Abortion/Infanticide Reviews

(1) Pro-Life Groups Not Welcome At Some Universities
(2) Citing Abortion Stats Now Considered Violence
(3) NY & Virginia Legalize Up To Birth Abortion
(4) Letting The Baby Die, Even If It Survives The Abortion
(5.1) U.N. Supports Universal Abortion, Even For Young Kids
(5.2) Abortion Has Terminated 20% Of Babies In Recent Decades
(5.3) UN/WHO Estimate 73 Million Abortions Globally Each Year
(6) Fallout & Pushback in Abortion Agenda
(7) ONCA Mandates Doctors Must Provide Referrals
(8) Hypocrisy In Summer Jobs Grants: Abortion/Globohomo
(9) Planned Parenthood Loses “Chop-Shop” Funding, 9th Circuit
(10) China Harvests Organs From Political Prisoners
(11.1) Fetal Tissue Used For Vaccine Research
(11.2) Global Canada Pushing Lockdowns, Abortion Financing Abroad
(11.3) Gates, Trudeau, Pushing Global Infanticide Financing
(11.4) $25 Million More For Foreign Abortions, Marie Stopes
(12) Abortions Picking Up During “Pandemic”
(13) Private Members’ Bills On Variety Of Subjects
(14) WHO/UNESCO Promoting Abortion In Young Children
(15.1) Action Canada, Pushing For More Baby Parts
(15.2) Legal Education And Action Fund: Pro-Death Agenda
(15.3) Groups Of Parliamentarians Act In Global Abortion Effort
(15.4) Health Bridge Foundation: Aborting Babies In 3rd World
(16) Abortions Each Year Far Outweigh CV Deaths, Fake Pandemic
(17) Mental Gymnastics Of “Conservatives”, Sex Selective Abortion

(A) afterabortion.org, Research Links
(B) Physical Complications
(C) Psychological Complications
(D) Fetus Development Stages
(E) Healthline: Development Week By Week
(F) Making Pro-Life Arguments In Debates

Planned Parenthood’s admissions on organ trafficking.

The mental gymnastics of “Conservative Inc.” Abortion is totally okay, as long as babies are killed without any concern for their gender.

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