IMM #6(B): The Case AGAINST Economic Immigration Into The West

1. Mass LEGAL Immigration In Canada

Despite what many think, LEGAL immigration into Canada is actually a much larger threat than illegal aliens, given the true scale of the replacement that is happening. What was founded as a European (British) colony is becoming unrecognizable due to forced demographic changes. There are also social, economic, environmental and voting changes to consider. See this Canadian series, and the UN programs for more detail. Politicians, the media, and so-called “experts” have no interest in coming clean on this.

CLICK HERE, for UN Genocide Prevention/Punishment Convention.
CLICK HERE, for Barcelona Declaration & Kalergi Plan.
CLICK HERE, for UN Kalergi Plan (population replacement).
CLICK HERE, for UN replacement efforts since 1974.
CLICK HERE, for tracing steps of UN replacement agenda.

Note: If there are errors in calculating the totals, please speak up. Information is of no use to the public if it isn’t accurate.

2. Annual Immigration Reports To Parliament

3. Context For This Article

It has been covered before about the problems that immigration bring related to cultural incompatibility. Importing large numbers of very different people — year after year — leads to balkanization and fragmentation of a society. Indeed, multiculturalism is a complete lie. It never works.

However, this article focuses on the economic harm that immigration brings to Western nations. The claims that globalist politicians and businesses make don’t stand up any level of scrutiny.

4. TFW Program Used To Lower Wages

These are supposed to be extraordinary permits available to fill an immediate need for skilled workers when there just aren’t any Canadians available. However, a quick look at the list demonstrates that most of the jobs are in the fast food and service sector. According to the Conservatives, Canada has a chronic shortness of short order cooks, pizza makers, and retail and bank workers. All the major banks are on the list, along with most of the big retailers like Walmart, Sears, and Gap. Almost every university in Canada is on the list too, for some reason. Is the program used to bring in foreign academics? Not sure. The National Post is there, as is many divisions of Rogers’ Communications. Think of a company that operates in Canada, and there’s a good chance they have used foreign workers under the Tory scheme.
The Conservatives allow employers to pay the foreign workers 15% less than the average market rate. This incentivizes the use of foreign workers over Canadian workers. I can offer no explanation as to why our government thinks that is good economic policy

This was widely reported in 2013, that the Temporary Foreign Worker Program is being used like this since it offers employers financial incentives to hire foreigners over Canadians.

Let’s start with a simple concept in economics: supply and demand. When there is a high supply of something, there will be a relatively low demand for it, which can drop prices. Inversely, having a lower demand will raise the demand for it, thus raising the prices.

Now take that concept and apply it to employment. The supply here is the amount of workers available, and the demand being a price of their labour (wages). When an area, or even just an industry, is oversaturated with potential workers, it becomes an employer’s market. Companies are able to get people to work for less money and little or no benefits, since their is a surplus of workers to choose from. However, when there is no surplus of workers — or just a small one — workers are better able to secure higher wages and better provide for families.

5. Jason Kenney’s Duplicitous TFW “Reductions”

To offer greater clarity and transparency, the current TFWP is being reorganized and new International Mobility Programs (IMPs) are being created. The TFWP will now refer to those streams under which foreign workers enter Canada at the request of employers following approval through a new Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). The new IMPs will incorporate those streams in which foreign nationals are not subject to an LMIA, and whose primary objective is to advance Canada’s broad economic and cultural national interest, rather than filling particular jobs. These reorganized programs will improve accountability, with Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) being the lead department for the TFWP, and Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) the lead department for the IMPs. In addition, ESDC will publicly post data on the number of positions for temporary foreign workers approved through the TFWP on a quarterly basis, and will post the names of corporations that receive permission to hire temporary foreign workers through LMIAs.

The Government here is being extremely disingenuous about the “reduction” of temporary foreign workers being allowed into Canada. In response to public outrage about the size and scale of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program, then Immigration Minister Jason Kenney promised to fix it.

However, these “fixes” resulted in the International Mobility Program being vastly expanded while the TFWP was shrunk. The actual number of temporary workers remained about the same.

Side note: True North’s Candice Malcolm and Kasra Nejatian were both staffers for Kenney while this was happening.

6. Students Used To Drive Down Wages

Year Stu TFWP IMP Total
2003 61,293 82,151 143,444

2004 56,536 90,668 147,204

2005 57,476 99,146 156,622

2006 61,703 112,658 174,361

2007 64,636 165,198 229,834

2008 79,509 192,519 272,028

2009 85,140 178,478 263,618

2010 96,157 182,276 278,433

2011 98,383 190,842 289,225

2012 104,810 213,573 318,383

2013 111,865 221,310 333,175

2014 127,698 95,086 197,924 420,078

2015 219,143 73,016 175,967 468,126

2016 265,111 78,402 207,829 551,342

2017 317,328 78,788 224,033 620,149

2018 356,876 84,229 255,034 696,139

For some context: Canada went from admitting 60,000 student visas in 2003 to almost 360,000 in 2018. That is nearly 6 times as large over a 15 year span. Additionally, we went from about 80,000 temporary work visas in 2003 to over 320,000 (TFWP and IMP combined) in 2018.

Students are allowed to work 20 hours per week when school is in session, and an unlimited number of hours otherwise. Although there were once restrictions on where students could work, that is not the case anymore. The student visa effectively doubles as an open work permit.

Two other points to note: first is that student visas can be extended under a variety of circumstances. So that 2 year visa for a college program, or 4 year visa for a university degree may go longer.

Second, there are a variety of options to stay longer in Canada. There are the Provincial Nominee Programs, and various pilot programs. But the big one is the Post Graduate Work Program, which offers a 3 year open work permit to graduates. Of course that 3 year visa can be extended in some cases.

7. New Graduates Can’t Find Work in Field

In the absence of reliable data, labour market experts encourage students to do their own research in fields they’re interested in, paying special attention to where those jobs are located. (The Canadian Chamber of Commerce forecasts thousands of job openings by the end of the decade in mining, construction, trucking, food processing and tourism. The health-care field, meanwhile, is full of promising careers.)

Research is important because colleges and universities don’t typically warn students about a program’s poor job outlook before they enrol. And while many post-secondary programs try to match their enrolment numbers to real opportunities, others blindly offer a similar number of places year after year. Some observers question why hundreds of students are still accepted annually into programs in journalism, for example, a field that is eliminating rather than creating jobs.

Depending on the source of information, other programs with poor prospects may also include biology and certain manufacturing-related trades. Contrary to conventional wisdom, the trades are not promising across the board: Carpenters, for example, are an “occupation in excess supply,” at least according to federal data. Even law, a perennial destination for seekers of high salaries, is getting too crowded: Canadian Lawyer magazine reported in December that between 10% and 15% of qualified law school graduates, or some 400 a year, cannot find articling positions after graduation.

This National Post article is from 2013, but the same issues are still present today, just more pronounced. If specialised fields are already saturated, and Canadian graduates cannot get meaningful work, then how does bringing in many more foreign graduates make their situation any better?

8. High Skill Workers Being Replaced

If large numbers of recent graduates can’t find work in their fields, one has to reasonably ask what is the purpose of importing so-called skilled workers. Are we really unable to find doctors, nurses, accountants, engineers, scientists, trades workers, or computer programmers? Are Canadian colleges and universities turning out hundreds of thousands of grads who are completely useless? In that case, why are we accepting so many foreign students if our education system is such garbage?

This is again a case of supply and demand. By flooding the country with a high supply of foreign labour, the relative demand for the work gets driven down. Consequently, it puts downward pressure on wages.

Talking heads frequently tout immigration as a solution to filling “the jobs that Canadians don’t want to do”. However, it is also used for the type of work that is considered professional or skilled or semi-skilled. Mass migration advocates care little — if at all — at the societal impacts of flooding the market.

9. Low Skill Workers Being Replaced

While immigration advocates play down how they try to import a replacement work force for high skilled work, they are quite open about using it to fill low-skill, low-wage work. This of course includes restaurants, retail, grocery stores, agriculture and similar work.

What about young Canadians looking to find work for the first time? What about older ones who don’t have any specialization or skill? What happens to them? Are they now forced to compete with foreigners who are often willing to work for less? Does this become a race to the bottom for wages and benefits?

10. Work Permits For Illegals

There are a number of cases to point out, but let’s just to name a few here. First, there are several sanctuary cities in Canada which allow illegal aliens to work and receive social services — despite being in the country illegally. Second, Toronto started a pilot program in 2019 to give 500 workers, and their families, a pathway to permanent residence and citizenship if they would work in construction in the GTA. Third, our politicians seem to have no real concern with expediting health benefits and work permits for people entering the country illegally.

People working illegally also have the effect of further driving down wages for Canadians. How so? Because without a right to work legally, many will work under the table but for far less than a legal resident. This means jobs that could have been done by locals are scooped up and removed from the pool.

11. Pathways To Remaining In Canada

This has been addressed in other articles, but there are many paths for “temporary” migrants to remain in Canada. The typical Canadian has no idea. Globalist mainstream parties open advocate for the PR pipeline that undermines our sovereignty.

12. Immigration To High Unemployment Areas

The Maritimes Region of Canada encompasses Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland & Labrador, and Prince Edward Island. These Provinces routinely have high unemployment, with people claiming that there is little to no work available around.

If this were true, why in the world would we need specific programs like the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program to specifically target this region? Wouldn’t putting locals to work first be the much better option?

Or is this just an excuse to flood the region with cheap replacement labour and ultimately replace the population?

13. Remittances Draining National Coffers

The Vancouver Sun reported on World Bank estimates that in 2012, Canada sent approximately $24 billion out of the country. That’s right, economic immigration cost Canada $24 billion. More recent estimates have been $25 billion in 2017 and $28 billion in 2018. Keep in mind these are just estimates and nowhere near exact.

CLICK HERE, for World Bank, remittances in 2013.
CLICK HERE, for World Bank, remittances in 2015.
CLICK HERE, for World Bank, remittances in 2016.
CLICK HERE, for World Bank, remittances in 2017.
CLICK HERE, for World Bank, remittances in 2018.

Global Remittances In Recent Years

Year Total ($B) To 1st World To 3rd World Diff.
2013 $581B $177B $404B $227B
2014 $592B $162B $430B $268B
2015 $582B $142B $440B $298B
2016 $573B $144B $429B $285B
2017 $613B $147B $466B $319B
2018 $689B $161B $528B $367B

Hundreds of billions of dollars are sent abroad annually. The bulk of it is money being sent from the 1st World back to the 3rd. Far from immigration (temporary or permanent), being a boon for the local economy, it results in huge amounts of money being drained. Yet advocates for mass migration routinely leave this detail out.

14. Burden On Social Services


I’m a bit hesitant to use this, given that Fraser Institute is part of Atlas Network, and heavily Koch funded. Nonetheless, it does get into the overall burden that immigration has consistently had, at a net loss of several thousand dollars per person. Worth a read.

We propose changes in Canada’s immigrant selection process that are not anti-immigrant, but are instead aimed at replacing the present failed system with one that uses market forces to select immigrants and thus to determine the level of annual inflows. The basic instrument proposed for the selection of immigrants is reliance on legitimate job offers issued by approved Canadian employers. This private system is to be supervised by the government to ensure those immigrants’ earnings are high enough to prevent the imposition of fiscal burdens and that immigrants do not pose a risk to public health and safety.

In other words, the Fraser report has no problems with importing a replacement population, but would rather it be one of high skilled people in order to offset increased strain on social services. Never mind what the added supply of workers would do to average wages overall.

It points out that family reunification is essentially a humanitarian gesture with no real economic benefit, which is true. However, the focus solely on benefits v.s. costs comes across as rather cold.

15. Brain Drain From Developing Nations

From 2003 to 2013, the number of scientists and engineers residing in the US grew from 21.6 million to 29 million. An important factor in this growth has been immigration. In 2013, 18% (5.2 million) of the scientists and engineers residing in the United States were immigrants whereas in 2003, 16% (3.4 million) were immigrants.

The most common broad fields of study for immigrant scientists and engineers in 2013 were engineering, computer and mathematical sciences, and social and related sciences.

“India’s huge population of talented youth means that we have enough young minds who can contribute to India from India and to India from outside India. We must continue to develop more excellent institutions and opportunities here so that the best have avenues here and not only abroad. This development of excellence is indeed happening,” Vijay Raghavan, secretary department of biotechnology, told HT.

RA Mashelkar, former director general, CSIR, said: “We need to create an environment in which innovation flourishes. Otherwise the innovators will either play safe and not innovate, or they will leave to become a part of other societies, which encourage innovation.”

He said, “A fraction of the scientists and engineers are returning. Assuming 15% of them are the ones that have come back, it is just 30,000. May be 20,000 have come back to new IISERs, IITs, central universities, industrial R&D centres, etc. Put together, it means less than 50,000 have come back. This is just 5% of 9,500,000 immigrants in the US.”

What we have here is a situation where people are leaving India in droves to get to the West. And this applies to many fields, not just STEM. The result is young adults turning their back on the country that raised them and making a new life. While it may be beneficial to them and their immediate families, what happens to the communities who provided education and other social services? What happens when medical professionals are trained at public expense, and then they leave the country?

Those advocating mass migration to the West rarely if ever address this point. The places that these professionals leave will be worse off, as their talent has all been lured away.

While huge influxes from India (and other nations) are serving to drive down wages in the West, it creates a shortage of talent back at home.

16. Immigration/Globalization Have Parallels

Senator Bernie Sanders was for many years a fierce opponent of bringing in large numbers of people into the U.S., and it would have the effect of depressing wages. He also made the connection between globalization (free trade), and immigration, as both tend to gut the middle class.

Although Sanders is American, the same principles apply here as well. Mass migration and free trade are devastating the middle class of Canada. CANZUK is an obvious example of a treaty that does both.

(a) In a free trade system, jobs get sent overseas to where things can be made cheaper, which will DECREASE the supply of jobs in Canada.

(b) With open immigration, people can come to Canada freely, which will INCREASE the demand for what jobs remain.

In a situation where you have many more people competing for far fewer jobs, what happens to the wages? They are driven down, and this is a policy conservative politicians in general support.

17. Inflating The Pension Ponzi Scheme

One of the reasons globalists claim that continuous immigration is needed is to fund pension plans. The reasoning goes that more workers means more money deducted for C.P.P., which means seniors can get paid.

An obvious flaw in that theory: eventually all of those workers will get old as well. That means that they will start collecting on their pension benefits. You know, the people whose deductions we took to pay off old obligations. This type of system is predicated on a permanently expanding population, which of course is not possible.

Another big problem is that the typical person receiving a pension gets nowhere near what they paid into it. Remember, employers also kick in a matching 5% contribution. And should a person die early, their heirs will receive only a small portion as a payout.

18. Spies In Canadian Universities

The Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) said on Tuesday that it routinely meets with universities to warn them of risks. The Globe and Mail reported this week that at least nine Canadian postsecondary institutions have conducted joint studies in recent years with researchers from Chinese military institutions, including the People’s Liberation Army Information Engineering University, China’s Air Defence College and the elite National University of Defense Technology.

In general, Canadian university policies require joint research to be published openly.

The collaborations, however, have raised concern that Canada’s academic establishment has become a target for Chinese intelligence-gathering, as Beijing conducts a sweeping technological modernization of its armed forces. Some Chinese defence scientists working with Canadian scholars have used the names of what appear to be non-existent civilian institutions rather than citing their military credentials in joint publications. Collaborative work with Canada has included advances in secure communications and satellite-image processing, technologies that have civilian and military value.

A report this week by the Australian Strategic Policy Institute found three Canadian universities among the global top 10 in publishing joint research with Chinese military scholars. The institute tabulated 687 academic papers co-authored by Canadian academics with Chinese defence researchers.

Universities said federal authorities determine which foreign researchers are allowed into Canada.

Sure, having open admissions to Canadian colleges and universities ensures a steady flow of students and of tuition dollars coming to Canada. That being said, perhaps national security should place somewhere higher up in terms of priorities.

If someone is born in China, raised in China, has extended family in China, and is ethnically Chinese, then does simply giving them a passport and immigration paperwork magically make them Canadian?

19. CV “Planned-emic” A Potential Plus

The coronavirus “planned-emic” is another large series on this site. While it clearly is a fraud designed to loot national treasuries and strip citizens of their rights, there may be a potential benefit.

Immigration as a general premise is harmful to society. The diversity causes fragmentation and balkanization, while economic immigration has many of its own downsides. A benefit in all of this would be to drastically cut immigration — permanently — if not go for an outright moratorium.

But do our leaders look towards this obvious solution while we have sky-high unemployment? No, they would have to care about their citizens.

20. Conservative Inc. Is Part Of The Problem

CLICK HERE, for Rempel tweet #1.
CLICK HERE, for Rempel tweet #2.
CLICK HERE, for Rempel tweet #3.
CLICK HERE, for Rempel tweet #4.

Michelle Rempel was previously the Immigration Critic in the Parliament. She doesn’t know (or at least claims to not know) that Temporary Foreign Workers have pathways to stay. It’s pretty disgusting to see that she views immigration simply as filling labour needs, which means a surplus of workers. There’s no regard for social cohesion or any of the costs to these policies.

21. Why Not Have More Canadian Children?

Obvious question, but if we truly need more people to work on farms, take both high and low skilled jobs, and to help fund pensions, why are we importing people? Why not push programs to get Canadian families having more children? Nations like Hungary do it, with great success.

Instead of importing a replacement population to fulfill these so-called economic needs, why not get larger Canadian families doing this? This will be born Canadian, and grow up Canadian. They won’t be foreigners with a visa.

Something like this perhaps. Instead of the endless problems that diversity and multiculturalism bring, have larger families within Canada. Rather than all of the economic issues with large scale immigration, raise the next generation here.

Thoughts On The “Conservative Inc.” National Debate

1. Overall Impression

Just let it implode.

That’s the reaction I got from watching the CPC debate. Real issues were shoved aside in favour of extremely superficial discussion. Granted, political debates are rarely meant to be engaging and in depth, and this was no exception.

This could be easily forgiven if official platforms and discussions were in depth on the important matters. However, that doesn’t appear to be the case.

If this group represents the future of the Conservative Party of Canada, then it’s probably best to just let the party collapse, and focus on other alternatives. It is every bit as globalist as the Liberal Party, and meaningful differences are few and far between.

2. Border Security & Enforcement

While Conservatives used to brag about how they would close the loophole in the Safe Third Country Agreement, that talking point seems to have dropped from their agendas. True, the agreement was modified, but many of the same issues still exist.

Of course they don’t mentioned that they never implemented a proper entry/exit system either, despite a recent decade in power. They never brought up that S3CA was drafted in such a way that the United Nations was a party to it, and consultations were required. They didn’t ever address the NGOs (many Jewish) who have been fighting in court for decades to keep the Canada/U.S. border open. Conservatives also downplayed the expediting of work permits to illegals, and amnesty for illegals.

It would be nice for conservatives to address abominations like Sanctuary Cities, which encourage and reward people for being in the country illegally. However, few seem to care.

In fact, conservatives have been, and remain, complicit, in ensuring that there isn’t any real border security in Canada. Closing the Safe 3rd Country Agreement is just a tiny piece of it. There is silence on so much else.

3. True Scale Of Immigration Into Canada

This has been brought up repeatedly on this site, but the “official” immigration numbers in no way reflect the number of people actually entering Canada with some pathway to stay longer. Each year, hundreds of thousands of students and “temporary” workers enter Canada. But this is noticeably absent from the discussion. Remittances drain our national coffers, pilot programs are varied and numerous, immigration is pushed even during times of high unemployment, and rich people can simply purchase a pathway to permanent residence. These are just a few examples of the mess that is the Canadian immigration system.

This also should be noted: every year thousands of “inadmissibles” are denied entry originally, but then allowed in LEGALLY anyway. What’s even the point?

This also ties back to the last section. Since Canada doesn’t actually have a proper entry/exit system in place, how can he ensure that students and temporary workers, (and the inadmissibles) are actually leaving the country afterwards?

Sloan (to his credit), made a few vague references to reducing immigration, but has never addressed the true size of the problem.

4. Lack Of Transparency On CANZUK

O’Toole repeatedly brought up CANZUK as a free trade agreement between Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. What he left out was that CANZUK also has a free movement provision, which allows citizens to freely move between countries. O’Toole deliberately omits as well that he fully intends to expand CANZUK to other nations as well. Watch 2:00 in the video.

5. Continued Population Replacement

(Page 18 of the 2004 Annual Report to Parliament)

(Page 24 of the 2005 Annual Report to Parliament)

(Page 18, 19 of the 2006 Annual Report to Parliament)

(Page 19, 20 of the 2007 Annual Report to Parliament)

(Page 21, 22 of the 2008 Annual Report to Parliament)

(Page 16 of the 2009 Annual Report to Parliament)

(Page 14 of the 2010 Annual Report to Parliament)

(Page 18 of the 2011 Annual Report to Parliament)

(Page 15 of the 2012 Annual Report to Parliament)

(Page 19 of the 2013 Annual Report to Parliament)

(Page 16 of the 2014 Annual Report to Parliament)

(Page 16 of the 2015 Annual Report to Parliament)

(Page 10 of the 2016 Annual Report to Parliament)

(Page 14 of the 2017 Annual Report to Parliament)

(Page 28 of the 2018 Annual Report to Parliament)

(Page 36 of the 2019 Annual Report to Parliament)

This is by no means everyone entering Canada, but does demonstrate a point. In recent decades, immigration to Canada has overwhelmingly been from the 3rd world. This has resulted in irreversible demographic changes, to balkanization, and to a society where many feel no need to integrate.

Instead of addressing this, the candidates all cucked hard at the issue of “systemic racism. Instead of calling out the farce being played out live, they all submitted. Candidates all, to various degrees, played along with the horrors that people of colour experience on a daily basis.

Never mind that the only group that it’s legal to discriminate against is whites. In particular this means white men. This display was truly revolting to watch.

6. Silence On “Gladue Rights” Hypocrisy

If conservatives really wanted to address inequality in the criminal justice system, they could have brought up “Gladue rights”, which entrench special rights and considerations for Aboriginals and blacks. This abomination has been upheld as legal by the Supreme Court of Canada, and is now commonplace in criminal courts. Yes, we actually have race-based-discounts in criminal courts, even in sentencing. If this isn’t systematic racism, then what is?

Critics have claimed this is necessary, given the overrepresentation in prisons. While there is overrepresentation, these same critics try to avoid the key issue: CRIME RATES. They will look to any other reason to explain this disparity, other than actual criminal behaviour.

It was Gladue rights that allowed Terri McClintic to go to a healing lodge, for a brief period at least. This has been the law since the 1990s, but yet no one in power talks about that systemic racism.

7. International Banking Cartel

While Conservatives do whine about the debt, they deliberately avoid discussing WHY the situation is so bad. Specifically, since 1974, Canada has been borrowing primarily from private sources. Money is always artificially created, but when it’s owed to – say the Bank of Canada – the debt stays in Canadian hands. It can be paid off or cancelled at any time. Not the case when it is private institutions doing this.

In fact, over 90% of Canada’s national debt has been from accumulated interest. Liberals and Conservatives alike play along with this fraud, ensuring the balance grows.

Canada currently owes about 30% to foreign interests, which give them great leverage over us. Despite vague talking points, supporters have never been able to explain how private loans reduce inflation, and even if true, why this is better than simply using the Bank of Canada. Worse, Conservatives were in power when this was challenged in court by COMER, so they can’t claim ignorance on the issue.

Fiscal conservatives will always focus on a symptom (the debt), and not on the disease (the international banking cartel). They are complicit in helping this scheme along.

8. Silence On Climate Change Scam

I can’t even be happy about the approach here, and this is why. It’s another case of the Conservatives focusing on symptoms (Paris Accord, Carbon tax), while ignoring the underlying disease (the climate change industry). The candidates repeatedly say that the Carbon tax is an ineffective means for implementing a climate plan. The point to Provincial court challenges, while omitting that they are really just a form of controlled opposition.

The problem is that the entire climate change industry is built on lies and deception. Carbon Dioxide is plant food, and playing along with this hoax does not serve Canadians’ interests in the slightest. Broadly speaking, money which Western nations provide (with debt of course), are used for climate bonds, and predatory loans to the 3rd world.

None of this benefits Canadians, nor helps the environment in any way. Yet conservatives are quite willing to play along with the agenda, even if they claim to oppose the Carbon tax.

9. Support For Internationalist Agenda

Throughout the “debate”, candidates were criticizing Trudeau for how he handles affairs internationally.

Problem is, they criticize his handing of it only. They have no problem with the agendas themselves. Conservatives have no issue with being in bed with the U.N., or groups like the Trilateral Commission, the Bank for International Settlements, the World Trade Organization, CANZUK, or supporting agreements like the USMCA or the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

To reiterate: conservatives are only being critical for how Trudeau handles the globalism agenda. They have no problem with the agenda itself.

10. Two-Faced On Trade Protectionism

This was amusing to see the mental gymnastics at play. The Conservatives support the globalized trade agenda: NAFTA; (it’s successor USMCA); CANZUK; Trans-Pacific Partnership; FIPA, and countless more deals.

Problem is, as long as a part supports the offshoring agenda, they will never believe in protectionist policies. While all candidates gave lip service to wanting to be self sufficient, the reality is that they don’t. Keeping control over the production of essential goods necessitates protectionist policies — and an anti-free trade mentality. Conservative policies over the years have directly contributed to the dependence on foreign powers that are hostile to us.

11. Social Conservatives Thrown Under Bus

There was some talk from all candidates about the need for a “bigger tent”, and for bringing social conservatives in.

The problem is: there’s no sincerity behind this movement. Social conservatives are nothing more than a voting base to be tapped into. This party supports diversity, multiculturalism, gay “marriage”, the gender agenda, widespread abortion, and other non-traditional beliefs. In fact, the more diverse a country becomes, the less there is to conserve socially.

Read between the lines here. Soc-Cons are to be used as a vote supplement, nothing more.

12. Shift From Identity To “Values”

A major problem with conservatives is that they don’t believe that national identity is worth protecting. Whether it be demographics, culture, language, heritage, customs, traditions, religion, etc… As such, they don’t make any effort (other than platitudes), to preserve the makeup of the country.

Instead, they go with the much more vague and malleable notion of “values”. These are simply ideas that can be changed or watered down to suit political purposes.

13. Miscellaneous Points To Add

(Peter Mackay pledges – in writing – no merger with Alliance if he wins)

(Peter MacKay sticking the knife in again?)

MacKay has been around for a long time, and was involved in Harper’s globalist agenda all along. He and Maxime Bernier helped with the 2007 endorsement of the UN Parliamentary Assembly vote. There’s also his history of stabbing his colleagues in the back, from David Orchard to Andrew Scheer. MacKay is also connected to the Desmarais family, having previously dated Paul Desmarais Jr.’s daughter.

Aside from pandering constantly, O’Toole has tweeted out that he is a shill for foreign interests, or one in particular. Makes ones reasonably question his loyalty and commitment to Canada. Also noteworthy is that he spent a few years at the (now defunct) law firm of Heenan Blaikie. This is the same firm Jean Chretien and Pierre Trudeau worked at. It had also been infiltrated heavily by the Desmarais Family.


Dr. Lewis graduated magna cum laude from the University of Toronto (Trinity College). Thereafter, she obtained a Juris Doctorate from Osgoode Hall Law School, a Masters in Environmental Studies from York University, with a Concentration in Business and the Environment from the Schulich School of Business, and completed a PhD from Osgoode Hall Law School, York University. Dr. Lewis is the Managing Partner of Lewis Law Professional Corporation and has developed a specialized commercial litigation and international contract trade practice which focuses on energy policy. She has two decades of strong litigation experience beginning with some of the strongest Bay Street law firms, prior to starting this firm. She has published numerous articles in peer reviewed journals on international law, contracts, climate change and the feed-in-tariff system in renewable energy projects. Her local practice focuses on corporate commercial, real estate and estates, while her international practice is concentrated in the area of cross-border services including immigration, energy law.

While career politicians are distasteful as a rule, Leslyn seems to have come out of nowhere. She finished her PhD dissertation in 2019, at the age of 48. She seems professionally invested in the climate change scam and to have a globalist/internationalist mindset. Not sure this is the best choice for a party that desperately needs to ditch its globalist ties.

14. Forced VS Optional Vaccines

It was nice to hear the candidates say that no vaccines would ever be forced on Canadians — an obvious reference to the CV planned-emic. However, a point has to be made about that.

WHY are they so okay with vaccines in the first place? Given the deception and lies behind the reporting and the overblown nature, why aren’t they questioning the vaxx agenda itself? Why aren’t they questioning the rampant lobbying and conflict of interest here? Instead, the “opposition” seems limited as to whether vaccines should be made mandatory.

15. Just Let It Implode

This is some random tweet referring to the Republican Party in the United States. However, the exact same reasoning applies to “conservative” parties in Canada. They co-opt and corrupt nationalist and populist movements in order to incorporate (or appear to incorporate) them into their platform.

The result is that an extremely watered down — or non-existent — version of populist sentiment gets put into the mainstream. This is where puppet journalists obediently parrot the talking points and deceive the public.

The Conservative Party of Canada is not worth saving, or reforming, or overhauling. It needs to die. With it out of the way, more nationalist leaning alternatives can flourish and grow.

Petition Launched To Repatriate Jagmeet Singh To India (Satire)

(Little brother is a sweetheart, isn’t he?)

(Singh: our culture is the best)

1. Petition To Repatriate Jagmeet Singh

Petition E-33666 is available to be signed, and it is sponsored by JagsBigBeard, of the Parody Cabinet. The petition calls for aid and assistance to help repatriate Jagmeet Singh to India, where he will be free from the systemic racism that exists in Canada.

Tempers flared after a motion introduced by Singh, condemning “systemic racism” in the RCMP. It seems that drawing such a conclusion offended a lot of people.

Singh was asked about the modification to the RCMP uniform, which allows members to wear turbans instead of police hats. He was also asked about Provincial health and safety laws being rewritten to accommodate Sikhs. Jagmeet Singh looked confused, and after a while responded: “yeah, but what have you done lately?”

2. Indians Fleeing Canada In Droves

(Page 18 of the 2004 Annual Report to Parliament)

(Page 24 of the 2005 Annual Report to Parliament)

(Page 18, 19 of the 2006 Annual Report to Parliament)

(Page 19, 20 of the 2007 Annual Report to Parliament)

(Page 21, 22 of the 2008 Annual Report to Parliament)

(Page 16 of the 2009 Annual Report to Parliament)

(Page 14 of the 2010 Annual Report to Parliament)

(Page 18 of the 2011 Annual Report to Parliament)

(Page 15 of the 2012 Annual Report to Parliament)

(Page 19 of the 2013 Annual Report to Parliament)

(Page 16 of the 2014 Annual Report to Parliament)

(Page 16 of the 2015 Annual Report to Parliament)

(Page 10 of the 2016 Annual Report to Parliament)

(Page 14 of the 2017 Annual Report to Parliament)

(Page 28 of the 2018 Annual Report to Parliament)

(Page 36 of the 2019 Annual Report to Parliament)

As is clear from the overwhelming evidence, Indians/Sikhs/Hindus are avoiding Canada like the plague because of the systemic racism that goes on here. They aren’t flooding Canadian schools, or being used to replace Canadian workers. Claims to the contrary are racist conspiracy theories.

Of course, this is nowhere near the total number of people who come to Canada, but used just for a point of reference. It seems that people only realize there is systemic racism after being here for long periods of time.

Critics have asked Singh why would Canada continuously replace its population so that it would become majority non-white by 2028. It was pointed out that diluting voting power was a pretty stupid form of white supremacy. Singh responded that only a white supremacist would make such an argument.

3. Hurdles To Singh’s Repatriation

Admittedly, there are some complications that need to be worked out before Singh can be properly moved to India, and away from Canada, which is a white supremacist nation.

First, it seems Singh is banned from India due to his support for violent Khalistani separatists. Getting him settled will need the consent of the Indian Government.

Second, Singh is also banned from the United States, Russia, China, and Egypt. It’s unclear who would be willing to take him if India won’t.

Third, there will undoubtedly be some adjustment issues. Singh is a multimillionaire with an estimated net worth of some $6 million. Given India’s largely socialist governing structure, a wealth tax can be expected. Like most socialists, Singh only supports wealth redistribution for other people, not himself.

Fourth, once settled in India, claims of “systemic racism” will no longer carry any weight. It’s unclear if Singh intends to take any responsibility for his actions from that point on, but we will have to wait and see.

Nevertheless, Canadians are compassionate, despite what some would say. It’s time to work together to get Jagmeet Singh repatriated to India, and away from the systemic racism that is everywhere in Canada.

Sign Petition E-33666 today!

Solutions #17: Claim That Masks, Other Restrictions, Violate Religious Beliefs (CV #23)

(This is Doug Ford in April 2020 telling the public that he thinks masks are beneficial, but won’t say or do anything without the approval of the Health Department. Not like he’s Premier of Ontario or anything.)

(This is Doug Ford in October 2018 telling the public that respecting civil rights and religious freedoms is more important than public safety. Apparently the laws of gravity don’t apply since the turban is religious.)

1. Previous Solutions Offered

CLICK HERE, for #1: Offering something to the other side.
CLICK HERE, for #2: Canada should leave the UN entirely.
CLICK HERE, for #3: Dumping multiculturalism and feminism.
CLICK HERE, for #4: More births instead of replacement migration.
CLICK HERE, for #5: Restore 1934 Bank of Canada Act
CLICK HERE, for #6: Abolish Human Rights Tribunals Entirely.
CLICK HERE, for #7: Abolish Gladue, fix underlying problems.
CLICK HERE, for #8: Banning (political) corporate welfare.
CLICK HERE, for #9: Putting a total moratorium on immigration.
CLICK HERE, for #10: How to do research, investigative journalism.
CLICK HERE, for #11: Have proper entry/exit border system.
CLICK HERE, for #12: Maintain spiritual foundation of the West.
CLICK HERE, for #13: Refusing forced vaccinations/medications.
CLICK HERE, for #14: Making more informed voting choices.
CLICK HERE, for #15: Picking up on predictive programming in media.
CLICK HERE, for #16: Push back on pride, conversion therapy bans.

2. Other Articles On CV “Planned-emic”

As of the time of writing this, the “planned-emic” series has 23 pieces in it, including efforts to shift the culture, in order to make mask wearing the new normal. Lots of detail in the series.

3. Helmets Mentioned In Previous Article

The topic of letting motorcycle riders evade health and safety regulations was mentioned on this site nearly 2 years ago. While it seemed absurd at the time, perhaps there is a silver lining to this double standard.

Whatever faith you may belong to, it doesn’t matter. But know that from this day on: your religious beliefs don’t allow you to wear a mask in public. Forcing you to do so will violate your conscience and beliefs.

4. Resisting The “Culture Shift”

This was brought up in the last coronavirus piece but worth repeating. There is a deliberate, conscious, and planned effort to make mask wearing normalized and mandatory throughout the world. In parts of the West, this is not so much being imposed, but by attempts to “shift the culture”, to make this the new way of life. It’s time to fight back against it.

There aren’t criminal penalties in the West for not wearing masks — yet. But that doesn’t mean that it won’t happen at some point in the future.

5. BC Exemption On Helmets For Sikhs

“Point in Time” Regulation Content
Motor Vehicle Act
Motorcycle Safety Helmet Exemption Regulation
B.C. Reg. 237/99
Section 1 BEFORE amended by BC Reg 62/2017, effective March 1, 2017.
1 The following persons are exempt from the requirements of section 221 of the Motor Vehicle Act:
(a) a person who
(i) practices the Sikh religion, and
(ii) has unshorn hair and habitually wears a turban composed of 5 or more square meters of cloth.

BC has given Sikhs an exemption on wearing helmets when riding a motorcycle since 2017.

6. Alberta Exemption On Helmets For Sikhs

Sikhs who wear turbans are exempt from:
the Vehicle Equipment Regulation helmet requirement in the Traffic Safety Act
the Off-highway Vehicle Regulation helmet requirement in the Traffic Safety Act
This means:
drivers and passengers who are over 18 and are bona fide members of the Sikh religion who wear a turban can ride a motorcycle without using a helmet
drivers and passengers who are bona fide members of the Sikh religion who wear a turban can ride an off-highway vehicle without using a helmet
Turbans are an integral part of the Sikh identity. This decision allows them to ride without having to remove their turban.
Alberta is the third jurisdiction in Canada to allow this exemption, alongside British Columbia and Manitoba.

In March 2018, Alberta gave Sikhs and exemption on helmets.

7. Manitoba Exemption On Helmets For Sikhs


The following persons are exempt from wearing a helmet:
• persons riding motorcycles in a legally-authorized parade
• bona fide members of the Sikh religion

On page 8 of the handbook, it clearly states that Sikhs are exempt from wearing helmets, as are people taking part in a parade.

8. Ontario Exemption On Helmets For Sikhs

Despite obvious safety concerns with letting some people ride motorcycles without helmet, Ford seems to think that religious freedom is a much more important virtue.

9. Quebec Hypocrisy On Face Coverings

(This is Quebec Premier Francois Legault in 2019 saying that he will use the “Notwithstanding Clause” if needed to ban religious symbols — which include face coverings — from people in government positions. Many countries have banned the Muslim face veil as a security risk.)

(This is Francois Legault in 2020 saying that he strongly recommends everyone wearing face masks in public. Apparently it’s in order to help protect public health.)

10. CHRC – Duty To Accommodate

Employers and service providers have an obligation to adjust rules, policies or practices to enable you to participate fully. It applies to needs that are related to the grounds of discrimination. This is called the duty to accommodate.

The duty to accommodate means that sometimes it is necessary to treat someone differently in order to prevent or reduce discrimination. For examples, asking all job applicants to pass a written test may not be fair to a person with a visual disability. In such cases, the duty to accommodate may require that alternative arrangements be made to ensure that a person or group can fully participate.

What is Undue Hardship?
It is also important to consider that there is a reasonable limit to how far your employer or service provider has to go to accommodate your needs. Sometimes accommodation is not possible because it would cost too much, or create health or safety risks. This is known as undue hardship. Your employer or service provider can claim undue hardship as the reason why certain policies or practices need to stay in place, even though they may have a negative effect on you. They will need to provide sufficient evidence.

Would a service provider be required to make an exception for this planned-emic? Difficult to say how it would play out in court, or at a human rights tribunal. That said, this tactic can definitely be a “boot on the neck” to getting around any requirements in most cases.

11. Mask Objections: Specific Religions

If you are a Muslim (or just “identifying” as one) remind the person that in the Middle East, the headscarf and face coverings are used to subjugate and enslave women. It’s not a sign of religious freedom, but one of being a prisoner. If the service provider doesn’t take a hint, you can always can them a sexist and Islamophobe.

If you are Jewish (or just “identifying” as such) remind the person that attempts to erase your people have been made throughout history. If the service provider doesn’t take the hint, remind him/her that 6 million people died in the Holocaust. If the person still doesn’t get it, feel free to start dropping the term anti-Semite.

There are other religions of course. Feel free to find a scripture that helps your case, no matter how weak or flimsy, to justify your refusal. Reminder, passages can always be quoted out of context, and store clerks probably won’t know the difference. Should that fail, just gaslight the person as a bigot.

12. Alternative: Get A Medical Note

An alternative to this is going to a walk in clinic to get a medical note to attest to the fact that you have a medical condition (such as asthma) that will make wearing a mask unhealthy. There will probably be a fee to pay, but it may be worth it to you.

A further alternative is to just create your own doctor’s note. With Photoshop, and many similar applications, the average computer user can generate a realistic looking note in minutes. No need to prove anything, since doctor-patient confidentiality is grounded in law.

13. Reject Masks, Vote With Your Wallet

If you have a variety of places to shop from, one option is to stop patronizing places which require masks. This avoids the confrontation aspect, but in numbers it sends the message that people won’t shop at such a place.

14. Masks Are About Asserting Control

Does it make sense that a Quebec town would change the law to require masks be worn in public, but not have it kick in for another month? How about Brampton announcing they will be mandatory on transit, in another month? Or Toronto requiring them for transit riders — in another 2 weeks? Make no mistake. This is all about asserting control and domination over you.

But there is a solution. Remember, your religious beliefs do not allow you to wear face coverings. Governments, employers and service providers have a duty to accommodate. While a few may push back and claim it is an undue burden, most will not. This is especially true if you happen to be filming them and suggest it will be posted online.

Never forget: your well being, and the well being of your family members come first. If it means putting a “foot on the neck” of someone just following orders, then so be it. That excuse didn’t work for the Nazis either.

TSCE #12: Media Silence On Epstein Child Sex Trafficking Helped Cover It Up

(Two of the parody videos floating around about Jeffrey Epstein. Not sure of the actual creator of the first, but still amusing to watch. Here is the second.)

See Daily Mail, and Gawker.

1. Trafficking, Smuggling, Child Exploitation

Serious issues like smuggling or trafficking are routinely avoided in public discourse. Also important are the links between open borders and human smuggling; between ideology and exploitation; between tolerance and exploitation; between abortion and organ trafficking; or between censorship and complicity. Mainstream media will also never get into the organizations who are pushing these agendas, nor the complicit politicians. These topics don’t exist in isolation, and are interconnected.

2. Media Bias, Lies, Omissions And Corruption

The media in Canada (and abroad) lies constantly. Though to lengthy to cite in a section, here are some things that the public needs to know about them.

3. Context For This Article

True, this story broke last year. However, it is worth recounting the media coverup and reluctance to address it, despite all the evidence available.

The coronavirus pandemic and the recent race riots have provided quite the distraction from what should have been an ongoing and consistent investigation. Almost as these events were planned to cover up this story.

This isn’t about rehashing the entire story on Jeffrey Epstein, and his child sex trafficking ring. Instead, the focus is on the efforts to keep the story out of the public eye, and to divert attention.

4. ABC Sits On Story, Whistleblower Fired

In November 2019, Project Veritas released a recording of Amy Robach of ABC talking about how the network had refused to air an interview with Virginia Giuffre (Roberts) implicating Jeffrey Epstein, Bill Clinton, and others.

However, when this “hot mic” moment was released publicly, there was pressure to get the whistle-blower fired. The pressure wasn’t to ask why the story wasn’t aired, but why the news of it not being aired was leaked. But as it turns out, the person who got the ax was the wrong one.

Also chilling is the attitude Robach seems to have. No concern for the victims, but rather that someone else pushed the story that ABC had. She was scooped. It’s telling how being able to continue to interview Will and Kate (for tabloid material) was more important than bringing this story to light. Very messed up priorities.

5. Media Silence Helps 2016 Clinton Campaign

Keep in mind, the “hot mic” moment with Amy Robach happened in the fall of 2016. She mentions how she had the goods on everyone, including Bill Clinton, 3 years ago. (see 4:20 in the video)

What was happening 3 years ago? It was 2016, and Hillary Clinton was running to become U.S. President. Had ABC broken the news about Virginia Guiffre (which implicated her husband, Jeffrey Epstein, and many others), what would have happened to the Clinton campaign? Would it have sunk it? Or, had Clinton won, would ABC have been in the awkward place of having made allegations against the husband of a sitting President?

Now let’s take a look at some examples of the media being far too close to politicians. This doesn’t serve the public interest in any way.

6. Claire Shipman & Jay Carney

Claire Shipman is a former White House Correspondent (with NBC), and now an ABC senior national correspondent for 19 years. Jay Carney was a communications advisor for 2 years (for then Vice-President Biden), and then spent the next 2 years as White House Press Secretary. Carney has frequently appeared on ABC. Shipman and Carney are married.

7. Ben Sherwood & Elizabeth Sherwood-Randall

Ben Sherwood was named President of ABC news in 2010. His sister, Elizabeth Sherwood-Randall, was a fomer adviser to President Barack Obama, and in 2013 was moved to National Security Staff.

8. David Rhodes & Ben Rhodes

David Rhodes is a former President of CBS News, and a former Vice-President of Fox News. Ben Rhodes is a former advisor to Barack Obama and co-chaired an NGO called “National Security Action”. The men are brothers.

9. Virginia Moseley & Tom Nides

Virginia Moseley was named Vice President of CNN in 2012. Her husband, Thomas Nides, was at a time Deputy Secretary of State under Barack Obama.

10. Chris Cuomo & Andrew Cuomo

This one is pretty well known, but CNN anchor Chris Cuomo, and New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo are brothers. Their father, Mario Cuomo, is a former NY Governor. The Cuomo family was openly supportive of Hillary Clinton’s Presidential campaign.

The above examples are just a few instances of the media not being independent of the politics they cover, despite claims to the contrary. There are more of course.

11. Alexander Acosta: Labour Sec, Pedo Lawyer

Alexander Acosta was at one time the Secretary of Labour for Donald Trump. As a prosecutor, he helped hide the plea agreement that sent Jeffrey Epstein to prison for a very short term.

12. Alan Dershowitz, Trump Defense Team

Alan Dershowitz, a well known lawyer, has also taken trips to Epstein’s Island. His name is among those on the Lolita Express. Currently, he is involved in the defense of Donald Trump against impeachment. A cynic might wonder if he is just trying to make himself useful to lessen potential damages that will come later on.

13. Ghislaine Maxwell At Clinton’s Wedding

Though not reported by major networks, Ghislaine Maxwell, Epstein’s (alleged) accomplice, attended the wedding of Chelsea Clinton. Yes, the daughter of Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Curious to know what sort of relationship with a former President would warrant an invitation to his daughter’s wedding.

Doesn’t Bill look stunning in blue? This mural was found on Epstein’s Island. However, it seems that this look might attract all the wrong attention if done in public.

This is (allegedly) Bill Clinton with a 15 year old Rachel Chandler. There are plenty of compromising photos of Clinton available with a quick search, but won’t be shown here.


Any names on there look familiar?

14. Mitt Romney, Bain Capital, Maxwell/Lyons

Mitt Romney ran for President twice, in 2008 and again in 2012. In 2012, he was embarrassed when the true story of his rise to wealth was widely published. He had had $2 million invested in his private equity fund from Robert Maxwell and Jack Lyons. It wasn’t hard work that made Romney wealthy, it was the right investors. Romney’s story is long and beyond the scope of this article.

But it is worth pointing out that the man who helped make Mitt Romney extremely wealthy had a daughter. Her name: Ghislaine Maxwell. Had Romney become President (either in 2008 or 2012), what favours might he be expected to perform?

15. Bill Gates Visiting Epstein

Bill Gates apologized on Wednesday for his association with financier Jeffrey Epstein, making his first public statements since news surfaced that he had met with Epstein, a convicted sex offender, more often than previously believed.

“I made a mistake in judgment in thinking those discussions would go to global health … that money never appeared,” Gates said during a panel discussion hosted by The New York Times Dealbook series.

“And I gave him benefit of my association,” Gates said.

The Microsoft cofounder has maintained that he believed meeting with Epstein would lead to investments in charities supported by Gates, who along with his wife, runs one of the world’s largest philanthropic organizations, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Admittedly, this quite the interesting alibi of Gates to offer. They didn’t meet to discuss underae sex trafficking. They met to discuss the financing of Gates’ efforts to depopulate the world using vaccines.

16. Prince Andrew’s Denial Of Events

This has been ridiculed and mocked by nearly everyone watching the interview. Worth a watch, as the Prince is not convincing in the slightest. He struggles to give any straight answers to questions. Whatever one may think about Virginia Giuffre’s claims, few, if any believe the Prince.

17. ABC, Other Outlets, Owned By Disney

In August 1996, prior to Disney’s acquisition of ABC, Inc., Braverman was named senior vice president and general counsel, ABC, Inc. In October 1994, he was promoted to vice president and general counsel. He joined ABC, Inc. in November 1993, as vice president and deputy general counsel.

Braverman joined Capital Cities/ABC, Inc. from the Washington, D.C. law firm of Wilmer, Cutler & Pickering, where he started in 1976. He became a partner in 1983, specializing in complex commercial and administrative litigation. Before joining Wilmer, Cutler & Pickering, Braverman was a law clerk to the Honorable Thomas W. Pomeroy, Jr., Justice, Pennsylvania Supreme Court.

Going through the management list of Disney, there are several executives who were with ABC prior to it being taken over by Disney in the 1990s. Holdouts from the old days.

It’s been out for a while, but plenty of Disney employees have been arrested in recent years for child sex offences.

18. Names From Lolita Express

Another version of it is right here.

This video comes from Gabby The Cat

  • Adam Perrylang
  • Alan Dershowitz
  • Alberto Pinto
  • Alec Baldwin
  • Anderson Cooper
  • Andrea Metrovich
  • Andres Pastrana
  • Bill Clinton
  • Bill Hammond
  • Bill Murray
  • Carolyn Miller
  • Chelsea Handler
  • Charlie Sheen
  • Chris Tucker
  • Chrissy Teigen
  • Cindy Lopez
  • Claire Hazel
  • Courtney Love
  • Craig Adams
  • Dan Maran
  • Daniel Heller
  • Demi Moore
  • Doug Bands
  • Gary Rathgeb
  • Gary Roxburgh
  • Ghislaine Maxwell (GM?)
  • Gwen Stephani
  • Gwendolyn Beck
  • Henry Rovosky
  • James Franco
  • Jean Luc Brunel
  • Jeffrey Epstein (JE?)
  • Jim Carrey
  • Joe Pagano
  • Joel Pashcow
  • John Brockman
  • Kevin Spacey
  • Larry Morrison
  • Larry Summers
  • Linda Pinto
  • Lisa Summers
  • Lynn Fontanilla
  • Lynn Forrester
  • Magale Blachou
  • Madonna Ciccone
  • Mandy Ellison
  • Mark Lloyd
  • Marshall Matthers III (Eminem)
  • Melanie Starves
  • Meryl Streep
  • Michael Liffmann
  • Michael Wolf
  • Nadia Marcinkova
  • Naomi Campbell
  • Nick Simmons
  • Nicole Junkermann
  • Nina Zagat
  • Patrick Ochin
  • Quentin Tarantino
  • Roger Sloane
  • Robert Downey Jr.
  • Ryan Dionne
  • Sarah Kellen (SK?)
  • Shannon Healy
  • Shelley Ann Lewis
  • Steve Pinker
  • Steven Spielberg
  • Stefani Germanotta (Lady Gaga)
  • Tiffany Gramza
  • Tim Zagat
  • Tom Hanks
  • Virginia Roberts
  • Will Smith
  • Woody Allen

This is believed to be legitimate copies of flight logs from Epstein’s Lolita Express. Although many passengers are just listed by initials, there are full names in there as well. Note: this isn’t all the names.

19. Why Write This Now?

Yes, the Epstein story was big in 2019. However, just because he “committed suicide”, doesn’t mean the case is over. There are many accomplices who have not been brought to justice. Plenty of questions that still need to be answered.

Whether intentional or by accident, the coronavirus “planned-emic” and the recent race riots have had the effect of making the story disappear from most people’s memories.

The Mockingbird (Trudeau) Foundation Of Canada

1. Media Bias, Lies, Omissions And Corruption

CLICK HERE, for #1: Unifor in bed with Federal Gov’t
CLICK HERE, for #2: Global News’ selective truth on TRP granted.
CLICK HERE, for #3: Post Media owning most Canadian media.
CLICK HERE, for #4: conservative content dominated by Koch/Atlas.
CLICK HERE, for #5: origins of Malcolm’s “charity” True North Canada.
CLICK HERE, for #6: the people running the Post Millennial.
CLICK HERE, for #7: how to do research, investigative journalism.
CLICK HERE, for #8: Koch/Atlas both sides, AB court challenge.
CLICK HERE, for #9: picking up on predictive programming.
CLICK HERE, for #10: Trudeau Foundation & media embeds.
CLICK HERE, for #11: Trudeau swapped out for body double?
CLICK HERE, for #12: Shanifa Nasser, racism narrative, FHA.
CLICK HERE, for #13: George Floyd “murder” was staged psy-op.
CLICK HERE, for #14: culture shift to make face masks normal.
CLICK HERE, for #15: response times, crisis actors, dummy swap.

2. Context For This Article

In order to fairly and accurately report on political and social events, the media has to have a certain level of detachment from the situation. Understandably, one cannot be a part of an organization, yet do any real investigative work on it. There is an obvious conflict of interest.

But that is exactly the case with the Trudeau Foundation. Many prominent members of the media (and former members) are part of the Foundation. This becomes a problem since they do little to hold the Foundation, or the Trudeau Family, to account for anything.

It must be mentioned, however, that Koch/Atlas cronies are prominent in so-called conservative media. Also, Post Media is the parent company of not only mainstream publications, but many alternative ones as well.

3(a). Candis Callison

From the UBC Graduate School of Journalism.

3(b). Susan Delacourt

Delacourt writes for (among other outlets), the Toronto Star.

3(c). Graham Fraser

After a long career in journalism, he is appointed Commissioner of Official Languages in Canada.

3(d). John Fraser

Now he is Executive Chair of the National NewsMedia Council.

3(e). Chantel Hebert

A longtime writer for many outlets, such as Toronto Star.

3(f). Daniel Lessard

After 39 years with Radio Canada, he gets the order of Canada.

3(g). Laxmi Parthasarathy

The Chief Operating Officer of Global Press.

3(h). Valerie Pringle

Much of Pringle’s career spent at the CBC.

3(i). Jeffrey Simpson

Former writer for the Globe & Mail.

3(j). John Stackhouse

Former editor-in-chief of the Globe & Mail

3(k). Robert Steiner

From the Munk School of Global Affairs, Steiner is a fellow.

3(l). Rosemary Thompson

20 years in journalism, mostly with CBC and CTV.

3(m). Marie Wilson

Yet another ex-CBC journalist on the Trudeau Foundation.

3(n). Lynn Zimmer

Former writer for Peterborough Examiner.

What is the result of the media being in bed with the Trudeau Foundation? For starters, they don’t seem to care about how many politicians or judges are also part of the group. Again, the conflict of interest is clear for everyone to see.

4(a). Ed Broadbent – NDP Leader

4(b).Philippe Couillard – QC Premier

4(c). Raymond Chretien – Ambassador

4(d). Michael Fortier – Senator

4(e). Michael Harcourt – BC Premier

4(f). Megan Leslie — NDP Deputy Leader

4(g). Wade MacLauchlan – PEI Premier

4(h). Elizabeth May – Green Party Leader

4(i). Anne McLellan – Deputy PM

4(j). Ed Roberts – NFLD Lt. Governor

4(k). Roy Romanow – Saskatchewan Premier

4(l). John Sims – Deputy AG

4(m). Chuck Strahl – Privy Council

Yes, politicians across the spectrum are also involved with the Trudeau Foundation. Makes one wonder how ideologically divided they are if membership in this group (named after a former Prime Minister), is no big deal for any of them. And things are about to get even worse still.

of course, many of these people have left their positions, but still.

5(a). Thomas Cromwell – SCC Justice

5(b). Marie DesChamps – SCC Justice

5(c). Louis LeBel – SCC Justice

5(d). Beverley McLachlin – SCC Justice

5(e). Lynn Smith – BCSC Justice

Three former Supreme Court of Canada Justices, and 1 BC Supreme Court Justice are also members of the Trudeau Foundation. This won’t help with the impression that the judiciary is independent of the executive branch of government.

6. Jacques Bougie – SNC Lavalin

This person being with both Trudeau Foundation and on the SNC Lavalin Board of Directors wouldn’t have anything to do with how Lavalin got its deferred prosecution agreement, would it? No, didn’t think so.

Of course let’s not forget John McCall MacBain, head of the European Climate Foundation, or Roy Heenan, co-founder of the law firm Heenan Blaikie.

7. Are They All Involved?

Why is the mainstream media in Canada so hesitant to report on topics like the Trudeau Foundation, and why won’t they go into depth when they do? Consider the makeup of past and present members of the Trudeau Foundation:

  • Prominent members of the media
  • Politicians of all parties
  • Supreme Court Justices
  • Members of academia

What you see is an organization that has members of: (a) the media; (b) politicians; (c) the courts; and (d) universities, all under the same umbrella. There is no independence here, no checks and balances.