreigners Flood In

Talk with UNHCR over refugee push into Canada